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Current Status: I ain't gonna be around tomorrow but here's last year's Memorial Day post with Reagan's 1986 Memorial Day speech. 30 years ago. Seems like a lifetime.
Sue: On the bright side, the Cowboys haven't lost this year. I don't want to do this, Sue, I really don't. But I'm afraid I must.
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Can we just turn over the Supreme Court to Trump's list and call it a day?
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narc: how's the pool? Only since you asked...hanging around top 50 in the nation. I'd be pushing top 25 if I could just get my break going. Hi all.
TM: The State Dept. Inspector General Email Report Someone bring me a shovel, there is a horse I must exhume for the purposes of applying blunt force to its corpse. This IG was nominated and confirmed AFTER Hillary had left the State Department. While she was there........ Hillary served as Secretary of State at a time when there was no permanent, Senate-confirmed Inspector General, and in which the acting Inspector General served in a weakened position. If Hillary wanted to operate using questionable practices - scratch the if, because we know she did operate thusly - she was allowed to operate in an environment that made doing so more likely to go undetected. The State Department went over 2,000 days without an actual Inspector General. The wheels of government grind slowly, right? However, Hillary Clinton stepped down as Secretary of State on February 1, 2013, and Obama nominated Steve Linick as State Inspector General on June 27, 2013. It's amazing how quickly the wheels of government can sometime spin! The Senate then confirmed Linick as State IG on September 30, 2013. Hillary got away with ethically troubling - and most likely outright illegal - behavior while Secretary of State when Obama was her boss (thanks, Obama). Now just imagine what Hillary could get away with if she were elected President and effectively had no boss. Well. You can rest assured that Hillary has spent her entire adult lifetime imagining that very thing.
maryrose: Cruz received 17 percent of the Oregon vote last night as did Kasich. There are still many voters for Trump to convince. The Oregon vote is all mail-in. Voters received their ballots in the last week of April - meaning a large portion of those votes for Cruz and Kasich were likely cast before Indiana, while the two were still in the race. Had the vote been held entirely yesterday, Trump would have gotten a much larger percentage of the vote (and there would have been far fewer votes cast).
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heh, updated its numbers during the time it took me to write that stupid comment. they have trump at 11,209,494 total votes now.
Toggle Commented May 18, 2016 on The Study Of Bullshit at JustOneMinute
Porch: Trump has officially broken the GOP primary vote record. Pretty good considering the strong opposition. Hmmmmm, I'm seeing where that's being claimed, using 10.8M as the 2000 Bush total? Following a few links (gateway pundit, AP article) takes me to this FEC page: That lists them out by state, so someone would have to sum up each one to get the total. I assume they added correctly, but...... I've been using which shows Bush's 2000 total to be 11,924,241 votes. The Green Papers has Bush's total in 2000 as 12,089,564. Frustrating to have different numbers everywhere you look. USelectionatlas hasn't updated with Oregon vote totals, but The Green Papers has - with Trump at 11,236,652. If those two sites have 2000 roughly correct, Trump is still ~700K behind the record, which means that it will take California to put him over the top. Think about it: Miss Marple's vote was the the one that cleared Kasich and Cruz from the field, clinching the nomination for Trump, and Threadkiller's will be the one that cinches the all time record. It's practically perfectly poetic.
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Clarice: Trump's chief foreign policy adviser is John Bolton--no slouch. Bolton studiously stayed out of endorsing anybody during the primary and has never had any role with the campaign. He did offer strong praise of Trump's big foreign policy speech, and has now come out squarely in support of him since he's become the presumptive nominee. Jeff Sessions is the chair of Trump's foreign policy team.
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Awww, thanks, maryrose . . . and clarice from last thread. I've now been married 22 years to the woman who hung the moon. I am the luckiest man who ever lived. mrs hit and run still gives me butterflies every time our eyes meet.
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Man that's disappointing. I got all excited checking in here after Boehner's comments yesterday. Quick skimmed all the comments hoping and hoping and hoping. And yet . . . nothing. Where have you gone, cryptic Luciferian guy? ::sigh::
I guess I owe a follow up. Originally the pro-Trump/anti-GOPe Colorado protest was planned for the NC GOP headquarters (next to our old townhouse). I guess they decided to move it downtown to the state capitol. You're certainly going to get more attention that way. Dozens? Scores? Not hundreds. The organizer had said she expected ~1000. Jacobson ends his post: Looks like there were almost as many photographers as protesters There's a video at Jacobson's post. It's 11 minutes and probably not worth watching all the way through. The first few minutes is some guy leading the protesters in some chants. If you don't want to watch the whole thing, I would suggest taking in some of the chants at the beginning and then skipping forward to 6:10.
Hey there. Just stopping in for some fun. Saw this Trump tweet this morning: Well, having lived in Denver for nearly six years, I do still follow Colorado stuff when it comes up. So I wondered to myself, "self, where is this protest?" Ah, here it is: Wait a second. South Willow Drive? I know that street! Hey, look at this: So it turns out the townhouse we lived in in Denver is about 200 feet from where the protest is being held. I used to walk through that parking lot on work days to hop on the Tech Center shuttle to work. I love Denver. Oh and while I have you on the line, and I'm apparently in an image sharing mood, let me just offer up a little SSP on my pool game. I am now ranked 40th in the nation (and 1st in NC). BOOM! kthxbai
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Before this goes any further...ahem, yesterday was April 1. It sounded better as a joke last night than it looks in hindsight this morning. That said, yes, I'm still on a break of indeterminate length, so who knows. But I wouldn't ever really say I will never ever post here ever again. Only a Sith deals in absolutes. kthxbai
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I've got one more comment in me as the keeper of The List... I can't believe how much I love a woman I never got to meet. But tomorrow is Mrs. Iggy's birthday. I am thinking about you Iggy, and continue to pray for you.
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I'm done. I thought taking a few weeks off might give me a new perspective, and might give JOM a chance to get its shit together. Boy was I wrong. I wish all the best to my friends here. You won't see me haunting the hallowed halls of JOM any more. #ThanksTrump
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Hi all. Just checking in after a few email inquiries. I hit a breaking point on this primary. No deliberate plans one way or another - just no desire to engage in arguments or even conversation about the candidates. Turns out I'm on an indefinite break. Hugs and kisses all around. Y'all take care of each other.
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I'm worn out. All this "you people" stuff. The "you don't get it". The "open your damn eyes". The way things are going, those who disagree here will be "sheeple" soon. We're being divided. We are divided. Blame anyone and everyone you want. But it feels like we're spending all our time now going after each other - and those on our own ideological side. We used to say how horrible it was when candidates did that - rather than go after Hillary. And yet here we are. I know, I know...they started it. This is madness.
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I just made a drink and thought I'd share the recipe. It's one part water. #NoStraw
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Is this the Saturday Recipe Thread?
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Sandy: So, Mr Rubio just moments ago banks or on his pledge to support the Republican nominee, if the nominee happens to be Mr Trump. Here: "I still at this moment intend to support the Republican nominee, but...getting harder every day"
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Just saw that Miss Marple. The story I quoted said this: said Eric Deters, a local spokesman for Trump's campaign. Is Deters legit Trump spokeman? Did he say what was quoted? Hard to call it "media put out false reports" if a spokesman said it.
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Marlene: *So* Cruz,Rubio,Kasich and Hillary have all blamed Trump for the protest last night. anonamom: Cruz spread it out among multiple parties. There is an interesting difference between these two statements.
Toggle Commented Mar 12, 2016 on A Few Good Ben at JustOneMinute
Trump cancels/postpones Cincinnati rally scheduled for Sunday, although it does not appear to be protest related. Donald Trump is no longer planning a rally in Downtown on Sunday afternoon. The Secret Service security supporting the GOP presidential front runner's campaign could not complete its preparation work in time to hold the event at the Duke Energy Convention Center, said Eric Deters, a local spokesman for Trump's campaign. "Trump wants to come here, and the campaign is still looking to find a location for either Sunday or Monday," Deters said.
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