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Oh, forgot about my thoughts about the sign in system. I don't think I like it. Breaches in security are a problem in this advanced technological time.
Jon K. About Lamar getting thrown under the "BUSS"...that was just an I.Q. check for Kahn, I think he passed, so he scored at least 50, as he showed a smidgin' of crystallized intelligence. Many of the free agents that are being profiled aren't coming across with a "wow" factor. I don't think any of them can make a significant difference. If each of the members of the Lakers that will make up the coming season's roster, if there will be a season, just improve their personal game and skill-set, then Mike Brown can hopefully start his crusade to win 12 championships as a coach and surpass Phil. And yes that is a long purple and "golden yellow brick road" on the way to Oz. Isn't it ironic that the Washington Wizards were the Baltimore Bullets, then became the Washington Bullets, I believe, then their name was changed to the Wizards and then Gilbert and Javaris thought the locker room was the O.K. Corral, or whatever they were up to.... Personally, I think the locker room is a bit too open to the media. A man should have the right to shower and change in privacy, after all, we don't follow the professional players into their locker rooms in other sports. Interviews with in incite, I'm sure Maria Sharapova has some important comments after her matches.
"But I'm glad we can keep Matt Barnes for next year's run, we can't forget we got him at a bargain last year and he's still a bargain this year at the backup position. Posted by: PointFoward | June 22, 2011 at 07:11 PM" PF, My Friend, We did not keep Matt Barnes, Matt Barnes kept the Lakers. Let's hope the Lakers reward players who sacrifice for the franchise. Matt could probably go out and get a 3 year contract for a bit more, enough to have a nice life after basketball. But he's willing to risk another year, for the goal of a championship. I have loved his game since his U.C.L.A. days. I would say he's not a highly skilled player, however he gives all his effort and intensity. Remember Devean George, and Elden Campbell, those two looked like they were always more concerned about the bright lights, than the lights that formed the score.
Don't slam me for this, but last year, when Shaq was somewhat worthless as a Celtic...I think, but it would not have happened because Kobe would not have allowed it, to have brought Shaq back, for minimal, isn't that what he played for in Boston. Look, Caracter did not play, hardly at all, Theo was hurt, Joe Smith looks "pretty" in Gold, but none of those players could have laid the lumber on both Bynum and Gasol in scrimmaging. Shaq could have taken over where Kareem left off in mentoring Bynum, as Bynum's game is more of force than Kareem's was. Granted, he did learn things, but come on, years, and not even a few tries at a sky hook???? Look, it's not like Rick Barry and Wilt Chamberlain shooting underhand free throws, where one may feel silly or have their masculinity challenged by it. I say he should have just tried time after time, to see how it felt in a game. I think his wider hips would have given him space, he seems to have equal if not greater leaping ability than Kareem (Abdul Jabbar, not Rush)...then just kept trying, How many did he actually try? How about Pau, he has no issues getting off shots, he seems even more natural for a sky-hook than Bynum. Anyway, that's my 3 cents (inflation)...Shaq should have, and can still become a mentor (I said "mentor", not "mental"!!!). But those bridges were burned. Great time to be a sculptor in Los Angeles, gonna need one apiece for Elgin, Kareem, Shaq, Kobe, etc. "Humanomaly, Like the idea of bringing Crittenton into camp. His offense is unreliable, but he has the size and speed to be a very good defender given good coaching. Posted by: LongTimeLakerFan | June 22, 2011 at 03:05 PM" LTLF, I think that now that Phil is no longer inside of every player's head, I think we will see some changes in their games. The triangle dominated over a player's individual skills. Yes it worked for 11 rings, and should have worked for a few more than that. (BTW...when Payton was on the four Hall of Famers Laker team...people said he had issues with running the Triangle Offense, he was just frustrated with the infighting and the other 3 players not playing regularly, due to injuries, laziness, Colorado, college, at Oregon State University, they ran a very disciplined "Princeton offense", he and the team were pretty darn good at running a system. Not sure why I brought that up, maybe I've been thinking that although the OKC Thunder is working out, I didn't think they would have, if they had started with a few seasons such as Rambis' last two, maybe they would not be loved by their beloved fans. About Payton, I think his recognition as one of the greatest players, PG, on both ends of the court become less when the trailers moved the team to OKC. I still believe it was not right. He doesn't want his jersey retired in OKC...I suggest his jersey and other Sonic retired Jerseys be hung at the Naismith Hall of Fame, whether they are Hall of Famers or not. I know, I'll find one and hang it from my living rooms vaulted ceiling. There!
"An inherent problem with a 2 tier system is the deep jealousies that would arise out of it. Posted by: Troll Man | June 22, 2011 at 01:57 PM" I agree, that could lead to lack of "team" play, if a player is resentful or dislikes another player....reflect back on Sasha and Farmar (who never would pass him the ball...and ironically they both ended up on the Nets). A two tier system, or a franchise player system (isn't that used in American Football???), I don't like it...An NBA team is small, 15 players max, and they know among themselves, who the top dog is and who is "what comes outa the dog"...When a team makes a player an offer, it's their decision. If they can't deal with it, then they should not do it. I think problems could arise from labeling or distinguishing players apart. People here are so fickle, if your upper tier player is injured or slumping then people will be crying far worse than the Gasol episode of "sailboat with no breeze". About Varajeo...he's booked for $24.2 over the next 3 seasons, and then the 4th season is a team option for $9.8 million. Lakers would have to give up Odom (???) or Artest and filler, maybe Brown, if he agrees (don't know the rules on that, and he's been in Cleveland...I think both like Los Angeles better). I am certain that Cleveland would not take Luke. Maybe they want 2nd round draft picks???? Any opinions on Kris Humphries??? I'd say go for him, if he sacrifices as Barnes is doing. And he wouldn't have to lie like Dirk when Dirk said in comedic form that winning the championship might land him a Kardashian sister. As for point guard, I say keep looking for players cut as rosters are trimmed, Javaris Crittenton is available, I believe, however he is 6'5"...and the Lakers seem more focused on getting a quick guard. I would take another look at him...look, people were "oohing and aahing over his potential" when he sat on the Laker bench. A fresh start is definitely what he needs.
I say no on the trade of Gasol...yes, we need to get stronger at the point guard position, but I say, something will pop up, c'mon, trade those 4 #2's for something!!!! Ebanks and Caracter have a year of experience as NBA people, but not players, thanks Phil...also absolutely no trade of Lamar, you trade him, and we lose alot of flexibility in substitutions....and who knows, maybe he will continue his slight improvement over his history. Don't act frantic. A year ago, where were the Lakers...Dallas is not filled with "spring chickens", nor is Boston, and Orlando, they are going to have focus issues. Miami, Lebron and Wade add up to a mental of "one". Drop Joe Smith, and see if Kris Humphries wants to go for a ride, heavily discounted of course. Hey it costs to get into Disneyland....
"Totally agree, I had always liked Wade until right then, besides the fact he gets the most touch fouls I have ever seen a player get. There Can be Only One Posted by: Troll Man | June 12, 2011 at 11:25 PM" I never liked Dywade ever since he got the reputation for putting out all that effort evidenced by all his floor time, personally I think it puts his team at a disadvantage if he doesn't get the call, and also made him prone to injury....Just like Jordan, Kobe has worked on his footwork the last few years, evidenced by his session with's amazing to watch him use legal pivot foot and be at the free throw line at one second and laying it in the next, making a legal pivot, jump, and extension. It is skills such as this that extended Jordan's career and hopefully will extend Kobe's career, if he wishes. If he wishes to retire before his skills have faded, I thank him for all the effort and joy he gave to us Laker fans. He is a Laker who I was able to watch his entire career from start to eventual end. He may not be condoned ad the Greatest of All Time, however, I think for his position, he is high up the list. Recognition is not the the thing that drives Kobe, it is the competition.
" Lastly I would have Lamar talk with his wife and have her lean on Kim to convince her fiancee Cris Humphries to take the MLE if it still exists ad play for the Lakers. MH Posted by: michael h | June 11, 2011 at 12:43 PM" Ageed, the Lakers usually take care of the players who sacrifice to be a Laker. I hope this comes to be with Matt Barnes, If we get Kris Humphries, we would have our version of Kevin Love, although I have never seen him play as the nets don't play on Christmas. Someone needs to do the Hollyood sell on him and that would be Kim and her mother. This would give Caracter another year to develop, as he got practically zero playing time under Phil, who chose to send a message to Pau, by leaving him in games til the end quite often...or the option to use Caracter in a trade package.
Odom is an Oddity...he is capable of playing all positions, some not greatly, I feel if you trade him you lose alot of your substitution flexibility. Devalue him, I want his "silent nights" of 10 pts and 13 rebounds off the bench.... Having 4 second round picks, in addition to the 2 keepers from this season, just adds up to too much youth, for a win it in "Kobe-Time" team. Perhaps package a few of those 6 2nd rounders and do something....basically, I say go forward with the team as it is, but keep your options open for a useable point. "I'm a little skeptical about the story of Fisher going out to dinner with Mike Brown and praising what a great coach he is. As the player that has the most potential to lose minutes with the new hire, are these genuine thoughts or is he simply playing office politics to secure his role? We shall wait and see. It's still a little odd that the rest of the team is so quiet about this whole thing. Posted by: Bay to La | June 11, 2011 at 10:49 AM" I am not, that's typical Fisher, always the one to step up to bat. About praising what a great coach he is....I would have to see the exact transcripts of what he said, not just a snippet of a quote taken out of context. Why is the team so quiest??? They just played 400 games over the last 3 years, they're tired, remember, they are mostly thirty-somethings....I imagine they are taking this opportunity to relax before the "Thor's Hammer" comes down...and every other word out of Mike Brown's mouth is "accountable". Plus, maybe they're giving Brown some space to acclimate on his own to the Laker environment. BTW, big congrats to Mike Dunleavey for winning his $13 million claim against the Clippers/Sterling. Goes to show that Elgin Baylor went about it the wrong way, as he lost his claim. Different stuff, but one won, one lost.
"I trade with Minnesota would be good for all parties concerned. Maybe they'll take Luke off our hands as a gesture of gratitude. Pull the trigger Mitch! Posted by: derryl | June 10, 2011 at 08:38 PM" Derryl, I posted your thoughts before I read through all the comments and I had the same offer, but geez, do you really think the Lakers could really survive without Walton (sarcasm in there, pumping him up to get Minny perked...). h
LakerTom, The trade proposal you put forth involving the T-Wolves sounds to me as if the T-Wolves would be giving up more than they would be getting, in terms of talent and age (mileAGE)...I'll go even one step further and throw out a ridiculous scenario, to even it out. Look, if the T-Wolves are still running the Triangle, throw Walton into the deal, but salaries would have to another adjustment would have to be made, as I'm sure you did your salary homework, whereas, I'm just 1/2 way through my first cup of Java. LongTimeLakerFan, I had also sensed more of a scenario involving Darko, as he is a European, and I don't believe he lives under the boards and in the lane as much as Love. Love is almost a franchise level player, he is one of their top 3, even when Rubio arrives. Personally, I don't think Rubio will be a superstar in the NBA, he is still listed at 190 lbs, so assuming 210 would be a max weight, it will take at least two years for him to put on that muscle. Something tells me that the Spanish National players don't stress working out on the weights as much as the American players.
LongTimeLakerFan... If Shannon wants out, to get more playing time, things are changing up with the Warriors...Mitch and Jerry can be civil with each other. The Warriors do have a PG that they drafted that they sat out last year, Jeremy Lin, the Harvard grad. He has size, he's not a 5'9" player, but I think 6'3", but who knows what else. It would be better to get something than nothing, not sure about the tradeability of Shannon if he resigns, or opts out and resigns for more, then there would be a time limit I believe before the Lakers could trade him and the Warriors would have to throw in some filler. My suggestion is way speculative, and people will say Lin is not ready to lead a championship team. I think he would be a fast learner, and we would still have Fisher and Blake.
"No one showed up to MB's press conference, except MATT BARNES, everyones out on vacation or doing reality TV shows or charities, I mean come on MB, do you really think thats a hungry team? are they showing their hunger by not congradulating their new coach? all I'm saying is to me this team looked anything but hungry, how about full and annoyed?! so yeah thats my 2 cents! Posted by: Tech N9ne | June 08, 2011 at 02:25 PM" Here's a penny of my thoughts on that, I'm cool with you Tech N9ne, it's just that you have brought up good points...Yes, the team is and should be "annoyed"...Barnes showed up because yes, he is hungry, so hungry he gave up probably about $6 million over this 2 year contract he's on, he could have gotten more from other teams. I love his intensity, the ball fake to Kobe's face, classless, but look what it got him, it brought him back to LA. He's always been one of my favorite players. Oh back to the money, he's around 30 years old and to date, before the Lakers, in his career had only made around $10 million dollars, before taxes. So he sacrificed. Why did none of the other Lakers show up...I somewhat don't blame them, after all, they say they've played 400 games over the last 3 capitalize on the extra free time, but continue to work on your game. I also think there's a fire hydrant in the middle of the room and like dogs, they have already marked it as theirs, they want to see if Brown is worthy to decorate it as well. NBA players have egos, after all, most do make more than their coaches. You want your player to have an ego most of the time, if it adds to his confidence. So for those in town who did not show up, probably half the team, because of families...I think they wanted to watch Mike Brown and see how he handled himself in the bright lights, which they have mastered. I went to the training camp in Honolulu, when Phil made his return, was that 2007???, and they played two games against the GS Warriors, Mike Montgomery was their coach at the time, I watched Phil, he was around 300 lbs and obviously in pain and had difficulty moving, this was before he lost that weight, and had some surgeries. Montgomery was nervous, he kept peeking at Phil, then before the game he walked over toward the Laker bench and extended his hand to Phil...Phil ignored him. Montgomery crawled back toward his bench. Just an insight into his "mindgames" As for the team going forward, I think we will see more from Blake and Barnes, and from Ebanks and Caracter (I'm not aware of Brown's treatment of "newbies"), hopefully Shannon decides to stay and will continue to improve his game and his consistency. I was never a fan of the Cav's but it would be good for Brown to have at least one player he is familiar with, Delonte West is a PG, I believe that is available and cheap. I don't know Brown's relationship with this player with a "surprise a week" personal life. I don't know how much gas he has left in his tank. He could be the conduit, to explain to the Lakers, if they would listen, what Brown is trying to get across. The Lakers have a history of being able to control controversial players. Because I say keep the team totally intact, and only tinker, I bring him up. Tech N9ne, once again, you give great input, it is vey soundly based...I on the other hand am the one who thinks outside the box. Sometimes off based and sometimes repetitive, that's just me.
"Yea Mark he was like " I don't want to get fined" lol like David Stern is watching or not like Orlando will freaking sue him for saying that. Posted by: Tech N9ne | June 08, 2011 at 11:28 AM" Hi Tech N9ne: I disagree, Stern loves to collect money from the Lakers, especially when it was Phil Jackson's. Mike Brown was fully aware of that and evaded the fine. Hey, George Lopez is probably making a great deal of money for just talking. Mike Brown is still relatively young, and acted responsibly by not throwing away $50,000...and maybe the Lakers being fined another $50,000 if he had made any kind of comment. Stern...or is it mainly Stu Jackson still, does not give much margin for error. As for them personally watching the show, you're right, they probably don't...unless they did hear Mike Brown was going to be on. If Brown had flubbed and made a comment, some Orlando fan, or some anti-Laker fan (gee, you think there are any out there, with "Beat L.A." chants throughout the league) would have sent an e-mail to the NBA office or to the Orlando's possible...silly but possible. I bet Stu and Stern are trying to figure out if they can fine George Lopez in some way....but hey, First Amendment rights and he's not an employee of the Lakers. Just looked it up on Celebrity net worth, George Lopez is said to be worth $50 million dollars, wow, I guess water can flow upstream....
"They conveniently forget that a #1 pick could turn out as Kwame Brown, a #2 pick could turn into Darko Milicic, a #3 pick could turn out to be Adam Morrison, etc. Posted by: LongTimeLakerFan | June 08, 2011 at 12:01 PM" Good job, I hate when people talk about GM activities, in trades, and they continue to say "...and 2 first round picks", for example. I think once the pick is used, the writer is obligated to say who that pick turned out to be. I know that it may not have been the exact player that the donor team would have taken, however, it does give the reader a better idea of what the ramifications are of shuffling future draft picks around. For instance, in acquiring Pau, the Lakers gave up two first round picks...I think, don't hold me to it, the first one went down in 2008, and was Donte Green, who is on Sacramento's roster now. In 2010 it was Greivis Vasquez, who people were saying would be nice to have.
"@Longtimelakerslover - That's an interesting point. Come to think of it, I don't think Phil Jackson was ever on George Lopez's show. Jackson definitely had a strange relationship with the Lakers. He was respected for the winning and most of the players liked him. But he had this odd detachment from management and media. He was a great quote and offered terrific insight, but he was also extremely introverted and rarely made small talk. Posted by: Mark Medina | June 08, 2011 at 11:06 AM" MM: Actually that is very much Jacksonesque...remember his philosophy about the team concept in the past...all the way up to the end of this last run of his with the Lakers. Jackson, in Chicago, and in LA, always preached the team consisted of the players and the coaches and that's it. He disdained Jerry Krause in Chicago. Once, it was said, that Jerry West, the GM then, came into the locker room, Jackson asked him to leave. He would always have those bonding breaks, where they would play paintball war or whatever. The problem was he was kinda contradicting himself with his personal life by dating Jeannie Buss over the years. However he never flaunted that. The fact that she is involved with Jackson is probably why she is not at an equal level with Jim Buss, considering she had done many more positive acts for the team than Jim, who was off playing with racehorses. By excluding families however, Jackson created some problems through the years. Especially when you have Kobe and Fisher's wives wanting to get involved, look they had a WAG group, right? Wives and girlfriends...and I had heard that Vanessa B. didn't welcome Khloe Kardashian-Odom into the club with open arms...about Jackson and the the story about "The Jordan Rules" and the assistant coach J. Bach...where, Jackson leaked some info which made it into the book, but let Bach take the blame, and he was ousted eventually. So the relationship between Jackson and management did not surprise me. It was status quo for him.
Snake92646, I'm assuming that the digits are your zip code and not the numbers on a board you were holding up when being photographed..... I looked it up, and I don't think there are many snakes down in HB....there is a Black Mamba about a leisurely 45 minute drive further down PCH. I hate snakes as there have been plenty in my yard, that rattling sound really freezes you... Back to little JB with the think he wears it when he goes to formal events, he is wealthy, but not that wealthy where you can wear unhemmed jeans, a ragged brown sweater, and hiking boots and go to fine restaurants, then proceed to take your books off and start rubbing your feet...because that would make you Keanu Reeves. How old is this guy, let me check...."Whoa!!!", I went to Wikipedia and he doesn't even have a page....I even have a relative and a few friends that have pages in Wikipedia, you know why??? Because they did significant things in their lives, or is that lifes??? Anyway, I'm sure he will, the top of my mane, lets check the Urban Dictionary for "J.B.".... Well there he is... 1. J.B. A jb is a strange fellow. at times he acts like he doesn't care, but deep down you know he does. Gets offened easily but thats just all part of the act. likes to play fight wheater he will admit it or not. thinks highly of other people but never of himself. very smart and inteligent. trustworthy. loyal, would never cheat on you. makes you stay up late thinking about him. its hard to mad at him. makes you laugh when you didn't even want to smile. gives very sincere compliments. loves curly hair. most amazing person ever. "j.b. is what you always wanted" 2. J.B. To take something from a friend in an unintentional or absentminded way, most often regarding inexpensive or commonplace items. "Hey man, did you J.B. my lighter?" hmmmm,neigh....definition #3 is offensive. Let's trot out #4.... 4. J.B. Someone who gets too drunk to often and usually blackout. During the blackout period they typically lose their phone. Results in total buzz kill while people try to find the JB's phone. "Consequences for the JB: Any friends of the JB are allowed to harass the JB until they get a new phone. Travis: Why is everyone on the ground? Jack: that Barret kid is a worthless J.B. Travis: Wow what a bag of dousche..." (AOTA from Urban Dictionary OnLine...that's why there's so much misspelling and inappropriate use of grammar, that wasn't me...I still use my "Elements of Style" by Stunk & White) As for the Laker's offseason movement, they are not packing up in moving vans at night and moving to Oklahoma City, only people named Clay do that. Wasn't this the same as the previous topic, or does making it in discussion form un-equilibrate it. To migrate back toward that topic, I think that Kobe will have to become more of a distributor or what was that overly used word for offensive initiator that I had not heard til about 3-4 years ago, forget it, they're done with the triangle, (LOL) Kobe will have to go "L.B.J." more in addition to his freelancing, but more so as he has a propensity to want the ball and responsibility at the end of games unlike some other player.... I miss Chris Mihm, at least he could make a 2 footer, R U reading Mr. Walton??? I think training camp will be physical, with Pau owing somebody a hit cuz PJ left before he Pau and his medical training could find a part of PJ's body that hasn't been surgically replaced with titanium, so maybe we'll have a "Mihm/M'Benga" repeat...
"Does anyone know what is that logo on Jim Buss' black cap? He seems to wear that all the time. Posted by: Snake92646 | June 08, 2011 at 08:00 PM" It's not a logo, it's a horse hoof mark...or maybe it's a symbol for a club for "I haven't mastered the combover I am still in the cap phase of my life". Sorry Snake92646, I couldn't is a nice cap though, I wonder if he has any financial interests in the skateboard company as the post after yours was guiding us to. (Thank you to latopia)... As for personnel changes on the roster, I say just keep your eyes and ears open for an opportunity to get an adequate PG, without giving up any of our current players, other than Walton (who I said previously, I don't wish his back to be an issue, but if it is, maybe it's time to take a buyout, and become GM in training...Mitch is about 56 years old, so you have about 7-10 years to be groomed). I still say Blake is better than he showed, the triangle stunted his skills, as Phil always plays the guys that know the system. Blake should have been thrown out into the game with the first team, much more, earlier in the season. The desire to reacquire Trevor Ariza...but at what costs, and do we already have a potential similar player in Ebanks. I know what Barnes is good for, and it's better than he showed in his first year with the Lakers. Look, he wants to be a Laker, he's giving up probably about 6 million, over last season and the possible next season, by playing for less than his market value. And Barnes has never had a good contract. It was said that before coming to the Lakers he had only earned about $10 million over his career. Hopefully it will work out, and he can get a better contract in his 3rd year as a Laker (remember Rick Fox doing the same thing just to get back to LA, I know, Hollywood, for him). We have seen only a bit of Caracter, however, he looked pretty strong and immovable once he got position under the basket. So with the 2 second rounders from last year, and 4 2nd round picks in this year's draft...there is potential. Those 4 2nd round picks could be used to fill out the roster, depending on what becomes of Theo and Joe Smith. Only 10 players are locked in, Shannon has his option, & the Lakers have the option on Caracter...making it 12. Trey because of his familiarity may be a keeper-lite. I say go forward with what we have, the 4 second round picks could be played out in trades to move up, or keep 1 or 2, but that would be too much youth on the team, and stash two in Europe or elsewhere for a year. Oh, I forgot, run everything by Kobe first.... The Clippers will really need to give DeAndre Jordan a nice contract as he looks like a real talent. Maybe they'll look to move Kamaan, however his contract is too large for what you get. And he would only be needed if the Lakers traded one of their bigs. Let's go back a year...and I'll say that M'Benga would not have been so trigger happy if he were used more regularly and Pau would have really benefited from the lessor minutes. I can't even find him on HoopHype salaries...oh well...
Sorry, my boo, I noticed on the free agents available that West was a Celtic, but Wikipedia has him on the T-Wolves roster (hey, they have Rubio on there already), so I looked it up, he went to the TWolves in a 5 player plus a pick trade and signed for that one year, this wrapping up season with the Celtics to "back up Rajon Rondo". He went to the T-Wolves after the LeBron ordeal, and the T-Wolves promptly cut him. Apparently he likes guns. So Stern should make sure he and Gilbert Arenas don't get close to each other.
LTLF: >>>we don't need Beasley as we have our quota of "strangers", Johnny Flynn??? >>>Seems most of the people think he's gonna be a bust, Luke Ridnour....It >>> would have to be for KLove, who would probably mesh well with Pau more >>>than Drew Yeah, that was me talking when I shouldn't have, and I think we all realize the precarious position that Rambis is probably in now, considering the poor record over 2 seasons, winning only 15 then 17 games.... "But if Rambis was trying to pull a McHale, then it would be Kevin Love, Ricky Rubio, Michael Beasley, and the #2 draft pick for Pau." Posted by: LongTimeLakerFan | June 07, 2011 at 08:15 PM" I don't think they would give up KLove for hardly anybody, except maybe Blake Griffin of the Clippers. I don't want to give up on Pau so fast, and true fans should not either. Yes he had a unsteady season, but having to deal with filling in at center constantly, being overplayed by PJ who would leave him in games when they were won instead of putting in the end of the bench players over his entire time here, playing something like 400 games over the last 3 seasons, due to playoffs, and summer. Once again it would not be Rambis that makes a trade but I think they would try to get Pau at a bargain and unload some baggage in Beasley. I'm not going to go through the trade machine, but I think they would tease the Lakers with size in Darko Millicic (spelling???)-"size", Flynn-"PG-Laker's 'need' ", and Beaz "the gift that you really don't want"...just glanced at their roster and noticed that Delonte West is a free agent, only made $1.1 million last year, and obviously knows Mike Brown's system. Not promoting it, just stating it.
CyberCosmiX (Posted by: CyberCosmiX | June 07, 2011 at 05:57 P)...if there were a "trade" scenario as you hinted, I know, it's light hearted humor...the thing is who would we want ftom the T-Wolve's...I imagine KLove is untouchable, we don't need Beasley as we have our quota of "strangers", Johnny Flynn??? Seems most of the people think he's gonna be a bust, Luke Ridnour....It would have to be for KLove, who would probably mesh well with Pau more than Drew. I still say stay the course. As for our need of a PG, hey, there's a 30 something that is probably available, athletic, big, fairly fast....Smush Parker, Just kidding. He did play in Cleveland, although before the Mike Brown error, I mean era.
Troy, I apologize you are correct, Magic sold, but is still a Laker V.P., My apologies due to haste, h
Troy, you made a statement about Magic still being VP, I havn't read all the postings, but he sold his portion a while back. I thought he did it because he was going to try to get a group together to buy a franchise themselves...I thought the Piston's, when Davidson passed. (sorry, no time to get your posting date/time on that one, gotta go...) I still say stick with the program, but two intergral players the Lakers could/should move are Artest (maybe...I say that, because I want to see the majority of last year's team under the new Coach/system) and Walton (retire and get your MBA like Mitch and become his understudy)...and somehow try to pick up someone like J.R. Smith, for his shooting and spark. He's quicker than the Artest/Walton for sure.
OK, it works... I say no major trades because Pau Gasol who walked on water for 2.5 years is being blamed, and that is unnecessary. I think the team had just reached its point of disconnection from Phil. Look, Granted Kobe, Derek , Walton and Bynum I believe were the only ones to have to endure his routines, but I think, with due respect, that he is or was the greatest coach ever, that he lost the team. I disagreed with some of his actions, such as never playing deep into the bench. Caracter and Ebanks (before injury) should have gotten a few minutes each game, say at the end of the first, second and perhaps third quarters. This removes the rookie stigma for them from the "unbiased" refs. (Oh no, I'm going to be fined $25K by David Stern now). I say go into camp with who we have, including Trey. Keep an eye on who is available as cuts are made. Evaluate how the players are working into Brown's system, which should be very quick as opposed to the intricacies of the correctly run Triangle Offense. Keep an eye on the Clippers...two players of interest but pricey and only out of desperation...Mo Williams and Chris Kamaan. About the 2-3-3 finals format, I have always disliked it. I think that the better team only wins if it goes 7 games. Sorry but I am not going to hunt the quotes down from the people who made them, who I highly respect. I agree that the best team will win in a seven game series, with the exception of the 2-3-2 format. By the time the teams are in the finals they have gone through 3 previous series, they are tired, they are tired of making adjustments, concepts they used during the season against that opponent may not apply, as the game changes a bit during the playoffs. The refs are the reason. Many people threw Blake under the TEAM Buss, however, it was his first year under the PJ/triangle and he was sick at times. He is not a bust. People are calling for us to pull out all stops and get Ariza back, don't we have his clone already in Ebanks??? Ariza did well last year, and the year before but he was getting 35-40 minutes per game. I think that the loss of Farmar and Sasha later on, ironically to the same team, because it was known they did not get along was a contributing factor to the failure last year. Losing Farmar, we lost a small pg, yes, he did get beat by other pg's but no one player can really lock down another player, and in this case, Farmar was doing his best because his skillset was always a notch below his opponent. Losing Sasha, I think was a big loss to Kobe, who probably liked to have him around to rag on. I like the BleacherReport hinting that Kris Humphries would try to get to LA, because of his fiancee. Man last year carMELO, next season would really be MELOdrama, with Kris and Lamar having to be best buddies. I'd love to see him come to LA for less than market value, it's a shame his fiancee isn't worth $100 million YET, because then he could do it, but since she's only said to be worth $25 million (I doubt that), he still needs to earn a paycheck. Like the said, he's the "poor man's Blake Griffin". I think retaining one of the previous assistant coaches would be important, as the players could use him as a conduit to the coach, and the one who fits the role perfectly would be Chuck Person, who still looks like he could beat up half our team.
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