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Good Morning, I wondered if you would make a guest appearance at my school. I teach at Sunnydale Elementary school as a Resource Teacher and ADMIN intern. I am starting a site based mentor program for troubled youth. Our youth- African American students are in trouble, suffering from an identity crisis and are falling by the wayside. They are the lowest performing population in the Lancaster School District. Whereas I cannot solve the district's problem, I am opting to do something about this population at my site. I am hosting an African American Extravaganza put on by the students. It will be a formal affair. Students will give tribute to those who have been mentors in their own lives. This night will be a kickoff event to invite the community- the village to come in and mentor these children. When you think about your life, when I think about my own, I am reminded of those who took the time to invest in me- in you -which is partially why we have become who we are today. These students have little to no support and need encouragement. Something is going to take place, something life changing and I wish I new exactly what that was. While the first part of the evening will be about presentations and tributes, the second half of the evening will be about turning the entertainment off, capturing the audience' attention and preparing them for a paradigm shift. I would be honored if you would make an appearance or send a video (addressed to the Sunnydale students) and speak on our theme- the power of mentor-ship Please let me know if you are interested. This will be an April 16th Saturday event from 5-7. I can be reached at 661-948-2636 ext. 115 or Thank you for your thoughtful consideration. Quae Hodges
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