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"Zimmerman's observation that Martin looked "hopped-up" was proven correct by blood tests, though the defense chose not to go there." No, Preston, the defense didn't "go there," because there was only a small trace of marijuana in Travon's blood. A trace doesn't indicate recent smoking. Maybe just coincidence, but blowing up a trace to make it appear Martin was "hopped up," in this discussion, is also the behavior of racists. Are you?
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George Z. disobeyed police advice to leave Martin alone. Zimmerman was armed, against the rules of his neighborhood watch group. Zimmerman chased an unarmed black child into a dark place and shot him dead. Florida's "stand your ground" law is the only reason he is free today. In Florida just two weeks earlier, a woman who already had a legal restraining order against her abusive husband shot a hole in her ceiling to scare him when he entered her home to try to attack her. She also claimed Florida's "stand your ground" law when she was charged with attempted murder. That woman, black, was sentenced to 20 years in prison just two weeks before the killer of Trayvon Martin, black, was set free by the same law to make all the money he wants off TV shows, book deals, and his Facebook fundraising. Florida is a racist state. Sanford, Florida has a long history of violent racist attacks against law-abiding black Americans. And, only a racist could compare Trayvon Martin to a "thug," a "hardened criminal," or anything but a black youth growing up in white racist America.
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Jul 20, 2013