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Because Doc thought putting a hurt Ray Allen on an athletic Iguodala on D was a great idea, tsssss. He needs to stop with his bullshit cuz I can clearly remember he almost cost us the game against our last meeting with the Hawks when he sent Marquis to defend Horford. After that he apologized too. Stop apologizing and stop sitting down players when they're landing their shots. You sat down Pietrus a couple games back after he nailed two back to back 3 pointers and although Bass had 4 fouls on him last game you should have left him in there and let Rondo set him up for J's cuz he was clearly on his groove. Tomorrow we at the garden and we need to be 3-2 against these annoying ass Sixers and hopefully we can close them out going back to Philly. Let them hang around for long and we're done! Not a way to go out especially for this aging big 3 with one last heroic run. Let's go GREEN!
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May 20, 2012