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Stelter's one of the worst, MM, Trump can never be wrong saying "fake news" as long as people like him are around. Good luck with that SS check search, ouch!
There's no question in my mind that these stories about Michael Cohen's alleged bank fraud are being floated now to deflect from a Manafort not guilty verdict today or later this week.
...much of their support comes from people like this. Worth remembering that those lines (my existence taking up space that others could use, etc) are part of a spoof letter to the Times, even if the Times writers who answered the letter are aligned 100% with its views.
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Netflix has cancelled Michele Wolf's show. Presumably not due to low ratings, because Netflix doesn't even track ratings, so there would be hope the network canned the "comic" in outrage at her Sarah Sanders remarks, or pro-abortion "jokes". Alas, no, as Netflix doesn't seem ready to also cancel their mega deal with the Obama's.
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MM, glad you're getting it straightened out and that your visit to the bureaucrats seemed to be relatively painless.
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And what about Barefoot in the Park? Yes, Jane Fonda is a commie, too, but they’re both great in that. Absolutely agree, James D., and don't forget that's a Neil Simon script, too, and Simon is no day at the beach either. Great movie, and good turns by all. I loved Redford in a film he did just a couple of years back, where he's sailing the seas alone. Conservatives just have to bite the bullet when it comes to film and music - lots of good artists are dummies politically.
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..the databases are well set up compared to, say, the VA. Good to know, thanks Cap'n.
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Oh, yeah - my daughter's an emergency room Physician's Assistant, and I'm always telling her that medicine is a crock and that I don't trust its practitioners.
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Gold has never been worth zero; neither has any index fund. Bitcoin's probably a better gold than gold anyway; if all monetary systems went tits up you'd probably be better off with cryptocurrency than physical metal. TK, sorry to hear you've got some health probs going on, I didn't know that. MM, your SS check story terrifies me - I'm a newbie at getting SS (just one month under my belt).
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Judge Napolitano's broken record says "the President should be very worried" over and over and over. What's up with that guy? So far, he's been wrong every time. I'm still trying to figure out just how much of a GPS Fusion sting operation Natalia Veselnitskaya's proposed meeting with Don Jr really was. Meanwhile, here's a Yalie comment from a year ago asserting Don Jr's ignorance of the law is, in fact, an excuse:
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As if Steve Scalise hadn't endured enough, now another loony lefty arrested for threatening him: Not too surprising to see he pocketed some nice change a few years back claiming that his failures were somebody else's fault:
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It's too bad that Ocasio-Dumbass's district is so liberal that she'll win no matter how many bloopers she piles up.
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2 PM remarks from DJT on the summit. Under/over on his utterances of the word "server" is 8.
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All of these idiots (and that includes Fox and Fox business) can just go to hell. Cavuto is loathsome. And of course Shep is the worst. The day crew is awful; Kennedy started yelling at Jason Chaffetz a week or so ago, Harris Faulkner is dumb as a rock. Ainsley's heart is in the right place but she is clueless as well.
The indictments of those Russians gave both Trump and Putin a softball right down the middle of the plate that both of them jacked out of the park. Right, so you don't completely disagree with me at all. Without the softball to hit, Trump would not have swung. Did you read my post or just the first line?
I'm pretty sure that the presser would have gone different if Rosenstein hadn't announced the indictment the other day. That announcement, as well as the collective assumption amongst Dems and RINO's that Trump had to use a summit on world affairs to slam the other head of state, well...I think it didn't sit too well with the President. He was supposed to squander an opportunity to work with a foreign leader (or adversary, or whatever) so that he could make those Dems and RINOs happy, and he didn't feel like playing that game. Leave alone that not a single vote count was affected, what is the real evidence that Russia "meddled"? Sloppy cyber fingerprints that might just as likely indicate someone trying to make it look like it was Russians? There's much more evidence, judging by the GPS Fusion Don Jr. sting meeting, that the intelligence agencies were out to see that Trump lose. Sure, nations play spy-vs-spy with other nations' elections; Russia and China and the U.S. (covert and overt attempts by Obama to poison Netanyahu's reelection bid), they all do it. But should a sitting President be more upset about that than an attempted internal coup? I think Trump knows a lot that he's not telling us yet, or that he might never tell us. Certainly, we'll never know what went on in his one-on-one with Putin. I expect him to be on a non-stop twitter tear attacking his attackers, right up through October. And to fire that sack of scheisse Sessions immediately after the midterms, no matter how many buried bodies Sessions knows about. Over and over, Trump brings issues to a head, and that always works to his opponents' detriment. I don't think his opponents have nearly gotten a measure of the man, and that doesn't bode well for them.
Comey and Strzok share that holier than thou preening that makes you wanna smack 'em. Shouldn't Rosenstein be timing his pronouncements a little closer to the election, the better to affect them? I don't care what anyone says, I say Louie Gohmert did a great job reminding us how we know Strzok is a serial liar.
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Extraneous, after reading that story I hesitated but finally clicked on the GoFundMe link where she's trying to get her husband out of the clink. I'm glad I did - she's still raised only 33 dollars, and the comments are hilarious.
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oh my god this is real I didn't know, but hoped, that Salman Rushdie would be too smart to be a liberal.
Toggle Commented Jul 9, 2018 on Big Supreme Court Pick Tonight at JustOneMinute
Seven minutes past my last post on the old thread and I'm sticking with my prediction of Barrett. Seven minutes and no new point of view?'s settled science!. I'm hoping it's Barrett, but suspect it will be Hardiman. With Barrett, the Dems who voted Gorsuch can claim that Barrett is even more conservative than Gorsuch (whether it's true or not, of course, no one knows), and hope that sounds plausible to their red-state electorates. What I really want to know, though, is if JFK can make Bobby AG, why can't Trump nominate Barron for SCOTUS? Just think of it, he'd serve 60 years!
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What could Mueller possibly do at this point to go after Trump? Liberals grasp tightly to the hope that Mueller is just lining up all his ducks and will soon release photos of Trump and Putin working the phones together under a "Russians For Comrade Trump" banner. In other news, when it happened several years ago I posted a link here to an online petition to reinstate Prof John McAdams, who today won a major free-speech decision against Marquette U. Lastly, I'm guessing it's Amy Barrett, that Trump just can't resist the fun of giving libs their worst nightmare.
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CH, site taking a long time to refresh for me as well. Beasts, pretty sure that's a stock new-breed Indian. Came across one parked on the street recently, I was wow'ed bigly.
I'd rather have the revamped Indian than a Harley, anyway.
And why I still walk across the street without demanding police assistance remains a mystery... One late night, I missed my uptown Manhattan subway stop and wound up getting off in Queens. I had a ridiculous amount of cash in my pocket, for some reason, and I immediately found a cop and made him stand there with me on the subway platform until the train showed up. I'm not embarrassed.
Thanks, everyone, for the congrats! "I've wondered for some time if Bush involvement is why W has so much to say about our "vulgar" president, after his eight years of silence." I don't know, but it's very disappointing that GW let Obama use him as a punching bag but can't restrain himself from criticizing a Republican president.
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