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Washington DC
I am 70+ "career graduate" librarian and I am still learning.
Interests: reading, scrapbooking, quilting, journaling, learning and sharing my story.
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Stunning! Dynamic! I'm sure Betsy will treasure for years to come!
Toggle Commented yesterday on Happy Birthday, Betsy! at random reflections
Very lovely and so appropriate for Mother's Day.
Not quite a month ago, the hot water tank tanked! Preceding that, March/April's raucous winds have necessitated 1- a new roof and 2- a new fence. Tomorrow - weather permitting - the roof's to be replaced - and the fence...soon! We just need to decide on what we want. Last night - a flood under the sink. Today, verification that the garbage disposal, just a mere 13 years old, had overstayed its welcome. Tomorrow, in addition to the the roof, the garbage disposal will be replaced! I expect before summer officially arrives that another item or more will be added... Continue reading
Posted yesterday at Morning Glory Studio
I am delighted you're having warmer temps and sunshine! And *everytime!* I read a post about your card-creating adventure, I sigh and say to myself, one day! I promise one day I'm going to give this a try before the year is out! I'll look fro a class... Carry on with your 100 days and each card is exquisitely perfect! I've used Staedtler Triplus for years and didn't know they lasted so long... Cheers~ PS. Glad you are also making progress on your PL...carry on!
Toggle Commented 2 days ago on #100DayProject: Week 3 at random reflections
A flower's appeal is in its contradictions — so delicate in form yet strong in fragrance, so small in size yet big in beauty, so short in life yet long on effect. ~Terri Guillemets I am surely enjoying the burst of colorful spring flowers - they brighten up e'en a grey, kinda rainy day and absolutely shine on a sunny day! These nine photos I've captured over the past few days on neighborhood meanderings...they are just a taste of what's soon to be in store for the azaleas will be popping out, all over! Me thinks: "At last, Spring has... Continue reading
Posted 2 days ago at Morning Glory Studio
Oh how lovely is the butterfly card! And were I your grandson, I'd be delighted to receive that card! It's a keeper for sure...I hope he's better this week and able to go back to school. You're on a roll with this project...carry on! Cheers~
Toggle Commented 3 days ago on #100DayProject: Week 2 at random reflections
Add my applause to your other inspiring to see your creations and to read "the behind-the-scenes" info...and as always, the staging makes the cake. I hope you continue to have warmer weather and that the lilacs bloom for the festival...I think the cherry Blossoms here finally peaked last week! Perhaps winter is on the way out for this portion of the country...fingers crossed! Cheers~
Toggle Commented 3 days ago on Spring??? at random reflections
8:23 am Are off to a slow start...a welcome way to begin what promises to be a full week, filled with spending lots of time with friends...and for that I am always grateful. Our weekend was a quiet one: We only watched one, O-N-E!, political news program! And not a single ball game... Music, mostly music filled the air. .. and Norman watched a lot of Turner Classic Movie... Saturday, we made an in/out trip to the grocery store and I took a leisurely walk to Zeke's, my neighborhood coffee shop; read; browsed a few new quilting books; made a... Continue reading
Posted 3 days ago at Morning Glory Studio
...and so, we are having another day of 25+ mph of blustery winds, coming in from the WNW...signs and tree limbs are down. Tender flowers hang on for dear life. Clouds rush across the sky*. I'm not sure but it seems that the leaves on the trees have opened up a lot more since I drove north on Monday. Perhaps this is one of the functions of the wind: to get the trees dressed in their spring frocks. Their colors, though a tad muted, are still a treat - eye candy - as I drive. Surely signs of, if... Continue reading
Posted 7 days ago at Morning Glory Studio
I took this photo around 7:15 am, today, for several reasons: the sun was shining; I was intrigued by the reflection of the window, baskets and "this tree" in the lacquered surface of the dining room table. And I was journaling, thinking about yesterday, today, tomorrow, life - in general and particular. Welcome sunshine! Soooo glad you've returned, e'en tho' it's still cold...but there is the promise of sunshine and warm... I drifted off, thinking about yesterday's news : the tragedy of SWAir's flight; the Starbuck's incident; and Barbara Bush's dying. Sipping tea; looking out; hearing AM rush hour traffic,... Continue reading
Posted Apr 18, 2018 at Morning Glory Studio
Winter has returned...despite the 46 degrees F temperature, I thought I'd brighten up the post a tad, in tribute to the glorious forsythia, my favorite flowering bush. Yellow, as I often share, is my favorite just makes me happy! And so, in honor of National Poetry Month, I share this poem by poet Billy Collins, to the lovely forsythia: It caught my eye a while ago, lit up against the gloom of the woods in the corner of a wild field, the pulsing color of caution. And now that I have spent a little time on this stone... Continue reading
Posted Apr 17, 2018 at Morning Glory Studio
Oh my! That was a real ice storm! The photos are lovely tho...hope you're thawed by now. We've not had ice but lotsa winds and rain this crazy spring. Quite a study...Mother Nature is most interesting, most...
Toggle Commented Apr 16, 2018 on April Five in Five: Ice Storm at random reflections
begin the week with: flash flood warnings ... rapidly moving dark grey clouds ... heavy downpours of rain ... patches of blue sky... a bit of sunlight streaming through... the promise of another beautiful day. Post Script/ 2:41 PM : I drafted this post this morning, 7:30 AM- ish and forgot to schedule publication. Remembered as I was having lunch @ Nordstrom. The Turkish flatbread is delish! Here are the ingredients: Yummy! ...and the weather's been absolutely crazy: rainy; windy;'s still a beautiful day! Cheers~ Continue reading
Posted Apr 16, 2018 at Morning Glory Studio
I think that you are definitely on a roll and I'm delighted that we get to see the wondrous results of your challenges. I love the color blending technique...easy enough to get my attention 'cause yellow and teal are two favorites...especially yeallow! Cheers~
Lovely! Less is indeed more! And you're on a roll here...carry on! Cheers~
Toggle Commented Apr 15, 2018 on Less is More: CASE a Card at random reflections
I *really* like the cleanness, simplicity of this card - it's dynamic! Very exquisitely made! Happy Birthday to Adam! Cheers~
Toggle Commented Apr 15, 2018 on Belated Birthday Post at random reflections
Absolutely nothing - not a thing - out of sorts with this day. For starters, the temperature reached 85 degrees under bright blue sunny skies...I decided, (after a lengthy trip to the post office to mail a slew of packages) to take a walk to Zeke's. I took my journal (Fri afternoons' Journal Club sessions are in recess til mid May, or so...) my iPhone to a- listen to this week's Happier with Gretchen Rubin podcast; b - take photos, of course and c - map my walk (an app) - which reminds me, I still have to get my... Continue reading
Posted Apr 13, 2018 at Morning Glory Studio
Lovin' all the colors in this lovely spring day! The church that my quilt association meets is also home base for another quilting, every year, there is a spring quilt show. Ours is in odd years; theirs, even. Today, the show began and rather than stitch, my Thurs stitching group went to see some stitching. I'm not sure how many quilts were on display...a lot. The above photo is a collage of a few of my favorites...I especially like the sunrise quilt (upper right block). It made me want to come straight home and poke through my fabrics...of course,... Continue reading
Posted Apr 12, 2018 at Morning Glory Studio
TA DAH! For all intent and purpose, Baby Elias' quilt is done! Well, except for the making of the quilt sandwich, i.e., adding the batting and the backing; having the sandwich long-arm quilted and then, adding the binding that encloses the four raw edges of the quilts. Tomorrow, I plan to take the quilt to my friend for the long-arming ( a word quilters coined ), I expect by the end of the month it'll be back - and in the meantime, I'll make the binding...I'm hosting Friendstitch Sunday this month...maybe I'll have the quilt and can stitch the binding... Continue reading
Posted Apr 11, 2018 at Morning Glory Studio
Earlier today, Dolly sent me a ton of photos featuring Baby Elias! My, how he's changed: looks like a wise young baby (he's 4.5 months old), weighs 10 lbs 7 oz and is now eating rice in his milk and applesauce...Dolly is back to work, three days a week! She's taking it easy and continues to feel better! I don't think there was a better moment today than those I experienced texting with her...and looking at all the pics she shared - via google photos. Right now, at 6:40 pm, I am waiting for Christian to arrive for dinner and... Continue reading
Posted Apr 10, 2018 at Morning Glory Studio
You are off and running: a new design, a new technique, a seldom used stamp ... and a stunning new card! Congrats and carry on! Cheers~
Toggle Commented Apr 9, 2018 on #The100DayProject: Day 1 at random reflections
Late to the party and love the birds! So soft, gentle, spring! Lovely, indeed and I'm sure the birthday recipients will be delighted that you are doing the #100DayProject. Enjoy and craft on! Cheers~
Toggle Commented Apr 9, 2018 on Brushed Birds X2 at random reflections
So bright and cheery on a grey morning as I read this post! Love the simplicity and drama of the card...a real keeper! The bouquet looks like one could pluck it off and hold in her hand... Cheers~
Toggle Commented Apr 9, 2018 on Freshly Made Sketches at random reflections
... are off to a slow and therefore, somewhat later-than-usual start ... ... are cold, dreary rainy - with a possibility of a snowflake or two... ...are filled with a pop of color ~ and that makes me smile, feel warm inside and ever grateful for another Monday and all the goodness it brings. Happy Monday to you! Cheers~ Continue reading
Posted Apr 9, 2018 at Morning Glory Studio
One: Late to the party today...cause It's Thursday! Met with my stitching friends for our weekly brunch and gathering...brunch was indeed delicious and a groaning board: black bean soup with avocado, sour cream, a chili-spiced cheese, blue and yellow corn chips and for afters: fresh blueberries and strawberries; a delicious blueberry cobbler and lemon bars...Yum! Two of us - I was one- knit and the other two, hand appliqué quilt stitching... Two: A not-so-local (unless I'm in Columbia) yarn store is closing, after 14 years. Inventory is now 50%, after brunch I went, looking for sock yarn in particular...I've... Continue reading
Posted Apr 5, 2018 at Morning Glory Studio