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jessica quiroli
Wherever baseball is.
I'm a minor league baseball writer. Dirt under my fingernails.
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By Tammy Rainey There’s a feel-good story in the Washington Blade that touches on the intersection of women, baseball, and being trans. Sometimes a seemingly minor profile actually holds layers of meaning and provokes a host of tangential thoughts and this is one of those occasions. I would not presume... Continue reading
Posted 2 days ago at All Heels on Deck
By Katherine Hasenauer Cornetta Three Octobers ago, as Major League Baseball was rolling through it's postseason, five girls from Washington, DC got together and entered a baseball tournament in Georgia. They had to supplement their squad with a few siblings (including some eager little brothers) and a few players from... Continue reading
Posted 2 days ago at All Heels on Deck
A Movie Of My Own By Helen Silfin Dottie Hinson was tall, strong, confident, and never backed down from a challenge. Dottie, played by Geena Davis, was a vocal leader and a leader on the field for the Rockford Peaches, in the 1992 baseball movie “A League of Their Own.”... Continue reading
Posted Jul 8, 2018 at All Heels on Deck
Lifer: Done The Baseball Way Welcome to a brand-new to of Lifer! Our team has spent the last couple of weeks choosing items and topics to include that would resonate most with you, our readers. Lifer is all about our shared love of baseball. We’re all passionate about some aspect... Continue reading
Posted Jun 29, 2018 at All Heels on Deck
Danielle Solzman I’ve been a St. Louis Cardinals fan dating back to some of the earliest baseball games at Old Cardinal Stadium and saw the Louisville Redbirds take the field. The Redbirds were affiliated with the Cardinals so the allegiance to the Birds on the Bat stuck. My first trip... Continue reading
Posted Jun 27, 2018 at All Heels on Deck
By Tammy Rainey The MLB draft by nature lends itself to the pursuit of a narrative. Journalists tasked with reporting on the outcome of the event sense that a simple “John Doe, catcher, from Florida was chosen in the third round” recitation of generic facts is pretty dry reading, even... Continue reading
Posted Jun 13, 2018 at All Heels on Deck
Welcome to All Heels on Deck! This blog prioritizes women, non-white women and LGBTQ people who write about baseball. If you have a pitch, suggestion or question please email Follow AHOD on Twitter @allheelsondeck Thank you. Continue reading
Posted Jun 12, 2018 at All Heels on Deck
Welcome to the first edition of Lifer by All Heels on Deck! Our team has been hard at work finding unique content that we can share with our readers, and we are so excited that Lifer is finally here! The lifestyle of a baseball fan is a unique one. From... Continue reading
Posted Jun 9, 2018 at All Heels on Deck
"Vladdy is treating AA like a video game with all the cheat codes turned on." Continue reading
Posted May 27, 2018 at All Heels on Deck
By Sydnee Williams The team everyone suspected is finally here! The Nationals went from, “what’s the deal?” to the real deal in a matter of weeks. So now that they are above .500 and eyeing the division lead, you may ask how they got to this point? Well, the issues... Continue reading
Posted May 17, 2018 at All Heels on Deck
By Lee Kluck Twenty-five years after its release, the movie “The Sandlot” is a beloved member of most people’s baseball movie pantheon. The reasons are numerous. The 1993 film features a loveable bunch of underdog protagonists, an equal number of equally defined and robust antagonists (Wendy Peffercorn, The Beast, and... Continue reading
Posted Apr 29, 2018 at All Heels on Deck
By Allison Place Allison Place makes her debut as the sole review reviewer for ODBBV, putting two books under the feminist microscope. Place will also contribute reviews of newlt released baseball books. You can follow her on Twitter @booksandbalks. In the book world, there are guides to everything: technology, cooking,... Continue reading
Posted Apr 28, 2018 at All Heels on Deck
By Karen Soutar Karen Soutar observes the Jays over several games, including against the Kansas City Royals. On this subject, and “curious “managerial decisions, she shares thoughts and predictions. Wednesday April 18th. The Blue Jays, having won the first two games against the Royals have a chance for their first... Continue reading
Posted Apr 28, 2018 at All Heels on Deck
The New York Mets began their 2018 campaign on a somber note as news broke of the passing of Daniel "Rusty" Staub on March 29, just three days shy of his 74th birthday. Staub passed away in West Palm Beach due to complications from kidney failure. Nicknamed Le Grand Orange... Continue reading
Posted Apr 21, 2018 at All Heels on Deck
By Sydnee Williams On April 15, 1947, Jackie Robinson stepped on a major league field, and entered a storm. He became the first black person to play in Major League Baseball. As they do every year, MLB will honor Jackie Robinson with his own day. 42 is the only number... Continue reading
Posted Apr 16, 2018 at All Heels on Deck
By Rachael Lackner San Diegans can always rely on a few things. Great weather. Dank California burritos. Clean surf. And disappointment from the Padres. The Friars’ start to the 2018 season was full of said misfortune. San Diego fizzled to 1-6 in their opening homestand and suffered several missteps in... Continue reading
Posted Apr 14, 2018 at All Heels on Deck
By Lee Kluck We are living in a second golden age of baseball writing. Nowhere is this more evident than in the bubble of social media. In that space, educated fans mingle with new and old school professionals to cover the game in more ways than ever before. At any... Continue reading
Posted Apr 11, 2018 at All Heels on Deck
By James Bridget Gordon Hours before the first pitch was supposed to be thrown, the Cubs announced that their 2018 home opener would be postponed due to inclement weather. Temperatures were in the mid-30s and there was a light but persistent snowfall. It was April 9th. Even among people... Continue reading
Posted Apr 11, 2018 at All Heels on Deck
By Tammy Rainey Last month, as with every week for the last 60+ weeks (if not more), the news was filled with so much existentially disturbing news that it was difficult to draw much attention to an issue which was, however ugly, not a threat to our civilization. In the... Continue reading
Posted Apr 6, 2018 at All Heels on Deck
By Karen Soutar The Blue Jays wrapped up their 2018 spring training schedule with their fifth annual two game series at Olympic Stadium in Montreal, and a record of 14-18 with one tie. There are those who’d love to see Major League Baseball return to Montreal, years after the Expos... Continue reading
Posted Apr 2, 2018 at All Heels on Deck
By Jessica Quiroli Easter Sunday was marked by the death of legendary TV creator and director Steven Bochco, and while baseball was likely not the first thing you thought of upon hearing this, baseball is part of his story. Through the years as a minor league baseball writer, I'd heard... Continue reading
Posted Apr 2, 2018 at All Heels on Deck
By: RoseAnn Sapia "Keep knocking on the door.” That’s how Melanie Newman said she's navigated her way through the sports broadcasting industry. Because, as reason would have it, if you keep knocking, eventually the door will open. For Newman, another door did open. She saw an opening for the number... Continue reading
Posted Mar 31, 2018 at All Heels on Deck
By Allison Place “We do not want to take a man’s place. We want our own place.” – June Peppas, All-American Girls Professional Baseball League Players Association President, in a memo to former AAGPBL players, managers, chaperones, and friends For Women’s History Month, I wanted to read something that celebrates,... Continue reading
Posted Mar 30, 2018 at All Heels on Deck
By Sydnee Williams March is recognized as Women’s History Month, and what better way to show appreciation for baseball than highlighting some of the best World Series national anthem renditions. The Anthem is the hype before the excitement; when the singer takes the field there’s a certain buzz in the... Continue reading
Posted Mar 28, 2018 at All Heels on Deck