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Christina Herman-aboswielem
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I have tried over and over to post on Debbie's page saying that it is not Pamela who wrote the piece on Gail Gartrell and she refuses to let my comment through. That shows what a Drama Queen she is.Posting that Pamela sent it when she knows it is not,I have written at least 10 times.
Toggle Commented Nov 20, 2009 on HUNDREDS RALLY FOR RIFQA'S FREEDOM! at Atlas Shrugs
Pam, The rally for rifqa turned out great although I believe Tissie being present would have been a good thing ,she is doing interviews now and speaking of her daughters murders' Her presence alone coud have helped just the thought that this womans' two daughters were murdered in an honor killing .The saddest part of an honor killing is in time the victums and what they believed in and fought for is forgotten. I see here Gail Gartrell wrote Questions to ask Tissie , Why didn't she ask Tissie these questions herself she spoke with her a few weeks ago and did not even ask her 1 question she was busy telling her how much she loved her and how proud she was seeing her on TV doing interviews and to stay strong and speak. I spoke wth Tissie myself and asked several questions and she answered evey question I had. I do not know why it took Tissie so long to speak out let's not forget it took her 21yrs to get the mindset she has and it will take time to erase all that has been forced upon her. Gail is a family member and she could have spoken to Tissie directly not bashing her beind her back on the internet and telling her she loved her over the phone. Some of Gails Questions are just things she heard 2nd hand and are not even true. The rally was about rifqa and Gail and Debbie tried to take the spotight again WHY? Gail has said the girls told her that amina was raped and sarah sodomized no one in that famly has ever heard that before! For 10 yrs she knew this and said and done nothing about it also claims that they were in hiding she could not find them ? They were honor students registered with the public schools very easy to find! She herself said in an interview that Amina was fightng a arranged marriage at 16 how did they contact her to let her know this ? She also has stated that her sister lived in fear of yasser why is it so hard to believe Tissie lived in fear of him too? Also no one knows what or who made those girls change their stories ,The girls went to court and said that they lied why wasn't Gail in that courtroom demandin help for those girls? It is such a sad story not just a honor killig for the said sisters they lived a horrible life as well but I believe the state of Texas let those girls down and if Gail is speaking the truth about what the girls said then she did as well!!!
Toggle Commented Nov 19, 2009 on HUNDREDS RALLY FOR RIFQA'S FREEDOM! at Atlas Shrugs
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Nov 19, 2009