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Firstly: If I could sign in to comment anonymously, I could be more honest in this comment. Read from that what you will. I think people end up being defensive when they're honest. Because honesty is painful for the speaker too. When you speak, people frame what you're saying in their expectations; if I suddenly start being 'honest' about comments to people who are used to a veneer of politeness, they will perceive it far worse. Some people punish you for honesty; you say something negative and they jump a mile and cry or hate you - they're sensitive or insecure or whatever. These days, I just put up with that. If they're ready for honesty, they're ready. If they play that game, that's their game. The won't get the joy of honesty. As others have pointed out, what we think are not truths but opinions, or feelings. So when you 'share' your 'truth' you might need to warn them that that's what you're saying. I think honesty is not an absolute concept in the mind. Honesty is something to edge towards, for me, with people that can take it. Most people can't.
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May 2, 2012