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I think though that the event was important in the UK as part of the ongoing public debate about whether we want all our big companies being taken over and to what extent government should be involved. A lot of people don't want the UK to be seen as a tax haven, despite what the UK government is doing.
Your blog is good because of the breadth of pharma news and your concise style in presenting it. You seem to catch everything of significance that happens and present insightful, thoughtful analysis, without being too afraid of touching on the close to controversial.
Presumably cooperation in this way becomes anticompetitive at some point as Pfizer and Lilly will effectively be selling the product at a price agreed between them
The UK organisation NICE I think is doing well in establishing rational practices for drugs which the UK's National Health Service should or should not buy, at what price and whether there should be sharing of risk dependent on patient outcome. It's had some early controversy, but I think most people would say that it's doing a good job. So I think there are approaches to finding solutions and working out whether or not a drug is worth the price.
Congratulations! Your blog is excellent and deserves lots of views. Your opinions and questions are very thoughtful and focus on what really matters. I wish we had more sites in the UK and Europe that could provide such analysis for what is happening here. Today, my much more humble blog finally made it to 200 views, which I'm quite happy about. I wish you continued success. is now following The Typepad Team
Jul 19, 2012