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Whew. Been almost completely offline since we left NC last Friday. Fun Fun Fun! Someday I may tell the tale of the camping trip I took with the kids in Colorado before we picked up mrs hit and run. But for now let's just say there was sickness aplenty and a late night scramble to get back to lower elevation. It's funny in hindsight - but was kinda tough at the time. Today we made our trip to Yellowstone. I think this is the 132nd time I've been. Or something. I stopped counting some time ago. Heading in via West Yellowstone - the park entrance was an absolute zoo. More cars than anyone has seen. But once we got on the roads it wasn't so bad. Long story short we saw seven bears today. Unheard of in our long history in the park. First was a mom and two cubs just as you enter the Lamar Valley. The cubs had climbed a big pine before we got there and then we got to see momma leap onto the trunk and shimmy on up. Then saw a cub headed back toward Canyon. Didn't see momma, but assume she was just over the hill. Then a short distance later we saw a lone bear out in a field. Next came the grizzly between Lake and West Thumb. Great views on that one - he was just feeding away in a clearing. I mean, at this point we were all kinda laughing at our fortune with the bears. Then, as we're headed south on the Rockefeller Parkway, we come up over a hill and see a figure on the side of the road. My dad cracks a joke about it being a bear - thinking it was really a cyclist or something. And then as we got closer - it actually was a bear, just sauntering up the shoulder toward us. We stopped about a hundred yards short - and he just moseys on up beside us before casually drifting off the road and into the woods. Amazing. Anyway, I'm already way over my limit on self-imposed internet restrictions just by getting on and posting this. Hope everyone is misbehaving as inappropriately as you can get away with. Hugs and kisses.
leaving soon, i left you with a new thread....
Thanks maryrose! I'm out. Gotta finish packing, clean the house (mrs hit and run's parents are showing up while we are gone) and then make a cursory appearance at work in the morning and then hit the road. I've got one, maybe two more beers worth of work around the house to do before hitting the sack. And that sack better watch out - I'm hitting it hard.
Jane: Hey Hit. This is a lot of comments for an IPad. So I am nostradamus. Look, I'm going to put up a new thread - but it will be open only to those I invite. It should be up in just a couple minutes.
Clarice told us she was going on vacation. Beasts told us he is upset enough with the denigration of the South that he was taking a few days off to cool off. We need an online calendar or something to keep everyone up to date. I made an offhanded joke earlier - and only one JOMer seemed to have notice. I said I was leaving the South. And it's true. Tomorrow me and the kids hop in the car for a trip to Idaho*. mrs hit and run is already in Denver at a conference so we'll pick her up there. So if anyone asks why I'm not here in the next week or so..... (which would probably only happen when someone wants to complain that a thread is getting too long . . . but i have accepted my lot in life) --------------- *Wish it was a long enough trip to make my way over to you western Idaho folks. I like y'all. I'd like to buy y'all a beer some time. But this is such a last minute and short trip.
Publius: My apologies to TM and Jeff if this post gets a visit from the Feds. I hate pool halls and beer! I hate pool halls and beer!
Cecil: How about perturbations? What's worse is if those all hit at once . . . you know . . . en masse...
That's it. I'm getting out of the south. Tomorrow. Loading up the car and heading out.
I do hope Ext saw the Ben Barton post at Insty's at 4:01 AM. Second look at Jeb?
Dave: AoS's ONT links to Jeff's 5/31 post Well, that's fun. Thanks for pointing it out.
It's not Old Sue's Santa?
Janet: Ben Affleck's ancestors owned slaves...maybe he should be kicked out of the U.S.A.??? I'll see your Affleck and raise you a.... Obama's great-great-great-great grandfather George Washington Overall owned two slaves Kick him out! Oh, but wait...Obama descended from slave ancestor Ok, he gets a little reparation money . . . but he still gets the boot.
Sorry, Obama's a half-black US citizen who's ::cough cough:: heterosexual 1%er. Who the hell does he think he is talking to a transgendered undocumented future American like that?11?!?!!?!!?!? That guy's at least 4 rungs above Obama on the inverted privilege ladder.
Via Hot Air...There goes Plan A, plan b, plan c, plan d...all the way through plan Kay. Dems have to come up with Plan L if they want a shot at winning the Senate seat in NC in 2016. Former North Carolina Sen. Kay Hagan will not be mounting a challenge to her former GOP colleague, Sen. Richard M. Burr. Hagan, who was defeated by Thom Tillis in 2014, has been making calls to inform donors she will not be running for the seat that comes up in 2016, two sources familiar with the calls told Roll Call.
Hey, NK - I just shot you an email.
So you're not appalled?
I am absolutely convinced that Appalled told us the truth about for whom he voted. No question at all in my mind.
Sure thing, Captain. By actually promoting a sequestered comment - the hope is that typepad "learns" that that particular website should be trusted. i know, i know, thinking typepad is capable of learning is a faint, faint hope.
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Captain - there is another way. Your comments are both above now. thewilderness is a problematic site for typepad - narc has tried in the past to link it and it always naughty bins it.
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Miss Marple: It is SUCH a politically incorrect book it made me laugh. I bet it would be burned if it were found in a library today. I thought it was the Elizabeth Warren Autobiography: The Early Years. "I may have blonde hair, but look at my high cheek bones! Look at them!" The teacher's husband worked on Wall Street.
Toggle Commented Jun 24, 2015 on Obama Hasn't Done Ship at JustOneMinute
Yes, Gus. At last count there are 59,567 buildings, parks, state holidays, roads, bridges, tunnels, exit ramps, intersections, pedestrian crossings, fire hydrants, and handicapped parking spaces in West Virginia named after Robert C. Byrd.
Toggle Commented Jun 24, 2015 on Obama Hasn't Done Ship at JustOneMinute
Cecil: I remember Jim Webb resigning over 16 frigates back in the day. I wonder what he'd say about this, or if his remarkably flexible integrity would allow him to toe the party line. He was on Hewitt just the other day. HH: You are very on top of the Navy, the naval issues, and not surprising, having been secretary of the Navy. You see what China is doing. Are we funding adequately a ship count? Do you think we’re even close to what we need? And I always ask people about not having a replacement for the Ohio-Class nuclear submarine, but in every category of ship? Are we even close, Senator Webb? JW: We’re not close, and the other issue with respect to China and its expansionism is that we are not properly addressing in diplomatic and economic terms what China has been doing, because for fifteen years, they have been marking sovereignty issues on territories that are legitimately contested by other countries. And just over the past three years, I wrote a piece in the Wall Street Journal three years ago talking about how they had created a new political prefecture in that region, two million square kilometers of territory out there in the South China Sea that reports directly to Beijing. China is building a deep water navy, blue water navy. In fact, the Chinese and the Russians are going to hold joint naval exercises in the Mediterranean this summer. And our navy has gone from 568 ships when I was secretary of the Navy, and much more than that, actually, when I was commissioned, down to about, in the280s now. And in the future, I think that the size of our Navy should be up well above 300.
Toggle Commented Jun 23, 2015 on Obama Hasn't Done Ship at JustOneMinute
Ohhhh. Shoot. I know what happened. Californians all look alike....
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TK: I don't follow your question, Jeff. Is it facetious? Sure, I'm just plodding along with your objection to calling people clowns. But of course the differences in usage between Williamson and Trump make a comparison not apt. But this is the internet, so I can just run with it. Besides, I don't know why, in this day and age, anyone is still using the word "clown". Calling people "loons" is much more effective.
Toggle Commented Jun 22, 2015 on Tell Us What You Really Think at JustOneMinute
TK: Trump happens to be correct, Jeff. But he sucks at convincing people, right?
Toggle Commented Jun 22, 2015 on Tell Us What You Really Think at JustOneMinute