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*OFF TOPIC* (Sorry!) Wil, have you seen "I AM: THE DOCUMENTARY" by Tom Shadyac (released Feb 2011)? I first heard of the film at a lecture in Glendale a couple of weeks ago. Sounds like it would be right up your alley (and Anne's). Since then, I have been trying to track down a showing (or a DVD) to no avail... color me "out of touch", because I live in the IE and we are a bit disconnected out here in many ways. Would love to hear your thoughts on the film. ~Goddyss
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Wil, Happy happy birthday! My new granddaughter just missed being born on your birthday by three days (she was born on Monday). I hope your birthday is as happy for you as hers was for us! :) WHEEEEEE! Goddyss
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I still remember seeing that you were guesting on "Criminal Minds" and I thought "GOODY! GOODY! I can't wait to see this!!" Apparently, you are a GREAT actor, because that episode gave me nightmares for about two weeks. :shudder: Maybe it's because you are such a genuinely nice guy and family man - to see you convincingly play a psychopath - sheesh! Let's just say it gave me a new respect for your talent.
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