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Hmmm.... My husband just told me that the ebook webpage didn't display that way on his computer... neither did it when I used Safari. So Lulu must be doing some clever marketing (Yes, I checked out all your Lulu products). Anyway, here's what it looked like to me: Very cool! Teresa
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Hey Wil! Love your stuff, think you're great! Guess what?!? I have been working on publishing a book with Lulu, and an ebook version, and did you know that on the ebooks page here: Sunken Treasure is the book featured! I was so excited when I saw it! At first I just thought, "oh, yeah, I know that book," and then I realized "hey, that's Wil Wheaton's book! Awesome!" So there you go, just wanted to make sure you knew (and tell the rest of the comment-world). :) Teresa
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Jan 7, 2010