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jessica quiroli
Born and raised in Philadelphia. Home of Rocky.
I'm a minor league baseball writer. Dirt under my fingernails.
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Long before professional baseball called, two boys sat at the kitchen table and listened to the adults talk politics. They learned a few things about the world. They formed a point of view. They learned more. And they gained a... Continue reading
There appears to be a new culture on the rise. The culture of baseball continues to be challenged and changed by Major League Baseball, with the PTB taking seriously issues of sexism, violence and homophobia. On Monday, MLB announced that... Continue reading
Within a few weeks, after a succession of events, my identity as a writer disappeared. It was that fast. And it was that definitive. For the first time since I was a child, and the first time in my professional... Continue reading
One morning, I received a private message on Twitter. It was a from a girl, a really young girl, who’d been making her way in the business and wanted to ask me a question. She’d been dealing with sexist harassment... Continue reading
I’ve never written anything political here and I’m not starting now. At the same time, the political is personal, and a lot of personal thoughts and feelings have risen up in the last 24-48 hours. After Republican nominee Donald Trump... Continue reading
As minor league baseball season was winding down, some news broke. The New York Mets had signed former football player (and former college baseball player) Tim Tebow to a contract, and assigned him to instructional league. This was following a... Continue reading
Tampa, FL- Fifteen pitches. That’s how many pitches Rays prospect Brent Honeywell throws in the bullpen, before starts.He started doing that after meeting Jose Fernandez. “To this day, that’s all I throw,” Honeywell said. “Because he did.” Marlins pitcher Jose... Continue reading
Tampa, FL- The Double-A affiliate of the Tampa Bay Rays is inching closer to a Southern League playoffs spot. No surprise, when they’ve been consistent up and down the board. The Double-A test is a jump considered by many to... Continue reading
Tampa, FL- Wes Wilson is stepping up to the plate more these days. Literally and figuratively. The catcher for the High-A Tampa Yankees has been given more opportunities to play, and has taken advantage. Through four consecutive games this week,... Continue reading
Cubs reliever Aroldis Chapman holds the record for the fastest recorded pitch speed in MLB history (105.1). 85% of domestic abuse victims are women. 1 in 4 women will experience intimate partner violence in her lifetime. Chapman’s the fastest MLB... Continue reading
Tampa, FL- Nick Gordon looks like he’s eighty percent leg. When he stepped to the plate, he laid off a fastball that was called for a strike. On the next pitch, he got a solid hit for a single. As... Continue reading
What are we afraid of losing? When Jose Reyes, or Aroldis Chapman enter the baseball field, or we talk about Joe Paterno or O.J. Simpson’s football legacy, what in our conversation reveals our fear? Digging deep, we’d have to see... Continue reading
RHP Brent Honeywell had to overcome injury and the requisite growing pains this season, and now he's headed to Double-A Montgomery. He finishes his time with the High-A Stone Crabs with a 2.41/0.98 ERA/WHIP through 10 games with 63 strikeouts.... Continue reading
There are many issues and causes teams contribute time and money to, and, sometimes, the issue is personal. For former New York Yankees manager Joe Torre, domestic violence is as personal as it gets. As the son of a Brooklyn,... Continue reading
Tampa, FL- Nick Ciuffo got the news that he’d been selected to the Florida State League All-Star Game. 24 Hours later he was placed on the DL. The injury, to his left pinky finger, means he misses the opportunity to... Continue reading
Clearwater, FL- There’s always one area of a player’s game that he begins the season focused on improving. Sometimes it’s a number of mechanical issues. Sometimes they talk about not getting too emotional when things don’t go right. But Ben... Continue reading
In 2000, the Yankees and Mets were in a World Series for the ages. Young Laura Schwartz, a Boston, Massachusetts native watched the game, sitting beside her aunt, the biggest Yankees fan she knew. She’d attended some minor league games... Continue reading
We’ve heard and read the multitude of stories through the years from female sports reporters about sexist treatment in the industry. Infamous tales of jock straps being thrown, gang-up verbal abuse and flat-out questioning why or how a woman got... Continue reading
Cale Coshow arrived in Tampa in January, to participate in Captain's Camp, following a watershed 2015 season. The pitching prospect split time between High-A and Double-A, making his debut for the Trenton Thunder, a major proving ground that's sprung many... Continue reading
Did you see the video? I did. It was graphic, gross and a total violation of sports reporter Erin Andrews right to privacy and dignity. I’m not referring to the video of her nude in a hotel room without her... Continue reading
The minor league player experience, with all it's stark, working-class reality-checks mixed with a realization of a childhood dream and playing a game for a living, is difficult to fully capture. Perhaps living it is the only way to truly... Continue reading
Outfielder Dustin Fowler spoke last week about 2015 season, as well as areas he worked in the off-season and 2016 goals. "I worked on getting stronger and it will help me be able to drive the ball more and I... Continue reading
When Jake Gronsky was asked to share an off-season photo, he showcased working in a very different workshop than the workshop that is the minor leagues. The infielder, who played in the Florida State and Midwest Leagues in 2015, explained... Continue reading
Minor league baseball is a place that reminds me of the Wild West. While there are basic guidelines as to how everything runs, there are a lot of personalities and room for creativity where every day is different. I’ve been... Continue reading
The off-season is still about baseball for Cale Coshow, but with new meaning. The pitcher, the Yankees 28th best prospect as ranked by, traveled to Nicaragua, in the city of Susuma with his church mission group, in part, to... Continue reading