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It would have to be my final fantasy 12 collectors edition game. One of my ex's bought me it as she knew I loved FF and wanted it.She shortly passed away after buying me the game :( (it took me until last year to finally beat the game).. I know it's not worth alot or rare,but it still a game I won't give up no matter what and means the most of all my games. @Hestar69
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Growing up my Favorite cartoon was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.I used to love waking up,having my bowl of lucky charms and hearing that theme song come up.It would pump me up so much and with the sugar high from my lucky charms I would be wide awake and ready to see what the turtles were gonna do this week. Even when the turtles went off the air I would put in the BK ninja turtles VHS' and watch this Saturday morning as I loved the show way too much and we didn't have internet or a cable box that could record tv show's back then and it's all I had of the turtles left :P.
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street fi-..Lol,but seriously there's a few games I Would love to see as a Movie. Zelda-Ever since the IGN april fools trailer,I have been wondering/wanting to see an actual zelda movie.I think IF done right,it could be really amazing..If done wrong..Well,it'll be super mario all over again. Ico-IF they could capture the atmosphere and the feel of teh game and put it to a movie I would buy/go see it day 1!.. -God of war,Metroid,uncharted,Killer 7 or just a few that would be awesome to see on the big screen IMO :). @hestar69
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The Why of Fry.I love nibbler and you get to see him talk in this episode!!!!..I also love the line "Hmm, did everything just taste purple for a second?"..I pretty much love every Futurama and so happy that it's back on tv!! :).
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Aug 22, 2011