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We should... Help all people see that all children can learn at high levels. Help all people realize that to label a child a "failure" or "behavior problem" is to doom them to failure more often than not. Help all people understand that it does take a village to raise a child, whether the child is yours or not. Help all people know that doing everything we can to educate our youth is essential to a healthy community AND economy. Help all people act, instead of react, by becoming a mentor, volunteering at a school, community, or summer program, or taking an interest in the lives and education of the children in our lives. We need your help in DC, Mr. Cosby. It's not easy to stay positive in a sea of negativity and denial from the top down. We no longer have the luxury of using a one-size-fits-all system for educating our youth. We must must must must make education personal, relevant, and engaging, and that may mean tweaking the day's learning for each of the 25 kids sitting in front of us. Thank you for keeping this conversation alive. With love and best wishes, Heather
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Mar 16, 2010