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Carl Brown
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Kamala Harris could bolster her position in Los Angeles County and ability to beat Cooley there by highlighting that his office did not represent all the people of that county. Concisely, in L.A. County Superior Court case No. VA071021, People v. Carl Brown, Cooley allowed his deputies to prosecute the defendant with the fabricated evidence and perjured testimony of a lone witness. This after being made aware, and directed by the U.S. District Court, Central Dist. (in 2008), that his witness's evidence was completely false and that a jury had to be made aware of the wrong actions of his witness. Thus, there have been two trials in the matter already (2003 and 2008), and currently, his office is going forward with a third. Meanwhile, he has yet to charge his witness with the crimes associated with the false evidence he presented in court. (What's at work there? D.A. complicity?) Anyway, that is not representing all the people. Because when you represent all the people you seek justice not convictions. So, the question is: How many more People v. Brown cases are out there? I suggest Miss Harris throw out the bait and begin fishing. My belief is that there are probably quite a few such cases like Brown that were handled by Cooley's office. You can learn just how shameful a case Brown is by referencing Court of Appeal, 2nd Appellate District, Case No. B211202 and/or contacting Brown's attorney Jeff Price @ 310-776-8650.
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Aug 15, 2010