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Detroit, MI USA
Rebuilding America one website at a time
Interests: Internet Security, Online Safety, Web Hosting, Hosted in the USA
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Its about kids controlling parents. Kinda like the dog walking the dog walker, right.
Good topic. Infestation is a good choice of words. I can't tell you how many times I've had to do a total wipe because I ways beyond repair. Fifty percent of preventing a spyware infestation begins with prevention. With proper internet security you are pretty much safe these days. But as you alluded to, a "drive-by" infection from a website can still get you, and flies under the radar. AVG finds a lot of malicious code. I have found that a lot of web servers that are not hosted in the USA are ripe with malicious code. So- a good rule of thumb, avoid 'strange' foreign servers. A good reference for this is ( ) if you dont know where the server you are planning on doing business with or about to "drive-by" is hosted, do a DNS look-up and check it out to avoid a potentially nasty infection. Good luck.
I use AVG on my system. I have been using them for almost 3 years, and truthfully, they catch more and remove more then the 'other' 2 competitors. My advice, stay off web servers that aren't hosted in the usa. There are some pretty nefarious websites out there, and the bulk of them are not hosted in america. But AVG has an awesome internet security sweet. Regards-
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May 20, 2011