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jessica quiroli
Born and raised in Philadelphia. Home of Rocky.
I'm a minor league baseball writer. Dirt under my fingernails.
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The minor league player experience, with all it's stark, working-class reality-checks mixed with a realization of a childhood dream and playing a game for a living, is difficult to fully capture. Perhaps living it is the only way to truly... Continue reading
Outfielder Dustin Fowler spoke last week about 2015 season, as well as areas he worked in the off-season and 2016 goals. "I worked on getting stronger and it will help me be able to drive the ball more and I... Continue reading
When Jake Gronsky was asked to share an off-season photo, he showcased working in a very different workshop than the workshop that is the minor leagues. The infielder, who played in the Florida State and Midwest Leagues in 2015, explained... Continue reading
Minor league baseball is a place that reminds me of the Wild West. While there are basic guidelines as to how everything runs, there are a lot of personalities and room for creativity where every day is different. I’ve been... Continue reading
The off-season is still about baseball for Cale Coshow, but with new meaning. The pitcher, the Yankees 28th best prospect as ranked by, traveled to Nicaragua, in the city of Susuma with his church mission group, in part, to... Continue reading
I was standing near a woman in sports media who was the first female sports reporter I admired. I was a little awestruck, unsure what to say or do. A friend and colleague suggested I ask her for the interview... Continue reading
"I never thought about how these players were found, who breathed life into them." The tireless efforts of scouts and the impact they have is the subject of the new documentary 'Scouting for Diamonds', set for a 2017 release. The... Continue reading
Mary Garber's life and career continues to be a source of inspiration to any sports writer. But it's particularly felt throughout baseball, and women in baseball media. Garber's career was honored with an annual award in her name, when the... Continue reading
*the award in the headline doesn't exist, but a Promo Award by MiLB does, and Frisco has a good shot. 2016 Promo Preview: In baseball, capitalizing on your opponent's mistakes is important. In the business of minor league baseball, spotting... Continue reading
The 2015 Minor League Baseball season was many things, and, if anything, was the year that minor league players salary became a national topic of discussion. In years past, it was more of an under the radar subject among baseball... Continue reading
There's nothing quite like Minor League Baseball, so the problems that come with playing or working in MiLB are truly unique. So during the baseball season, and many times in the winter, minor league players make their wild experiences and... Continue reading
When Mark Appel decided not to sign with the Pittsburgh Pirates, the verbal attacks were swift. There were accusations that he was selfish, greedy, arrogant, and presumptuous. Appel’s decision not to sign meant he returned to Stanford University to complete... Continue reading
A few weeks ago, sports media personality Stephen A. Smith tweeted VISUALS MATTER (the caps were his) in response to graphic photos of Dallas Cowboys player Greg Hardy's girlfriend's battered body, inspiring an outpouring of outrage and confusion from readers,... Continue reading
Shortstop Jake Hager and catcher Mac James, both in the Tampa Bay Rays organization, are the latest players to take a few moments of their off-season to discuss winter jobs, their off-season program, and what they're doing for a little... Continue reading
In the first installment of an off-season series on minor league players winter jobs and interests, top Tampa Bay Rays pitching prospect Brent Honeywell is in the spotlight. Winter Work: "I help out with lessons with my dad. And then... Continue reading
A few years ago, during a spring training game between the Cardinals and Mets, a player needed to be identified. Often, players in the minor leagues aren't easily recognized. A decision was made about that dilemma that would make the... Continue reading
During his 2015 stint with the High-A Tampa Yankees, Dustin Fowler showcased the mix of skills he's continuing to polish in the Arizona Fall League. Fowler actually split his time between Class-A Charleston and Tampa, finishing the season going .298/.334/.394,... Continue reading
Earlier this week, MiLB announced the Diversity Symposium being held on November 6th-7th, which, according to the official press release will address, in part, “an eye-opening introduction to the career” in the minor league baseball industry. On the heels of... Continue reading
On Monday, sports anchor/Chicago Cubs blogger Julie DiCaro shared a story about her experiences with sports fans who made horrific, misogynistic comments to her recently, when she covered a story on Patrick Kane, the Chicago Blackhawks player accused of rape... Continue reading
The 2015 minor league baseball season has been one of great peaks and great uncertainty for me. I had prior writing and blogging experience, but reporting from the clubhouse and the field was brand new. From the start of my... Continue reading
Cody Decker finally got a call-up to the majors by the Padres on September 13th. It was, for many baseball fans, not just the Padres faithful, long overdue and incredibly exciting. Decker, 27, has played his entire career in the... Continue reading
Jared Mortensen experienced big highs in 2015, including a promotion to Triple-A Durham, and now participating in the Double-A Southern League Playoffs with the Montgomery Biscuits. Mortensen returned from a 2-game stint with the Durham Bulls, earning a win in... Continue reading
Florida - The Montgomery Biscuits head into the best of five semi-finals with several players on their roster that are brand new to Double-A. That includes starting pitcher Austin Pruitt. Pruitt confirmed that he’ll pitch Saturday’s home game against the... Continue reading
In the player photo on MiLB’s official website, Chad Wallach’s hair is on the long side, making him look a little surfer-esque. He’s got a shorter cut now, making him look somewhat older, giving him a certain air of maturity.... Continue reading
In every baseball writer's career, there's a point where you going from being the scared kid that's overly nice to even the rudest people, to being self-reliant, focused, and genuinely happy with who you are and what you're doing. If... Continue reading