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Their headline explicitly and falsely said Trump claimed there was no drought in CA, even though the body of the story contained nothing remotely like that. Seems so odd that anyone would feel a need to twist or exaggerate anything Trump says to make him look stupid; just running the tape and doing a straight transcript yields so many gems each and every day.
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Who are the people most likely to vote for Romney (if it's him)? Well, 60% of voters have gotta at least be "persuadables".
Trump U + Trump Air + Casino's Galore + USFL + Trump this and that. When you're a fraud, that probably should be significant to voters, though I expect that general moral decrepitude will also remain an issue. We don't necessarily want to conflate money and "success" anyway, lest we start thinking that, oh, George Soros is more admirable than, say, Scott Walker.
The Donald on a former GOP nominee: “Poor Mitt Romney. Poor Mitt. . . . I mean, I have a store that’s worth more money than he is,” Trump said, adding later: “He choked like a dog. . . . Once a choker, always a choker.” He also called Romney “stupid” and joked that he walked “like a penguin.” I'm a little unclear on this, as I have a dog and she's not prone to choking. Since he brought up penguins as well, maybe he misspoke and meant choked like a penguin (I have no information about penguins choking). The Donald has promised to put lots of "showbiz" into the convention activities. Seems unlikely that Mitt or Jeb or Susanah Martinez or Niki Haley or Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz will be attending, so they'll only have themselves to blame when they miss the big elephant standing on a tiny chair. They represent the old GOP anyway, and the Donald doesn't even need to be aligned with any political party to Make America Great Again. The very last thing he'll need the GOP for, and I'm sure it's a bother for him, is to stage his nomination. One thing's for sure - he won't need backing from any kind of Congress to put his bold agenda into effect, he'll tell you that much himself.
Silicon Valley being silly, not understanding that the Supreme Court hangs in the balance: "Longtime valley Republican stalwarts who have voted for every GOP nominee for decades say they can’t do it this year. The libertarian-minded innovators who just want to get government out of their way have less faith in Trump than they do in even Hillary Clinton, the Democrat with big plans to grow the bureaucracy." They pretend to have a reason for their opposition... "Trump's trade agenda, they say, threatens to tear apart global business relationships crucial to tech industry success." ....but we know better - they're just GOPe cowards who don't care about Making America Great Again. Trump doesn't need supporters like that.
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...but the important thing for people to know is that I didn't vote for Trump---that's the important thing, I didn't vote for Trump. I'm not concerned what people know, or think, about my voting choice, the important thing to me is that I know I didn't sacrifice my own principles to vote for a monster who might turn out to be worse than even Hillary. Those who can't imagine how someone could not vote for Trump need to understand that other people can't imagine how anyone possibly could vote for him, and how they can be apologists for that POS. Here's Reason 311 why a vote for Trump is morally untenable, for me - Trump, who probably controls what gets printed in the National Enquirer, likely planted the Ted Cruz girlfriends story, and the absurd Cruz's father with Oswald story. The day after the Indiana primary, Trump was still talking about how horrible it was that Cruz's father was with Oswald. No one else, not Nixon or Clinton or anyone, would do that the day after essentially locking up the nomination. Trump is a despicable punk, and I'm not going to feel guilty for not voting for a despicable punk. The biggest laugh is, that when Trump loses, those who actually voted for the creep will be blaming the GOP establishment for not supporting him, instead of themselves for being complicit in his nomination in the first place. Feh.
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This race tells the story. That is one incredible finish to a race, great clip.
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You think Clinton is a sophisticated guy who does nothing wrong? He's above reproach? This is the kind of off-the-wall logic that drives me crazy. Bill Clinton? Who was talking about him? But it's war alright, the country is a mess, and the GOP has an unqualified and unbalanced General.
If by efficient government you mean scratching each other's backs and rolling in their pelf.. I'm pretty sure that's not how "efficient government" is defined, except maybe by a Trump voter. I'll pass those descriptors along to my wonderful daughters who proudly voted for Trump. Your daughters are no doubt wonderful, Beasts, but they voted for an idiot. I don't know about the rest of you but I'm really enjoying this tantrum. You mean Trump's 2016 presidential campaign, right. Tantrum is a good way to describe it - a national tantrum. What could go wrong?
I think the JOM Style Guide prefers 'rubes' to 'dopey' when slurring Trump's record-setting voters. Noted, rubes it is then.
Maybe they'll draft Jeb! at the convention... The difference between Jeb and Trump is the difference between efficient government and a shitstorm. But low information voters sometimes prefer a shitstorm; I hope we all survive the mistake. I love the sound of whining RINOs. It's Trump and his zombie followers who are the RINO's, surely you know that (but don't worry, I'm here for the duration to remind you).
That ignorant, short fingered vulgarian must be awfully powerful to destroy the GOP so easily. You're right, and I misspoke - it's the dopey voters more than Trump himself (even a demagogue needs people to fall for the message).
Is he wrong? He's a lout, James D, and it's embarrassing that he's a nominee of a major party. It's not just the press he calls scum, it's anyone who disagrees with him on anything. Their love for Obama neutralized the press, turning them fully into a conveyance for propaganda, but they would be hard-pressed to level criticisms at Trump that are exaggerations.
Look ButtHurtShapedBox, we know losing with dignity is your preferred MO; but some of us have higher aspirations. Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot - everyone is supposed to accept the nominee so we can band together and beat Hillary. No more discouraging words. Well, forget it. Trump is a horrible nominee and I'll be saying it every day from now until the election. Got it, Cap'n? Terms like "dignity" and "higher aspirations" have nothing to do with Trump.
I think this means that Trumpster needs a Duke and Duker who can help in a battleground state ... Why would any sane "Duke and Duke'er" help Trump in any way whatsoever? He's destroyed the GOP, and they owe him nothing.
Mr. Trump calls the members of the free press "scum" and the most dishonest people on the planet. Oh, bravo for Mr. Trump then, whatta guy.
Trump will negotiate a de facto default and the United States creditors will give us an EZ pass. Look, when Trump declared his bankruptcies there were no parties who would lend more to his ventures at any rate of interest. So give him a break, he's just a kid in a candy shop with the idea that he might be in a position to renege on debt without the lights being shut off.
But when I and all other guys who wanted 1967 GTO's in 1967 are dead, who in the world will want one then? Probably plenty of people, if a 1967 GTO is something with worth independent of the styles and whims of its era. People bought Beatles records when they came out, some of the people who were kids at the time are still buying Beatles records - but, also, people who weren't born until long after the Beatles disbanded are buying Beatles records now. Presumably, people in future generations will buy Beatles records.
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...what Trump meant by his remarks on printing money (was it sarcasm?) It's just truth, we "print money" (i.e. float more bonds, to pay off old debt with new debt), and on and on it goes. The debt grows larger, but so does our population and our economy. No one says it's fiscally sound, but the gummint doesn't balance their books like a household might.
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I never believed in spending big dollars on audio equipment (that way, more money can be spent on records). I'm strictly 70's era receivers (Harmon Kardon currently) and turntables (slightly upper-middle end Technics) and speakers (I've got two Advents and two Yamaha's hooked up now, and I've refoamed all four woofers along the way). All together it blasts quite nicely, thank you.
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The top three betting favorites ran 1,2,3; an $86. triple in a 20-horse field is really peanuts. A chalk-lovers paradise, a boring race.
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An excerpt from the Times article linked. Now, g'nite fer reals. But to many who live on Russia’s raw border, especially in the Baltic nations in Moscow’s shadow, there is nothing more puzzling than Mr. Trump’s reluctance to criticize President Vladimir V. Putin. He has often spoken admiringly of Mr. Putin, saying he respects his strength and views him as someone with whom he can negotiate. To European ears, that sounds as if Mr. Trump may be playing into Mr. Putin’s hands, opening a rift within NATO. “Russia’s enthusiasm about Trump seems to be predicated on the assumption that he may actually withdraw forces from Europe,” said Matthew Rojansky, the director of the Kennan Institute, a Washington research group focused on Russia. That is exactly the fear of others in a region where NATO is the only bulwark against Russia and where some people doubt that an American president would really commit forces to protect them in times of conflict. After Russia’s intervention in Ukraine, “a lot of Latvians woke up and said, ‘Thank God we are in NATO,’” said Lolita Cigane, a member of the Latvian Parliament. In neighboring Lithuania, a plaque at Town Hall in the capital, Vilnius, commemorates a 2002 visit by another Republican, President George W. Bush. “Anyone who would choose Lithuania as an enemy has also made an enemy of the United States of America,” Mr. Bush said then. Mr. Obama made a similar vow in Estonia and increased NATO’s presence in Eastern Europe in response to the Russian threat, and Mr. Trump’s position feels like backpedaling to people in the region.
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Happy birthday? On Tuesday, the big six oh; nite, tk and all.
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The batteries would last longer in a truth detector... Nice line. Thanks for the "end of thread" link, tk.
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I never would have thought it, but Trump's a better man than the lot of them. The things you learn... The things you imagine, anyway.
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