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C. Arredondo
the 626
i like things.
Interests: head massages, books, turtles and chocolate milk - in that order
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I hate driving. I really, really hate driving. The thing is, it's not the actual act of driving that gets to me. It is the lack of consideration amongst drivers that puts the fear in me. So, i've compiled a list of my top ten grievances with drivers. Here are... Continue reading
Terry Gilliam speaks at Entertainment Weekly's CapeTown film festival. Continue reading
It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for — a talking, 12″ action figure based on a real-life hero. via i'm laughing but on the inside i'm crying... Continue reading
Seven Days In The Life Of The Late, Great John McCain. via An old Wallace essay about the campaign trail. While reading this, it occurred to me how similar campaign trails are to rock tours (you're about to argue there are no groupies but i ask you to reconsider... Continue reading
Though Sofia Coppola’s Lost In Translation (2003) and Mike Nichols’ The Graduate (1967) were made decades apart, both films examine themes concerning inner-conflict, irrational expectations, and alienation. In The Graduate, Benjamin (Ben) Braddock finds himself home from college and surrounded by a suburban lifestyle he knows he wants nothing to... Continue reading
Today, the website Fandor published a terrific video essay by Kevin B. Lee called “The Spielberg Face,” about Spielberg’s use of close-ups throughout his career. Inspired in part by an earlier piece by Matt Patches, Lee makes the case that Spielberg has deployed the venerable cinematic technique as skillfully, and... Continue reading
via i watched teleivision the other night after a hiatus from it - and it was kinda weird. Continue reading
A recent paper by Aurthur J. O'Connor and Famecount looked at 30 top brands from June 2010 through June 2011, and found that number of Facebook fans was correlated with the stock price. via pretty much knew this but reading it is kind of blowing my mind for all... Continue reading
At a party hosted by Facebook last Thursday, I heard a lot about the company's new iPhone app, but also about an "under the radar" feature called Activity that people seemed really excited about. via huzzah? Continue reading
By Dylan P. Gadino | August 29, 2011 at 9:21 am | 17 Comments | Audio/Video, feature slider, Features, Lists | Tags: audio, Bert Kreischer, dane cook, doug stanhope, funny stories, jim norton, john mulaney, josh sneed, louis c.k., mike birbiglia, ron white, shane mauss, Tig Notaro via if... Continue reading
A friend recently posted that his current belongings consisted of a mattress, a bike, a piano and some clothes. He was pretty frazzled by not owning many things and my advice was to not let his items (or lack of) define him. I felt as though I’d posted sage wisdom... Continue reading
I just spent the last half hour reading about drama between Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift and Demi Lovato. It wasn’t even a slow day for me. I had a million things to do (including this blog) and yet there I saw, mystified that such a bubbly and wholesome friendship could... Continue reading
via if i can prove to you that i'm poor, will you buy this for me? Continue reading
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Oct 21, 2011
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Oct 21, 2011
i know i said i'd be here a few days ago but c'mon. i have ...things... to get to. no, seriously i'm busy. Tekken doesn't play itself, you know. Um. so i wrote something! i wrote a couple of things. the first thing i'm sharing isn't so much creative as... Continue reading
dear october, i love you and all of your pumpkin flavored beers. i think it's time i finally started posting on a regular basis. now, if i just had a regular time of day (or preferably night) i could do that then i totally would. until then, i suppose i... Continue reading
when i was reading this i thought back to a story i read when i was about 11. thinking back, i imagine that might have been the story that really pushed me to stick with writing. powerful stories do powerful things to kids. great piece. by the way, that story i was talking about is called The Professor's Teddy Bear.
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There has been a lot of talk about books and sex in this space lately, and it’s not just because of yesterday’s holiday. Anyone who has taken English 101 knows that literature has its share of dirty old men — the lascivious, the leering, and the lewd, the men who... Continue reading
rain drops keep falling on my head HA it didn't rain today (woot!) which is great for me because I take the bus and somehow taking the bus when it rains is 150% harder than it is to take a bus when it is not raining. first, the bottom of... Continue reading
It seems whenever I get on here I want to change something about the color. That’s sort of how I function in irl. :/ I'm always moving furniture (although I am currently on hiatus from this as I have a deal going - Zach only smokes one cigarette a day... Continue reading
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Feb 16, 2011