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John Hingelberg
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Hello Cyberspace, How do the ESV and NASB translations compare? I am interested in the ESV Reader's Edition, but I am also intrigued with the Cambridge NAS Bibles Wide Margin and Pitt Minion. These are the three I am debating between. Can someone please help? Is a wide margin pointless if I do not plan on writing in it? The Pitt Minion might be too small for my taste... With the Reader's Edition I am just concerned that it may not be worth the expense being that I already have an quality Allan ESV1. Thanks, John
Hello Cyberspace, Is the wide margin pointless if I don't plan on writing in it? I want a quality NASB, but the Pitt Minion might be too small for my taste. The Goatskin seems to be a priority at this point. Would I be better off with the Reader's Edition ESV I read such good reviews about? I have an ESV1 in Tan Highland Goatskin and question whether the Reader's Edition would be worth the cost. How do the NASB and ESV translations compare? Please, I need some experienced counsel... Thanks, John
I am on the lookout... Where is the best place to find an Allan Reader's Edition ESV in black highland goatskin? The two websites I see are the and Which one is better? How do the prices compare? Does anyone out there know where I could find the Bible I am looking for? Please let me know... God Bless, John e-mail:
I need help! I am considering purchasing an Allan's ESV Reader's Edition. I read blogs about the ESV1 in highland goatskin. I bought an Allan ESV Bible in highland goatskin, but I could have sworn it was an ESV2. I do not see mention of the ESV2 anywhere. I see ESV1 and ESV3 on this site. Is there a difference between the ESV1 and ESV2, if so, what? Regarding the Reader's Edition, I am truly interested, but am afraid it may not be worth the cost. My original tan ESV was costly enough. Is the difference between the two enough to invest? After all, I just graduated college and my funds are limited. I am also curious to the difference between the ESV and NASB translations. Can anyone care to comment? In addition, the only complaint I see with the ESV Reader's Edition is the ghosting pages. Does Cambridge do a better job with this? I am also considering a NASB wide margin or Pitt Minion. However, the Allan ESV in tan Goatskin is the only quality Bible I've ever had in-hand. Please cyber chums, can you help? I need counsel regarding this decision...
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Feb 8, 2010