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New York City
Online Reputation & Brand Protection. Tracking Net Law, Search, Visibility, Privacy + more. Sleuthy. Persistent. Sometimes witty. Loves the thrill of the chase.
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I'm in the online reputation and privacy business and have dealt with some pretty serious secrets and situations for clients. I've also worked in electronic evidence collection relating to the aftermath of 9/11 and searched plenty of email, hard drives and websites. Absolutely agree that great care is needed and that too many don't understand where the data goes, or who stores it and for how long. But I'm with Fray Close above. Humans are going to still act like humans. Emotions over logic. Urges over prudence. What's needed is a safe, secure alternate identity capability for those who want it. Right now it can be done, but it's geeky and risky to pull off. I'm working on some ideas and projects to improve that. Privacy is the new black.
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Jun 6, 2011