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@pelleg You're also missing the fact that a iPad Air has longer battery life than a Surface Pro 2, Anandtech lists the Wi-fi battery performance for a firmware upgraded Surface Pro 2 at 8.33 hours, the corresponding number for an iPad Air is 10 hours, or an hour and 40 minutes longer. A pound is the difference between a device being a no-compromise tablet and being a compromised tablet/ultrabook. I was not happy with the iPad 3's 1.5 lbs, and I can't see using a 2 lb device as a tablet. An iPad Air is a better tablet than a Surface Pro 2, while a MacBook Air is a better ultrabook. For some people, the benefit of having one device makes the compromise worthwhile, but not for me.
@pelleg why are comparing the Surface Pro 2 to the obsolete and no longer sold iPad 4, the iPad Air has a 32 Whr battery and weighs almost exactly one half as much as the Surface Pro 2? The difference in performance between ARM and Intel has been narrowing as of late with the A7 but is still pretty stark, but when it comes to a tablet, a whole pound difference in weight is huge. And, I think a lot of that energy is going towards driving a much higher rez screen.
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Jan 31, 2010