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Jen Holst-Grubbe Roussel
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Puzzling know your body best though. I hope that resting your GI system helps the pain....glad your doc listened to you about your other pain as well, hopefully the increase will make things more bearable on that front. Sometimes I wonder which is harder to deal with, CF stuff or chronic pain, as if I could separate the two to deal with one at a time. Most times they intersect, they buddy up with each other, I think that is what overwhelms me at times. Sending prayers and hugs your way. Jenn
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Apr 28, 2010
(((Sandy)))....I am so sorry that you are in so much pain....I wish there was something in this world that could help you. Pain is truly demonic, the hell with it being a survival mechanism (without pain, the body would not know that it is in danger) being numb would be nice once in a while. It messes with your psyche, and tests our grit on a daily basis, a test that I would like to skip every once in awhile. As to your question as far as experiencing what I call blinding pain, as it really does eclipse me mentally as it is all I can think about when it hits other thought can escape its grips. I have cried and begged for IV dilaudid when it joints feel like they are being separated from their sockets, to touch them is exquisitely painful at times. As a fellow EDS/cyster...I really feel your pain.....literally. Not only do our joints cause so much grief, so do our lungs. I have lung pain everyday along with the ravages of EDS....I welcome my Fentanyl patch and the occasional percocets without any hesitation. A long steamy shower seems to help, or a good soak in a tub filled with water as hot as I can tolerate is a godsend at times. Paul was a wonderful guy, I only wish I could go to pay final respects to him and his family but am so glad that so many, like yourself, are going. What you said in the end really grabbed least we are here to experience feeling, even if we can't control it, we are still alive. When we are pricked, we bleed....when we are hurt, we cry, life is tangible. I will keep you in my thoughts, hoping that your pain becomes at least manageable. I will be thinking about Paul as well....wish I were there with the rest of you, but CF has taken that from me as well and infection is once again, rearing its ugly head and flattening me, threatening another admission. Hugs, Jenn
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Hi Seven :) Liking your blog....I find that on a particularly crappy or conversely, an awesome day, writing is good for the soul. Even if no one reads it, it still helps me get it out, an emotional purge if you will. Not to mention the many people I have met via online in any form because of the end, I never feel alone. I am also glad to have met you, fellow cyster! And so...keep writing!!! :)
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Apr 20, 2010