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"The comments by Spo and Wade are just peacekeeping in the locker room, nothing more." I think the Cap'n hit the nail on the head. Well done New Yorker.
Hey Chris: Gallinari needs to start immediately. I was about to say Milicic needs to start at the 5, but that was before he got hurt. The need more size in a big, big way.
"He's should be an energy guy, like Flava Flav." Comedic platinum Mike. Well played.
We would've beat the Hawks if we scored more than them.
"I have neither read, heard, or seen anything to dissuade me from the notion that Jermaine will continue to struggle on this team." I have neither read, heard, or seen anything to dissuade me from the notion that Haslem will ever be better than the 32nd best starting PF in the NBA. Haslem is what he is, and that ain't much. (unfortunately I do agree with your Jermaine notion, however)
"For all of you old school Heat fans would you rather have Bimbo Coles in his prime or Mario Chalmers as your starting point guard this year?" C: None of the above.
I already sold the trailer slledge....your mom was begging me to sell her the damm thing so I caved and let her have it. Now I'm homeless....can I borrow your bike?
"Watch out with the Celts this season." I really look forward to watching out with the Celts this year. I think I'm gonna get league pass just to watch out with them. Thanks slledge. You're so informative.
I piss on Kenyon Martin, and Blake Griffin.
"with SuperSoft Beasley" I knew you loved Beasley's hair, slledge, as do I. It's the reason I watch the Heat, that's for sure.
Now please remind me how did Beas get hurt again? i know it wasn't dunking. lol Posted by: Pay Per View aka Dr. EVIL... | October 26, 2009 at 10:27 AM ***** You're obviously not a Heat fan, you little b!tch-a$$ troll.
"Spoelstra continued: "Of course, we decided to go with another talentless white guy who doesn't belong in this league, but can sit at the end of our bench and cost us money . . ." Helium, you're not a racist are you? Are white guys the only talentless, bench-riding guys in the NBA? What's worse? A talentless white guy who works his a$$ off but can't get on the court cuz he lacks the vert, or a talented black guy who relies on his athleticism, but is too lazy to put in the work to better his career? Not really sure the answer.....
Toggle Commented Oct 23, 2009 on Hawks 92, Heat 87 at Miami Heat | Sun-Sentinel Blogs
"Kiddo Beasley better hit the gym as hard as he's hitting the bong for the Heat to have a shot." +100 cuz I love bongs...
Why should the Heat tank? So they can get a 2nd overall pick and bench the mofo cuz he can't play defense? I'll pass, thanks for asking.
Lucky Charms give you a greenish/grayish result in the next mornings' affairs...not pretty. But I eat 'em anyway.
"Singing kumbayah before games doesn't make your team better." It doesn't make your team worse, either. Everybody has their own way to get up for games, stay loose, or get mentally focused. Just look at Kobe....self-fellating before games has done absolute wonders for him and his career.
LeB!tch can sukk it. The day he wills his team to an NBA title against a superior team, and does it with greater impact than Jordan EVER did, you can then, and only then, say he's better than Wade. Until then you can STFU and save the arguments for the housewives.
"You got those funny shaped balloons for sale?" "Not unless you think round is funny."
I'm the quadruple hitta quitta...and i'm out.
Beasley just needs to learn the old adage: If one cares to receive a pass, one must first learn to throw a pass. IOW, pass Wade the ball more and he'll pass it back more.
Beasley getting hot in games makes like soooo much easier for Wade. If someone other than Wade is droppin 20 ppg nightly, woowee that would be some $hit right there. Wade's space would go from inside an elevator to outside in central park....ahhhhhh!
I hear Australian girls really dig american guys....hell yeah!
Prolly not gonna be any video feed/link tonight, eh. That royally sucks. They pay Mark Blount $10 million a year to play in the NBA, but gotdamm they can't seem to muster the dough to broadcast a pre-season game. Someone please help me understand. Thanks in advance.
"if anyone is worried about scores in exhibition games,, esp without d.wade,, they need to get a life...." I once scored during an exhibition game. She was a Knick fan, so I really let her have it. B!tch.
"This roster is flawed, just like last year, and bound by the retardation of its head coach." +100. Cuts like a knife and almost poetic.