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One last check to make sure TM didn't put anything up and......
Toggle Commented 9 minutes ago on Some Quick Help For Allah at JustOneMinute
ZOMG, matt, typepad also gobbled your response to me. Basturd.
Toggle Commented 1 hour ago on Some Quick Help For Allah at JustOneMinute
Hey, there you are!
Toggle Commented 1 hour ago on Some Quick Help For Allah at JustOneMinute
matt - keep trying to post comments, you're getting caught up in the typepad spam filter. Since this isn't my post, I can't do anything about it. Try changning your LUN, and maybe clearing your cookies or whatever it is others have advised in the past. I may be putting a new thread up a little later (almost as if to illustrate the concluding sentence in your comment). If you put up some comments in that thread, I will keep trying to train typepad that you are one of the good guys. matt's comment: ------------------------------- So, in the past 24 hours we find that Bergdahl has been charged with desertion in the face of the enemy; that the Houthis have rampaged through the files of the Yemeni intel agency (and probably turning everything over to the Iranians); that the Saudis are now directly engaging the Houthis with air strikes and perhaps ground forces; And that Islamist terrorists responsible for the Tunis massacre came through the ISIS controlled part of Libya. And that the most petulant, petty president in our history decides to release the classified file on Israel's nuclear program. In the meantime it seems that we will also allow Iran's secret uranium enrichment program to remain secret. And our press and our pundits and our politicians are silent. This is completely insane. Posted by: matt | March 26, 2015 at 04:36 PM
Toggle Commented 1 hour ago on Some Quick Help For Allah at JustOneMinute
MarkO: hit, what happened to the link to the last page? It's not my post...
Toggle Commented 7 hours ago on Some Quick Help For Allah at JustOneMinute
I can't tell why double posts happen. When you say it wouldn't let you post - does that mean typepad was eating comments? Or were the post/preview buttons missing or grayed out?
Toggle Commented 19 hours ago on Some Quick Help For Allah at JustOneMinute
What problems has typepad been giving you Ann?
Toggle Commented 19 hours ago on Some Quick Help For Allah at JustOneMinute
Obama was the guy who headed the Senate subcommittee on European affairs - with oversight of NATO relating to Afghanistan. He was not shy about railing at Bush for failing to secure full NATO participation in Afghanistan. But . . . he never held a hearing in his subcommittee to address the issue.
Toggle Commented yesterday on Some Quick Help For Allah at JustOneMinute
Yay TM! Ok, I'm holding off on my recipe thread for now...
Toggle Commented yesterday on Some Quick Help For Allah at JustOneMinute
exdem: a couple weeks back my 9 year old and her classmates were instructed by their teacher to write letters to Obama - and told that if they wrote 'something nice' she would send them to him. Flashback . . . a few years ago from a hit and run jr classroom assignment...
I think I'll be taking the rest of the day off. I earned it.
I keep hoping TM will come along and save me from pulling the trigger.
Porch: P.S. It is weird to have WH candidates one's own age. A first for me. Yeah, that hit me yesterday. I am now supporting Walker over Rubio and Cruz for this single reason that of the three only one of them is older than me. I'll be derned if 2016 is the year that I become older than the president of the United States. Well, 2017 technically, but still.
DrJ: Where is the new narcisolator posted? It seems that a Firefox upgrade removed it, and it is time to bring it back. I find it funny that the answer to DrJ's question could be found . . . in the actual post. Six pages in and we got back on topic of the thread.
You shouldn't have clicked that Asian dating site, Mark. I was only kidding.
Heh. I was gonna do a post tomorrow on "Ten Years Ago Today...." And find something from the JOM archives. Well, this belongs down here in the comments, so we'll just leave it at that. Because I think almost all of us can relate... March 25, 2005 My Apologies I am experiencing what I hope is merely a glitch in the commenting software - currently, I seem to be banned from leaving comments at my own site. It is possible that my friends are performing an intervention, but I am leaning towards "bug". In any case, if you, too, are being blocked, please don't take it personally. UPDATE: Problem solved! Posted by Tom Maguire on March 25, 2005 | Permalink I'll give you three guess as to what the problem was.. First comment from Sissy Willis fills us in... Don't worry. I had the same problem, and found out from the good folks at TypePad that their anti-spammer was on overdrive. Posted by: Sissy Willis | March 25, 2005 at 03:36 PM The more things change....
Well, Miss Marple, Rubio is 157 days younger than Cruz, so he's really gonna annoy the old farts.
MarkO: hit, are you responsible for these invitations I'm getting on this site to "Fall In Love With Asian Women?" Can I rent? Yes, and I now get a cut of the action, so don't skimp.
For better or worse (and I think better) I do not have access to anything related to page set up. (if I did, VIMH would not still be 8th on the Private Collection list!)
Good morning! Not sure what's coming next, may be a little while before I get to it.
Bringing this forward because most will have missed it (if you are current on the thread as of now): ********************************* 60 Minutes had Neil DeGrasse Tyson on last night and I had to switch it off after 5 minutes. The dude has his degrees in astrophysics from Columbia of all places and his office looks more like Elton John's dressing room than anything else. He's barely left Manhattan. And the kicker was that he replaced Sagan on Cosmos. Pop knew Sagan and liked him, but said he was the only scientist he ever knew who got paid for looking for what wasn't there. Here we are 40 years later and they still haven't figured it out (but they think they do). Pure hubris. Posted by: matt | March 23, 2015 at 04:21 PM
Ig: Kind of like a glacier leaving a moraine. In many ways, this is the story of Hillary.