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Compare the $22 mil purchase of this lot by the county with ACC's recent purchases of virtually the entirety of Highland Mall - 63 acres of land, 417,000 square feet of space, centrally located, lots of parking, accessible by bus and train, and for nearly the same amount of money. ACC has itself a new main campus, after an outlay of money to gut and repurpose the space. The county has itself a very expensive vacant lot that will require expensive high rise construction, and even with some groundfloor retail will still result in a massive annual loss of tax revenue.
Toggle Commented Apr 20, 2011 on Just find a cheaper place at Austin Contrarian
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The City has been installing a few pedestrian-triggered overhead signals in my area over the past year, with (in my opinion) good results. You can see one in front of Wheatsville, one at the Triangle crossing Lamar, and one crossing 45th St. at Shipe Park. They're a huge improvement over the pedestrian-triggered lighted crosswalks, which cars simply ignored and resulted in a lot of scary near-misses. South Lamar would seem to be an ideal location for well-placed pedestrian signals.
Toggle Commented Apr 14, 2011 on VMU on South Lamar, finally at Austin Contrarian
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You'll often see a sign saying something like "Entering Edwards Aquifer Recharge Zone" in the Hill Country. These are certain areas, usually with porous rock and geological openings that lead from creeks underground, where most water enters the aquifer. I don't believe that the Colorado River or the lakes contribute to the Edwards, but creeks in SW Austin do.
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I'd advise you not to spend it all in one place, but it would be physically impossible not to.
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As I tend to repeat (too often), the one truism I've learned from my line of work (environmental and property law)is that the one thing that universally brings together conservatives and liberals, environmentalists and the envi-apathetic, is the prospect of the Wrong Kind Of Development in their own back yard.
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Don makes valuable points. When we as a city complain about the lack of affordable housing, the large bureaucratic costs imposed by a byzantine zoning system are part of the equation. The extra 30-40k in legal and engineering fees it may cost to build a house, not surprisingly, will end up on the back end.
Toggle Commented Jul 15, 2009 on Gerrymandering at Austin Contrarian
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