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Dear, My father was a cadet sent to Japan under the INA in WW2...not by choice but because the Japs put my Grandparents in prison and threatened to cut their heads off unless they supplied their sons to the cause...they were rich people in the colonies, through their own honest the Japs thought, if their sons joined the INA, many more would...he met Subhas Chandra Bose in person and also carried his ashes to the Renkoji temple in Japan after he died in an airplane crash in Formosa (Taiwan). What is your point? You seem to want to lessen the present notion of NAZI...why? Haven't they done enough damage to come to your notice? Do you think it is not historically justified to use the term NAZI exactly as Pamela has? As hate filed humans, with a one pointed unthinking agenda...and to which human life has no value outside of their construct? 6 million Jews killed in gas chamber and incinerated not enough to make you sit up and think about it Mr History lesson? And what of the millions that died in Russia...and Europe...because of it. Have you opened that history book yet, or are you mono-fixated on trivialities that surround the crux? You accuse Pamela of being a bigot on false me how she is being a bigot. Otherwise, I will have to draw the conclusion, that it is you who is the bigot and your note was an exercise in exemplifying it. You accuse me of being a Holocaust denier, which I am not. Pamela Geller accuses the Slavic people of massacring the Jews in the Holocaust and shoulders the burden of the 6 million murdered. Always gotta take someone's argument and twist it to unbelievable porportions to call someone a bigot right back. The Nazis did in fact murder 6 million people. I fully know that. You always accuse somebody of denying the Holocaust when the agenda does not suit you directly. Always gotta invoke the Holocaust as a means of shutting people down. I know the Nazis were racists. I do not like her use of the term to insult the Slavic peoples of Eastern Europe. I am not trivializing the Holocaust. My note is not an exercise in bigotry. That is my point exactly. You always shut I am not David Duke or anyone like that. I think that you try to call anyone "Nazis" that diverge from your own agenda. The Nazis were racists and killed the Jews because they were not Aryans. The whole Nazi recruitment of Indians was for the fact that they wanted to get back at the British. Yeah, always gotta accuse someone of being a Nazi when the facts don't agree with you people. The old saying about the real racists being the ones that scream racism the most. I think you people should take that into account. I am against politicization of the Holocaust and Norman Finkelstein to use as an excuse. Pamela Geller in one of her articles has said in an article about Polish jihad support at a game over there, that Jew hatred is alive and well in Poland. To accuse the whole Polish nation of Jew hatred, then accuse the whole Polish people of aiding the Nazis just to prove how righteous you are to make Poland collectively guilty of the Holocaust when in fact, it was occupied and had no voice to speak of. It had no recourse. She HAS A WHOLE category on this site calling Russia "the new Evil Empire" implying that that country is still the Soviet Union. I am accused of ignoring the Holocaust and posting facts about non-Muslims collaborating with the Nazis from World War II to fight back against the English. Always accused of being a bigot by people on here for posting stuff that gets in the way of her agenda! I am NOT anti-Semitic, but you people always reserve that label when the facts aren't what you claim they are or when someone disagrees with you. I do not consider the Holocaust trivial. I do not like this stuff that uses the Holocaust as a weapon to shut people up. I fully know that it happened. I know 6 million people were murdered, but using in certain contexts to advance an extremist agenda is wrong. I do care highly about the Holocaust. I also know that the Poles were targets of Nazi extermination policies and that Hitler branded the brown-skinned non-white peoples as "racially inferior" I DO KNOW THAT ALL! I'm not as stupid as you think I am! I SPECIFICALLY said that the Nazis were NOT racially tolerant people. Why do you people twist my words like a pretzel into thousand of knots?
I really don't like the way you go about criticizing Islam becauise I feel that you are alienating people from your message by outright labeling these people as savages, but that SHOULD NEVER be allowed to be written because it makes you sound like the KKK and the Neo-Nazis, that you detest. You are alienating your audience with this crap anot presenting a more subtle criticism of Islam with your ads, by presenting a passage from the Koran for example, but not like Fitna, which in my opinion, poorly criticizes Islam and does a very very poor job at it by presenting Islam and juxtaposing it with Koran verses, instead of providing a narration explaining the reasoning behind those Koran verses and how they relate to the terrorist event depicted in the film, it just does it against news headlines, footage of Islamic extremists, and other I do not like Islam either. Wilders film is typical of the lack of substance shock value dumbed-down MTV world that we live in. If people only had a brain and did not ignorantly scoff at intellectual knowledge and make offensive cartoons like ICarly that depict mentally intellectually superior kids as creeps and egotistical jerks are creepy and disgusting and repulsive and the intellectually dumb and ignorant ICarly crowd The ignorance pervasive in our society perpetuated by the media sickens me. Wilders Jerry Springeresque Fitna movie only appeals to the dumb idiot shock value crowd. I LOVE CRITICISM of Islam, but you people go about it all wrong! Some of the racist comments that some of you have written about Western women marrying Muslims being dumb and stupid. My neighbor Denise Cone is no stupid woman, though she's pretty damned arrogant. What you said about the Muslims being arrogant is correct, but your criticism of Islam needs more depth, needs more soul, needs more reasoning to explain criticism of Islam and fighting the Chip Berlet's "Manufacturing the Muslim Menace" article is bunch of hooey because the Muslims did a pretty good job of manufacturing hatred against us, and the far-left passes off these disgusting rants and raves as acceptable and intellectual. They sound like crude caricatures of people that are bullies that insult others, like crude gossip in a schoolyard, rather than sane criticism. It's not "manufactured" it's real. BTW, Chip Berlet is a self-righteous egotistical asshole that passes himself off as a debunker of "conspiracy theories" and a fighter of the extreme right, when in fact, he's a buffoon of the highest caliber, who is not tolerant of those who disagree with him, even liberals, and he mercilessly flays alive anyone who disagrees with him. If something in my neighborhood happens, they will blame you guys for it and I am accused by my brother of having hate speech caused by sites like this one about my neighbor Denise Cone Habib from Corry, PA. I live in that town with them, and I have a right to be concerned about this site. I am NOT a liberal. Call me a liberal! YEAH, call me a liberal, you infantile bigots! You people are infantile to ravenously put down someone you disagree with as, "liberal" I AM NOT A LIBERAL AND DETEST THEM TO DEATH FOR THEIR STUPIDITY AND their MTV-esque brainwashed minds and their infantile lack of reason on Media Matters and Daily Kos. They show how they are troglodytes on there. Please, go about criticizing Islam in a better and more enlightened me and quit alienating legitimate criticism of Islam with this crap. Wikipedia bashes the shit out of criticism of Islam and labels it "Islamophobia" which it is not, a made-up word meant to muzzle critics of Islam. Someone needs to stick up for the persecuted peoples in the Muslim world, or Mohammedan world. Why not use the word Mohammedan? It is an English phrase of the word Muslim, which is Arabic. The proper word is Mohammedan. Use that word in this dumbed-down Jersey Shore stupid crap ignorant unenlightened world we live in, that can't form a good sentence and have little thought for other people but themselves and their hatred of other people that they see as creepy.
Yes Pamela, If Nazis hated non-whites, then how come they recruited Indian prisoners-of-war from India that were serving in the British forces to form an army to cause trouble in India? The Nazis had soldiers from India serving in their ranks, as well. They did not complete hate non-whites, unlike the current set of idiots does now that proclaim themselves to be Nazis. The Nazis recruited Arabs like the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem to form an Arab legion. The Nazis also had people training the Chinese Army during the 30s , this was during the Nazi regime. THe Nazis were racists, oh yes, but not so bad that they did not let people from India form collaborationist armies to fight against the British. Azad Hind for example. That guy from India that formed that army in India. I am NOT a Neo-Nazi! I am just stating historical facts here. The Nazis were always racist, but not completely intolerant to recruit "non-whites" from India or ally themselves with the "non-white" Japanese. If Nazis hated "non-whites" so much, then how come they allied with Japan? Japan is as you well know, a "non-white" country. This info is true about the Nazis recruiting Indian sodliers. True story. Led by a man named Subhas Chandra Bose, who was recruited from Indian Army POWS captured by the Germans. The Japanese also had people from India recruited into their cause, too. These legions are forgotten in the history of World War II, but are not totally forgotten and does show that the Nazis DID NOT complete hate non-whites. If they hate non-whites, how come they allied themselves with Japan or recruited Indian soldiers to form units in the German Wermacht? I am not some Muslim troll, I am stating facts when you claim that only the Muslims collaborated with the Nazis, the non-white Muslims, how about the non-white Hindus or Sikhs from India that served in the Wermacht? Are we gonna hold them all guilty too and call India genocidal and frame them as being all Nazi collaborators like you folks do with the Slavic peoples? You are a bigot Pamela Geller to insult whole people like this! Or better yet, the Vichy French forces and the Arab Moroccan soldiers and Algerians that fought under a German collaborationist army? I am not a Nazi, just stating facts to make certain that non-Muslim, non-white people also collaborated with the Nazis. How's that? Did you bother to think of that, too? Or the Muslims from the Crimea or the Central Asia Eurasian peoples that also fought in the German Wermacht? The Nazis had collaborators from all races, all from different parts of the globe. It's a true fact, and it's not revisionist propaganda or whatever. It's a true fact to all those who want to read up on it, so that Pamela can rant all about the Muslims and never bother to even consider that non-Muslim non-whites served in the German Wermacht during World War II. Sorry, that's history and documented history and a documented historical fact. Please put things in prespective. Consider the facts before making an argument. I am not NOT in support of Nazis in any way. I am asking you. is now following The Typepad Team
Jul 17, 2012