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This lady is the true hero for humanity. She embodies all that is good, holy and noble. The monsters who speak in the Name of Allah, who have never contributed anything to help humanity, must be stopped. Thanks for this reminder of the best in us.
Toggle Commented Nov 13, 2010 on “DANCING UNDER THE GALLOWS” at Atlas Shrugs
Juan Williams is the tip of the iceberg. Let your local NPR-affiliate station know why you refuse to donate money anymore. Cut NPR off from its local affiliates, their lifeblood. Complain to the FCC so their licenses are not renewed. Licenses are a privilege, not a right.
Toggle Commented Oct 23, 2010 on The Real Extremism at Atlas Shrugs
I am a Jewish man who, when interviewed for a job at the Dallas Public Library in the late 1970's, was shocked that the first question was what church I belonged to. I had flown in from Chicago for the interview to which I had been invited by the head of the library search committee. When I said I was Jewish, I was immediately told by the lady interviewing me, " Well, we are really interested in having a Southern Baptist here. I'm sure you understand." I left and swore I would never return. I am very proud of your city that you have such a wonderful man as Joel Burns. He brings honor and respect to Dallas-Ft. Worth. Hate is always wrong, not matter the justification. These bullies pick it up from others, often the "Christian" parents. How very sad.
We need many more articles with the url and ways to get people to discover your work. There is no bad publicity. As time goes by you will only grow and get more exposure. As you do, more and more people will join you.
Pam Exactly how does one contact you via e mail? I have wanted to for some time but to no avail. I am a long-time supporter of your work and want to be of help.
Toggle Commented Oct 10, 2010 on The One Good Thing ............. at Atlas Shrugs
And since when does one have to have " credentials" to have a brain and know how to use it? Journalism is one of the biggest rackets around. Thanks to the net, anyone who wants can write and let the world know what they think. In the good old days, the NY Times and others controlled what the public could read. Who had the money to publish their own paper? Now things have changed and, thank God, that allows all of us to express our opinions. Obviously, the NY Times and others feel threatened by that. Wonder why?
Pamela, I just read the article on the front page of the online NY Times. It only was posted a few hours ago. However, when I went to post a comment they had a notice stating that no more comments were being accepted. The comments posted were overwhelmingly hateful toward you. The Times is on a crusade to smear you and all you stand for. So what else is new? Their "news" reads as one long editorial.
Thanks for reporting the news for the rest of us. The media has been taken over by the worst elements in our society. Geert Wilders , who is on trial in the Netherlands for denouncing Muslim intolerance and hate, is only voicing what the majority of the Dutch people believe. He is being crucified for doing this. In New Jersey a newspaper that covers the community where Rutgers University freshman Tyler Clementi killed himself after having his personal life publicized on the net by homophobes, has now announced that it will ban any civil union or wedding announcements from gay and lesbian readers. Why? Because a small group of ultra-orthodox Jewish fundamentalists said that such announcements hurt their feelings. The editor of the NJ Jewish Standard, Rebecca Kaplan Boroson, wrote in her paper that she had to bow to their pressure. The bigots, whether Muslim, Jewish or Christian, are loose and terrorizing our communities. We need to fight back and Geert Wilders is a good example to follow.
I wonder whether he will address the new technology developed and being used to keep track of infidels in Muslim lands? They openly are bragging about this. If anyone even suggested that we do this with Muslims in our infidel lands there would be riots all over the Muslim world.
Why should they respect Yom Kippur? They don't believe that there is any god except Allah and any faith except the one of submission ( Arabic word for Islam). They attacked Israel on Yom Kippur in the 70's when I was living there. They knew we would all be praying in the synagogues. Nothing new here.
The media is actually bending over backwards to accommodate the Muslims. I had a comment published in the NY Times questioning Islamic violence in the name of Islam. No problem, they said. They published it. Then they decided that my comment was objectionable, abusive and off topic ( the topic was....Islamic violence).
Toggle Commented Sep 16, 2010 on Massive Distortion of Massive Rally at Atlas Shrugs
I traveled five hours by car to get to the rally. Here is my experience. I walked south toward the meeting place on Park Place between Church and West Broadway. As I got close, around 4:15pm, I saw some people with American flags walking North on West Broadway. I also saw groups of pro-mosque people standing around talking. Lots and lots of police. No one was allowed on Park Place which was blocked off. I was redirected by the police several times. My impression was that they were trying to be helpful but were totally overwhelmed and concerned about violence amongst the crowds. Though I was redirected by police I saw no evidence of them restricting us from entering the rally. They just didn't seem to all be reading from the same direction manual. However, they when I announced I was looking for the rally they ( about ten over the course of ten minutes) directed me honestly. The police are actually on our side since they went through 911. I saw many police fraternizing with firefighters, police from 911 experience. Finally, I made it to the actual rally. We had to enter the area via a central entrance between fences. When I got there at 4:25 pm the total size of the crowd was two blocks. Probably about 2,000 people at most. I never got to see the other rally so I can't estimate their size. The photos posted here were taken from the very front where the speakers were. They give the impression of a lot more people than were actually present. If you look at the photos carefully you will see that the end of the crowd is where there are lots of signs and bigger flags. You can tell from the buildings that one full block and the bulk of the next one but no more were filled. Sorry to bust your bubble but why not be honest with ourselves. There were not 40,000, 10,000 or even 5,000 people there by 4:25pm. I very much look forward to being at rallies of 40,000 and much more but we weren't near that size when I was there. And, no, 35,000 people didn't just evaporate from 3 - 4 pm. The rally was promptly ended at 5pm. The people I saw were all civil and very orderly. All kinds of people. Lots of signs which we had been told would be confiscated but were not. Many flags. Some of the people had very inflammatory signs that the cameras flocked to. In addition, lots of very strange people were being interviewed with the bulk of us being totally ignored. I saw TV from Japan, Russia Today, etc. I thought the rally was very successful. Like Pam, I was disappointed with the media response. The media, as we all know, are not friendly to us and we need to be very careful how we deal with them. For accuracy in reporting.
Another reason to come to the rally. Just in. Obama today (Friday) made a big point about how we all must accept Islam, that it is just another religion, it's part of our shared American tradition of diversity and, after all, who could not love those kids who are so cute and pray at the local mosque. Well, Mr. President, you are digging a deeper hole for yourself with such rhetoric. We understand that you are terrified that the American people, frankly, think you are full of shit. We know our enemies. They are the ones who attacked us on 911, in case you need reminding. They did it in the name of Islam. And, yes, we don't accept Islam. ( Read complete article here)
Islam is the only "faith" that teaches lying as a virtue. How repulsive. And they want us to embrace them? Today the NY Times, as usual, is in overdrive condemning anyone opposed to the GZ mosque. I wrote a comment on Roger Cohen's piece which, of course, they refused to post. Said it was objectionable and hateful. Well, at least you guys can see it. ----- Of course, burning books is a bad idea. Most of us agree on that. Why, Roger, do you think he wanted to burn this particular book? Why do you think that 70% of Americans polled recently oppose the location of the Ground Zero mosque? We have very strong feelings regarding the biggest attack in the name of Islam on our nation, our Muslim Pearl Harbor, where 3,000 Americans were murdered. We do not want a 15 story mosque, plainly visible from the gravesite of our murdered friends and relatives, casting a shadow on their graves. What don't you and your friends at the NY Times understand about this? The vast majority of us are not bigots as the media portrays us. We simply are telling the world, if you want respect then please show some respect to us. ----- See you at the rally. It will be interesting to see how the media misrepresents us.
Toggle Commented Sep 10, 2010 on Khan's Latest Con at Atlas Shrugs
Hillary, Hussein Obama, Bloomberg, the NY Times, Betrayus, they are all piling on anyone who speaks against our greatest enemy, Islam. Wake up, morons. You will be the first to lose your heads when the towel heads take over. Go to the rally on Saturday. Show the world that we are not going away and that our self-appointed leaders are traitors to America and do not speak for us. And be prepared for a legion of media whores who will not only condemn us but twist everything we say around.
The pastor is nothing, a nobody whom the press made a big deal of. He has had his fifteen minutes of fame. Now the real battle begins between the forces of light and darkness. We all need to announce and publciize multiple burnings of the Koran, the book of death and filth, to let them know what we think of them and their pathetic excuse for a religion.
Rauf has just announced that he knows nothing about any of this and that the Ground Zero mosque will be built as scheduled. He added that it is an insult to Islam and the 1.3 billion Muslims that anyone should even suggest that " they toy with their religion". Islam is here to stay. That is non-negotiable and the mosque is the first of thousands that will cover America. Your children will all be Muslim if Rauf and his friends have any say. Burn a Koran as a sign of protest. I was opposed to this but now it is looking better and better as a way to protest. We could bulk order them, get a discount, and burn thousands of Korans all over America. If nothing else, it will drive the liberals crazy which I just love.
The media is ratcheting up the attempts to intimidate Americans from speaking out against the mosque. On one hand we have Obama with his idiotic remarks. However, even more scandalous is the work of the Muslim propagandists in the media like the NY Times. Their cover story today describes how Muslims consider Ground Zero site a place to pray to Allah, how it is a holy MUSLIM site. Today's story details the life of a woman who lost her husband in 911 and now goes to GZ to pray to Allah. She says that the only thing that helps her is Islam. What a pathetic piece of transparent propaganda.
Toggle Commented Sep 9, 2010 on The President's War on Free Speech at Atlas Shrugs
The more Rauf talks, the more we find out who he really is: a petty, power-hungry demagogue.
He announced today that in order to help the middle-class he will give a tax break to business. Whatever. Don't worry, Pam. Obama won't be president after this term. We will see to that. Also, nice to know that the Muslims are openly insulting us in the most blatant ways and the media is totally silent. However, with your site, Robert's site and a few others, we can bypass the liberal media and get our message out there.
Toggle Commented Sep 7, 2010 on Who's the dog? at Atlas Shrugs
The founder of CAIR, Council of American Islamic Relations, Omar Ahmad, told a reporter that their real aim is to make Islam the only religion in America. This is the group the liberal media loves to interview and which is threatening Pam and Robert. Not at all subtle.
Once again the NY Times has refused to post my comments defending you. In article after article after article. They claim that anything I write defending you and Robert is offensive and off topic and, therefore, against their posting regulations. However, the entire rest of their comment sections is filled with appropriate, on topic comments trashing both of you and anyone else opposing the Ground Zero mosque. Every one of us needs to start a blog and get our message out there. I did so only three months ago and the response has been wonderful. The world is hungry for the truth on the Muslim war against humanity. Defend our Judeo-Christian world and always speak the truth about our enemies.
Toggle Commented Sep 6, 2010 on Lionizing the Jackals at Atlas Shrugs
Human Events? Hmmm. The magazine of the John Birch Society. Pam, can't you find anyone better to print your stuff? Good article, bad place to feature it. Those people are to the right of Attila the Hun.
Comment on some of your comments: There were some women but, as in the mosques and orthodox jewish prayers, segregated. The camera person was never deliberately stopped by anyone in this video that I could see. From the store signs, one can see that this is basically a Muslim area. Should they be allowed to do this? No. Are they doing it? Until someone stops them, Yes. So when will they be stopped? Probably never. The French are total cowards when it comes to these things. Don't kid yourself. They complain in private and then turn away when it's time to do the dirty work of enforcement.
I hope they fight this. There is absolutely no law that says that an employer must accommodate the religious beliefs of an employee. They were not fired due to their beliefs. They were fired because they rampaged, made trouble, disrupted the workplace and refused to abide by company regulations. I have an orthodox Jewish employee. She does not work on Saturday, her sabbath. If I am open on Saturday and she refuses to work must I change my work schedule to accommodate her? Of course not. To do so is to put every employer under the control of every religious group in the world. This is so wrong.