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We could solve all this hullabaloo if we'd just nationalize the making of beer. Single Brewer is inevitable.
Toggle Commented 57 minutes ago on Another Keystone Delay - Unexpectedly! at JustOneMinute
Time to get out daddy's toothpick again.
Ah, but will the feds' meddling simply make homebrewing a more attractive and affordable option? Help me Obi Wan Henry, you're my only hope. Teach me the ways of The Wort.
What's up with those bitter clingers in Kansas up in (not as toned as Michelle's) arms about the First Lady gracing them with her presence for a high school graduation? These kids probably turned their noses up at the perfectly nutritious lunches Michelle was providing them, too. Ingrates.
DrJ - you really should have warned me to sit down. And especially not to be drinking any beverages before reading that. Beer prices skyrocketing? ::spit take:: Dangit. This cheap beer is kinda getting more expensive. ::licks beer up off floor:: #fivesecondrule rich - when gas gets up to about $4.90, it's roughly the same price as beer by the gallon. Of course, that's before DrJ's awful no good very bad news hits the beer supply chain.
Alice: I can't bring myself to click the link because a) buzzfeed CH: Yes, giving buzzfeed a click is rarely a good idea. Heh. OK, then I'll go straight to youtube, but must at least credit Buzzfeed for where I found it. My guess is that DrJ knows the music as well or better than anyone here. But that daddy knows more of the people in the video. Decide for yourself if that's a good enough promo for you to click this. I'm not saying you should click it. In fact, you probably shouldn't. I wouldn't blame anyone who chose to let his imagination guide him on what might be at the link, rather than actually clicking it.
Forget gun control, Bloomberg should first focus on brand control: Following the news that former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg plans to spend $50 million on an anti-gun campaign called “Everytown for Gun Safety,” a clever pro-gun group swooped in and took the name for a Facebook group before Bloomberg’s posse could. The Everytown for Gun Safety Facebook page currently features an AR-15-style rifle and an American flag as its profile picture. The move likely has annoyed Bloomberg and his fellow anti-gun advocates. Eric Reed revealed to TheBlaze on Friday night that it is his group, Gun Rights Across America, and 1 Million Moms Against Gun Control that are behind the Facebook group bearing the Bloomberg campaign name.
A nappy-headed no.
If you tell me you're surprised, you're either pulling my leg or lying to me. Obama signs Ted Cruz bill into law, but says he won’t enforce it
Toggle Commented yesterday on Being Paul Krugman at JustOneMinute
daddy - isn't it your theory that seismic activity is a result of JOMer birthdays? I'm looking askance at rich.
Toggle Commented 2 days ago on Being Paul Krugman at JustOneMinute
I will denounce HHJJI correcting a typo at 6:15. For the record, corrections of typos at any point are frowned upon. But I will maintain that the typo in the 6:23 is more important than an inadvertently omitted *it* that 6:15 was correcting.
Toggle Commented 2 days ago on Being Paul Krugman at JustOneMinute
Ext: Will the impending Boehner amnesty incense R voters enough to turn out to elect R's who will oust him and Cantor, or to stay home in disgust? I'd bet the latter. The primaries for Boehner and Cantor are in May and June respectively. Even if you think Boehner and Cantor are dumb as a box of rocks, is there any chance they'll move on amnesty before the primaries?
Toggle Commented 2 days ago on Being Paul Krugman at JustOneMinute
Miss Marple: I have been thinking about Putin. I am beginning to wonder if he has something really damaging on Obama. I honestly don't think Putin has (or needs to have) anything the rest of us don't already possess. The knowledge that . . . Emperor Obama Has New Clothes.
Toggle Commented 2 days ago on Being Paul Krugman at JustOneMinute
Happy Birthday Naciso's Mom! Still thinking about you CH. And daddy, all the best to Scout for a quick recovery . . . and a happy birthday to Fry a couple days ago. And FTSAH: mrs hit and run landed in Raleigh last night around 12:55am (so technically this morning) ending her wonderful trip to Hong Kong. My folks and kids met her upon arrival, and made the hour and a half drive back home. Now all I have to do is get home tomorrow for our reunion.
Oh my, Captain Hate I'm so sorry about Maggie. I came to love her from your stories. I've shared before that my first and second dogs were airedales.
Toggle Commented 3 days ago on Whose Problem? at JustOneMinute
BTW that Biden thread at twitchy includes a tweet by our old pal topsecretk9.
Toggle Commented 4 days ago on An Arrow To The Heart at JustOneMinute
Her pups?
Toggle Commented 4 days ago on An Arrow To The Heart at JustOneMinute
It's a small world. I'm on a business trip. Landed in Chicago earlier. I figured I'd grab some lunch at the airport before hitting the cab to the hotel. Walking down the concourse, there's a girl who's just getting through security talking on a cell phone. It takes me a few seconds, but turns out it's one of mrs hit and run's best friends from high school. Don't tell the others, but she was always my favorite. Alas, I didn't get to say hi. By the time my brain flipped on a figured out who it was, a great distance separated us, and she was gone. Gone. She was gone. Fun Fact: In 2008, the night Clarice hosted me for dinner, I spent a couple hours having a couple of beers with this friend and her husband beforehand . . . turns out they live barely a mile from Clarice.
Toggle Commented 5 days ago on Jackie Robinson Day at JustOneMinute
Is the comeback pony a seahorse?
Toggle Commented 6 days ago on Saddling Up The Comeback Pony at JustOneMinute
jimmyk: For example, if I click on "Share this" it gives you some html that starts with "iframe src=..." inside pointy brackets. That didn't work, nor did replacing "iframe" with "img" and using that URL. When you select Share This . . . it defaults to "Embed" which is the iframe stuff. There are two radio buttons, the one for Embed and the other for HTML. Click the HTML radio button and you get the code you can copy and paste here. Also note that there is a drop down right above the code textbox where you can select the size. When uploading pics from your camera, they are most likely bigger than fits at JOM (400 pixel width limit for those viewing with the avatars showing).
Toggle Commented 6 days ago on Sunday Evening at JustOneMinute
Dude, that's harsh...
Toggle Commented 6 days ago on Sunday Evening at JustOneMinute
Grabbed from iOwntheWorld:
Toggle Commented 6 days ago on Sunday Evening at JustOneMinute
jimmyk: I used Flickr for the one @5:35, but it took me about ten tries to find a link that would work in the usual img src= format. I'm not sure I'll remember how I got it to work. Yup. Flickr is a pain. Always look for the Share this Photo link/icon. The thing is, the icons themselves offer no obvious clue, so you have to hover over them to see the text. And of course, flickr has changed formats several times in the past year or so, changing the icon or it's location. The good thing is that finding that icon gives you the code - so you don't have to format the html from a url.
Oh, right, time for Masters comments. Freddie birdies the fist two holes.
Posted by: Captain Hateef | April 13, 2014 at 09:14 AM What is the story behind the change to Captain Hateef? Name analysis for Hateef here. I mean doesn't this seem spot on? Your name of Hateef gives you a highly sensitive, idealistic, and intuitive nature. Ok, but this one might be closer, no? You could be expressive and creative in the arts, music, or drama. And of course we get to the final one and . . . no comment: Also, disorders in the fluid functions could arise. Here's a Hateef on twitter: Here's another one: Is that Maggie? It doesn't look like an airedale.