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I am Jeff McMahon. I teach college English, I'm married to a middle school English teacher, and we have a "rescue" dog, Gretchen, with special emotional needs, though I imagine we're now just as dependent on Gretchen as she is on us.
Interests: power yoga, combat conditioning, cars that possess the i've-got-to-have-it factor, vegetarian cooking, blissed-out naval-gazer and underground dream pop music, a few well-chiseled books. other website:
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I wonder if I should DeOxit spray it. So far the contact is touch and go with the batteries.
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Tony has apprised us of this article that says Tag is indeed getting into the SmartWatch act as they can't passively watch Apple take this part of the market. Continue reading
Posted yesterday at Herculodge
Thomas has a thorough review of the CountyComm GP5/SSB Portable Radio with some telling comparisons. Continue reading
Posted yesterday at Herculodge
Reader "MasterGrieg" writes: I received my Eton Satellit yesterday and it's going back Tuesday when the replacement shows up. Seems that the external antenna jack is not right. The radio looks cheap and the sound quality is not great. With... Continue reading
Posted yesterday at Herculodge
The Citizen Robert Swan, named after the explorer of the same name, fits the manly watch aesthetic. Only 500 were made in 1999. A very distinctive watch. Continue reading
Posted yesterday at Herculodge
Shaun, how are you doing at rotating the energy thirsty SUN019 with the rest of your collection? Do you wish like I do that the SUN019 was automatic or quartz rather than kinetic?
Yeah, I won't rush selling the Seikos but as they overlap over a period of a year or so I'll be able to see which ones if any to sell.
I'm a Seiko freak. I wonder how much of a watch freak I'd be if Seiko did not exist. But I'm sure I'd be drawn to micro divers, Citizen high end stuff, and a few others. Regarding happiness, in the context of watch obsession happiness is a chimera.
I'd be happy with a collection of 11 strong:If I sold some of my collection, I could do the following: 1. Orient Saturation Diver 2. Seiko SRP637 on the 22mm Super Engineer from my Tuna 3. Seiko Tuna back on the rubber strap 4. Seiko Sumo 5. Benarus Megalodon 6. Benarus Moray Dart 7. Citizen Eco-Zilla 8. Seiko SRP307 9. Seiko SBDL021 10. Seiko SUN019 11. Citizen Promaster Sky in Duratect black (wish list)
Ulysses, that's the first time I saw the all stainless model. I have to have it. I'll put it on a Super Engineer bracelet, the one that's on my Tuna and then I'll put the stock rubber strap back on the Tuna.
I'd have to get my collection down for sure. I'll need to sit down and write a list of a desired configuration with tiers and such.
Love the look of the 47mm Seiko SRP637. Would I sell the gorgeous albeity anxiety-producing kinetic Tuna to get a hold of one as a sort of swap? Time will tell. More photos and info on Yeoman's site. Honestly, for... Continue reading
Posted 3 days ago at Herculodge
The Seiko Sumo is a mysterious watch. You can convince yourself that it's boring and plain Jane, but as Jonny once said this watch sneaks up on you. Just when you are about to dismiss it, you see it in... Continue reading
Posted 3 days ago at Herculodge
It was a pleasure to receive a Christmas gift in the mail today, a vintage 45-year-old Panasonic RF-900 in clean condition with no scratchy volume or tuning issues. Angelo sent this radio to me from Virginia. I placed it in... Continue reading
Posted 3 days ago at Herculodge
That photo angle gives it a streamline appearance that surprises me. Overall, I like it.
Benarus contacted me last night with the opportunity to pay for my reserved Megalodon carbon dial with stainless steel bezel. Now I just have to make sure, via an email I sent to Benarus, that they make sure it arrives... Continue reading
Posted 3 days ago at Herculodge
It is according to this watchuseek post. It wouldn't surprise me if this were true based on my experience with Seiko Lumibrite. Continue reading
Posted 3 days ago at Herculodge
For whatever reason, the AT8020, while very sharp, doesn't command my attention like the Sky BY0084. I wish the former did though as that would save me money.
My mistake, Gary. It's Citizen Promaster Sky. I like the black one the most:
One It was a warm Sunday evening in our quiet suburb by the shopping mall in Torrance. In five minutes, my husband Mike inhaled the dinner of trout, summer squash, and couscous with apricot vinaigrette I had spent two hours preparing, and he was already clearing and washing the dishes.... Continue reading
Posted 4 days ago at Put On Your Big Boy Pants
Yeah, I prefer the black Fly Promaster. And then don't buy a watch for two years and get the Spring Drive Tuna. Now there's a plan.
Reader "AD5VM" just bought the Eton Satellit AM/FM RDS radio on Amazon. It appears to be an updated Eton E5. Amazon is selling the larger Eton Field Radio today for $114.50. Here's some other radio news today: SWLing Post announces... Continue reading
Posted 4 days ago at Herculodge
In my desire to keep my collection as small as possible and wanting one comfortable rubber strap watch, I've decided that in January I'll put my Citizen Promaster BN2029 for sale and if I can part with the toolish looking... Continue reading
Posted 4 days ago at Herculodge
I saw some deep water in the far right driving lanes, but I didn't get stranded.
So writes Seth Stevenson in his Slate article "Don't Count AM/FM Radio Out Just Yet." Slate this week is posting articles surrounding the podcast's ten-year anniversary. Here we read why the Internet will someday conquer the radio: The reality is... Continue reading
Posted 5 days ago at Herculodge