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Well, see there? That's the kind of response you get when you're a highly successful author and blogger, so keeping in mind the old gangsta adage, "hate the game, not the playa," I have to tip my hat to Wil for being able to get someone at UPS to pay attention simply by bitching about them on his blog. But Debbie, for the rest of us, all you've done is apologize for the fact that your company has an epic history of failure and is about as well-regarded by the non-commercial consumer as a meter maid. That's nice, but your company's constant apologies mean absolutely nothing, given that nothing ever changes at UPS. Read the Yelp reviews for just about any aspect of UPS across the country, and you'll see what I mean. Your infrastructure stinks, your drivers, by and large, are frustratingly averse to doing their jobs, and God forbid a person should actually have to attempt a pick up at your facilities. I loathe your company with the fury of a thousand suns, and like many people here, refuse to do business with any firm that ships exclusively with UPS.
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May 28, 2011