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jessica quiroli
Born and raised in Philadelphia. Home of Rocky.
I'm a minor league baseball writer. Dirt under my fingernails.
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A lot has been written here, and everywhere, about Mets 2011 first round pick Brandon Nimmo. That's to be expected for a first round high school player, but his story caught the interest of baseball-minded people, and media, early on.... Continue reading
via A few weeks ago, Michael Schlact spoke to HOTF about his retirement from playing, and his decision to join the Fargo-Moorehead RedHawks coaching staff. He's started a new blog, which will focus on his new career and life,... Continue reading
via Vince Belnome, who spent most of 2014 with the Durham Bulls, summarized what so many felt for Bulls manager Charlie Montoyo, who's been named the Rays new third base coach. Montoyo managed the Rays Triple-a club for eight... Continue reading
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via The Yankees 2014 Organizational All-Stars was released yesterday and Kevin McGowan Jr. joked with Aaron Judge about his selection. Judge was joined by Adonis Garcia for top outfielders of the year. You can read the rest here: Continue reading
Reblogged 3 days ago at Heels On The Field: A Minor League Blog
"We've been involved in a lot of guys that have been moved or rumored to be moved," Daniels said. "For where we are and what we would have had to give up, we didn't feel like the prices made sense... Continue reading
Reblogged 3 days ago at Heels On The Field: A Minor League Blog
In the 'clarion call' heard around the baseball world, MiLB VP Stan Brand was quoted in a story by Baseball America writer Josh Leventhal last week from the Winter Meetings. At the meetings, Brand made a fiery speech on the... Continue reading
In one room of the baseball Winter Meetings, major league players astronomical contracts were being negotiated and superstar trades were being executed; and in another, the powers that be were telling minor league players to sit down and shut up.... Continue reading
Pennsylvania Native Brian Brown Ready For College Baseball, Warmer Weather North Carolina State baseball's pitching staff will include Pennsylvania native Bryan Brown, who has a long list of good reasons to relocate to the area. Not the least of which... Continue reading
Mac James (Rays, Catcher) "Favorite memory is probably just the people I played with, those relationships and the people I played against! My junior year we played Johnny Manziel because he was in our district so that was cool, and... Continue reading
Mets top prospect Brandon Nimmo says he doesn't have any particular focus working with Rick Strickland, that the plan is 'general' and he's concentrating on all areas and, simply, 'getting better' overall. He confirmed that he'll remain in Port St.... Continue reading
In a story yesterday, Bloomberg News reported that four minor league players are suing MLB (Miranda vs. Selig), in a lawsuit that states, "their freedom to negotiate with other teams is unlawfully restricted by a rule giving their club a... Continue reading
We’re still a few weeks away from the first day of winter, but without being technical, this is the first installment of winter updates on minor league players. Plus, Rays Maxx Tissenbaum checks in from Australia and talks about his... Continue reading
From time to time, a new feature, Twitter polls, will pop up. The poll will be conducted @heelsonthefield, with the results being posted at a later date, usually the next day. The questions will, of course, always be baseball-related, but... Continue reading
After a ten year playing career, pitcher Michael Schlact, a former Rangers 3rd round pick in 2004, decided that the end had come. True to form, after much contemplating within and with wife Jillian, he remained upbeat looking toward the... Continue reading
Here’s another edition of ‘Three Up’ with MiLB writers Jarah Wright and Stephanie Metzger. JESSICA: Ok....let's see. I have a few things written down. I wanted to start with AFL. Are either of you tracking any player's progress there? Who’s... Continue reading
Maxx Tissenbaum capped off the regular season with a decision to head to Australia and play some more. He joined the Brisbane Bandits of the Australian Baseball League, after spending 2014 with the High-A Charlotte Stone Crabs. He finished with... Continue reading
Certain moments give you a sense of community that’s lacking these days. Several years ago, fans built bonds with minor leaguers by simply going to minor league games. They watched careers unfold and waited by the dugout for, pen and... Continue reading
A few weeks ago, baseball writers Jarah Wright and Stephanie Metzger joined me for a Twitter chat about prospects and the industry of baseball journalism. We decided to start doing a semi-sort of-regular private chat, and share it as a... Continue reading
In 2013 with the Twins, Chris Colabello had a cheering section across social media. After spending seven seasons in the independent leagues, he’d finally gotten his shot at the big leagues. After the Twins selected his contract in 2012, he... Continue reading
Reliever Zac Reininger spoke yesterday, via text, about the 2014 season in the Midwest League, bouncing back from an injury, and what he's focused on improving in the Arizona Fall League. With the Glendale Desert Dogs, he's pitched 4 innings... Continue reading
Change is inevitable, even in baseball, where traditionalism is cherished. The latest change is all the rage and it’s all about speeding up the pace of the game. That change would be radical, and attitudes vary on a clock being... Continue reading
When Major League Baseball commissioner Bud Selig steps down this year, he will leave behind an often criticized legacy. He may also leave behind a pardon for Pete Rose, by lifting the ban imposed on him in 1989 for gambling... Continue reading
The moment of comfort at the plate finally came for Michael Fransoso as the last few weeks of the season unfolded. He felt himself getting in that sometimes mysterious zone, where everything was feeling right at the plate. His swing... Continue reading
Leadership requires that you take full responsibility for the failures, and only partial responsibility for the successes. I believe in that and it's true in regard to this blog, particularly in 2014. In the off-season, I announced that I was... Continue reading
Earlier this week, the NFL stood on the front line of domestic violence prevention, as MLB remains indecisively on the sidelines. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell issued a mea culpa in a statement that was backed by action. The policy,... Continue reading