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Wonderful article. Even though my experiences were similar, they were a handful of years behind you. For me it was pouring quarters into Double Dragon with a friend when I was about 12 or 13 at the neighborhood bowling alley. Thinking about it now, I am surprised we weren't kicked out of there for never buying anything but just pumping the machine full of quarters. Then in high school it was cruising the 7-11's looking for the place with the most current Street Fighter II game until we graduated up to Virtua Fighter 2 at the Putt Putt golf center like 20 or 30 minutes from where we lived. Became a ritual like every friday night after school and work, get together and head to Putt Putt until it closed. Kind of scary some of the people we saw in there that late at night. :P
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Great group. I had to go and post up my Christmas 1980 photo where I got the Star Wars Jawa playset, the Star Wars Imperial Hoth base, and the Star Wars Front End Loader. Ok, maybe the last one wasn't Star Wars, but trust me, the rebels had to do some construction when we were outside. And my Halloween 1982 photo where I was Yoda. Awesome stuff in there.
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Amazing how a couple of years and maybe standing a few feet to the left affect what you grew up on. The first video games I remember playing obsessively were on the C64, just sitting in front of that monitor playing MULE and Wasteland over and over.
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At the moment I am reading Gettysburg by Stephen Sears. My typical reading tastes bounce between history (mostly American history from the Revolution up to WW2) and scifi/fantasy. Recently I have read Meg, about a huge prehistoric dinosaur/shark, Pattern Recognition by William Gibson, and then a few various SM Stirling and Neil Gaiman books.
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My first role playing game experience was with the TSR Marvel Super Heroes role playing game. I believe it was a nice yellow compact box, and it always came with us to Boy Scout camp every summer. It was at summer camp where I was introduced to GURPS and D&D, which lead to Battletech, Warhammer, Shadowrun, RIFTS, and many others with friends.
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I saw Cloverfield this afternoon and I really enjoyed it. Like Wil, I liked the lack of explanation. I liked the lack of a completely resolved ending. As I have sat and thought about it the few hours later, and to me its like a haunted house. You never see everything, its always dark, you see things in glimpses and in passing, and that to me, ups the tension and ups the thrill. I think too many monster and horror movies in the last few years have sucked because they show you everything, and leave nothing to the imagination. Seriously, what is more scarier. Sitting in a dark house alone and hearing noises and not know what they are, or knowing it was the cat on the piano? As for the building Wil mentions, that took me back for a second when I saw that. I am a civil engineer, even though not primarily focused on structural and building design, but I have been exposed to it. Most buildings have a strong central core that supports the floors in the middle of the building and everything spreads out from that. The building could of been the opposite, like the Hancock building in Chicago, where the support structure is on the outside. That could, possibly, allow the building to hold together if it did not completely fall down. Just a thought even though it is not my field of a specialty.
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