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Recent Activity Every mother would like to reach out and brush Sonia Leigh’s hair from her eyes. I would expect her to shake her head and let it fall where it may. Who is she, you ask? Well, she’s a clenched fist softly tapping a melody. She’s a heated voice raking... Continue reading
Coldwater Canyon Band’s CD, “Just Getting Started”, is a bargain by the note. The CD has thirteen offerings. It’s a little like a first date with someone who’s trying too hard. There are just a few too many pleasant, but forgettable, tunes. The group does have a strong appealing sound... Continue reading
There’s a certain attraction for a band that comes across as a bunch of guys you’d like to hang with after the show. I really wanted to like this CD. JB and the Moonshine Band’s Ain’t Goin Back To Jail is uneven and has definite rough edges, but their music... Continue reading
Bryan Cole has a velvet smooth voice best paired with a simple lyric that burns on the way down, much like a shot of good whiskey. If Only, It All Comes Back To Me, and You Know Why all have that familiar warmth. Cole’s CD Wide Open Road also has... Continue reading Jaydee Bixby really is Easy to Love. His sophomore CD (Easy to Love) contains ten tunes that showcase his easy confidence and musical competence. The title cut is a soft ballad that stands out. He also makes the most of Boy Inside the Man which relates the story... Continue reading
The first song on Joey + Rory Album #2 is the witty punch line to the CD's, seemingly, rather unimaginative title. One listen and you, too, will be an insider rooting for the success of team Joey and Rory. The duo sing together with an ease that makes me suspect... Continue reading
Logan Mize sings with a distinctive sound that is all his own. He wrote or co-wrote all but one of the songs on this disc. I liked this CD the first time I heard it. I liked it more the second time. Some artists just hit ya that way. His... Continue reading
Daisy Mallory has the looks and the talent. I liked her song "Girl Time". It's a fun, upbeat song with an appealing hook. It's cotton candy country that's appropriate and believable for a young lass. Her latest, "Do You Think of Me?" left me thinking that the girl has the... Continue reading "If I Run" is the new single by The Harters, a group comprised of Leslie, Michael, and Scott...wait for guessed it...Harter! There's an old saying that says you can choose your friends; you can't pick your family. Somehow, The Harters have managed to choose each other as friends... Continue reading
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Oct 10, 2010