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Hey JiB, is this the biggest Super Bowl in history the same way that every election is the most important of our lifetimes? I agree that no penalties will be forthcoming until after the game, and think that the Patriots will get absolutely blown out, with Brady's performance inexplicably...distracted.
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Great point, Gus @ 9:24, it's worth remembering that O and his minions not only kept that lie going for so long, but also that they used it as a "teachable moment" to lecture those who would dare call terrorism terrorism. Ultimately, O and those like O helped facilitate their prediction - truly, in France today the future doesn't belong to some of those who slandered Muhammad (they've been shot dead).
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Yep, brothers.
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Mourad and Said Kouachi...a brothers act, like the Tsarnaevs?
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James D, post a link please (my wife is a compulsive book-buyer).
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"Contemporary interpretation are legal authorities. Wikipedia is evidence." Yes, it must be false, because I found it on the internet. Black's Law Dictionary "is the most widely used law dictionary in the United States. It was founded by Henry Campbell Black (1860–1927). It is the reference of choice for definitions in legal briefs and court opinions and has been cited as a secondary legal authority in many U.S. Supreme Court cases." In other words, evidence written by legal authorities. New thread, by the way.
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Toggle Commented Dec 31, 2014 on Lena Dunham's Various Rapists at JustOneMinute
"So where is this list found?" What necessitates a list? If you look at the Contemporary Interpretations of Natural-born Citizen Clause of the Constitution (which is not specifically defined by the founders and for whose precise meaning "various opinions have been offered over time"), I don't see any that differ dramatically from the first contemporary interpretation offered here, Black's Law Dictionary, which defines it as "a person born within the jurisdiction of a national government". Where's the list of those who feel otherwise?
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"That has longer term repercussions in the growing distaste for large federal programs." It is, perhaps, true that most Americans will at least claim to dislike sprawling programs. But since very few will abide suggestions that the programs we're already saddled with should be eliminated or even modified beyond small tweaks, it's difficult to see how SCOTUS green-lighting another one works out to anyone's benefit in the long run.
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"Someone is going to drop the ball?" They'll drop it alright, if they don't realize that there's no time like the present, that they should live in the moment and Be Here Now.
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Dublindave, I'm heartened to read your diatribe about "another Bush", since you reliably get everything backwards. OT from the topic, but I thought I'd ask JOM'ers if they'd like to sign a petition for Prof John McAdams, who was suspended at Marquette after having the temerity to point out that a fellow Prof claimed to students that opposition to same-sex marriage is comparable to racism. The petition address is included in the Breitbart story linked below. I know of McAdams as the long-time host of the most informative and non-hysterical website for information about the JFK assassination - I've never seen any intemperate comments from Prof McAdams. Oh, and...Merry Christmas, one and all!
Iggy, in that sense I'm certainly an unalloyed booster, you're right. Kudos for using "garden variety", I always love that phrase.
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"I'd guess boosterism more than condescension, MM." Or just having an opinion, God forbid.
Toggle Commented Dec 17, 2014 on Back At UVA - It Only Gets Weirder at JustOneMinute
"You are getting THIS CLOSE to pissing me off by skirting outright condescension." No idea what you're talking about, but I'll know better than to address your comments again. Save this, Jeb Bush is a winner and Common Core is a tertiary issue. Cheers.
Toggle Commented Dec 17, 2014 on Back At UVA - It Only Gets Weirder at JustOneMinute
Miss Marple, to address the points in order.. 1. If something is attacked by everyone, for me that's a sign that there must be something good about it (think Catholicism). Less glibly, I think that Common Core is not a particularly big issue; the program might need a lot of fixes, but national standards for educators is not Stalinism. In any case, I'll bet that Jeb can diffuse this issue easily just by talking about it - he's the epitome of a reasonable-sounding person. 2. There is Bush dementia on the what? The left is not going to vote for any Republican, obviously, and the media is going to try to sabotage any Republican regardless. 3. All equity funds have foreign "backing", i.e. investors, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with Jeb making money. Watch (assuming he runs) how Jeb is unapologetic about this, and even comes out swinging. 4. Jeb is an education freak, and also likes to join consortiums or whatever. 5. Jeb hasn't been castigating the left for the last six years because he has not been on the national stage for the last six years. That changes now. He's a pro-business patriot who doesn't suffer fools gladly; he's no milquetoast, I think people will be surprised.
Toggle Commented Dec 17, 2014 on Back At UVA - It Only Gets Weirder at JustOneMinute
Jeb, assuming he runs, wins the GOP nod. Even if most of the supposedly more conservative candidates dropped out and supported one of their ranks, say Walker or Paul, Jeb would still win the primaries. And not because he's more monied, or because primary voters are somehow attracted to the establishment candidate (actually, it's supposed to be the firebrand voters who show up to primaries), but because Jeb comes across better as a candidate - he's a formidable campaigner. It's absolutely true that Romney will (probably gratefully) call it a day at last with Jeb running, and that Christie will recognize that he can't carry New Jersey in a general while Jeb will trounce Hillary or anyone else in Florida. Jeb is a smart wonky conservative, so I have to hope that his opponent is Warren, not only because it would be a landslide but also because there would be an actual debate of political philosophy (a good civics lesson for the nation as a whole).
Toggle Commented Dec 16, 2014 on Back At UVA - It Only Gets Weirder at JustOneMinute
"Didn't he necessarily have to abandon his support for school choice to properly fit the common core mold?" He wasn't changing his views for political expediency there, he didn't do that to pick up votes. It's possible, in terms of issues importance in 2016, support for Common Core will be small beer indeed.
Iggy, I have exactly the same feelings on immigration as Jeb does, and I know I'm a conservative. Also, though I don't know it, I suspect that stances on immigration that depart very far from Jeb's are not electorally viable, despite the midterms. With his "actions" on immigration, Obama has done much to highlight the contempt he holds for the presidency and the populace, but he's actually right when he says that everyone knew we weren't going to deport 11 million people. Romney, trying to stake out a position to the right of Perry, shot himself in the foot on immigration; Jeb has much better political instincts than that.
Yes, fink, tk, in that I'm kidding; if Reagan isn't good enough for conservatives (because, in my example, of support for immigration reform), then no one is good enough except a doctrinaire by-the-book Conservative Maximus. And since Reagan was a great man and a great president who incalculably advanced conservatism, while any garden variety doctrinaire conservative is not necessarily bestowed with the gift of greatness, the liability of purism is manifestly clear.
"That would mean Reagan wasn't a purist." Absolutely true. Reagan, that fink.
"Either way, it disqualifies him in my eyes." That's fair, though you might soften a bit when he talks about it more. But here's one thing - you know he won't abandon his support for it just to fit the mold. That's a trait I admire.
"Do purist conservatives have a point of view that purist conservatives find offensive?" Sure. Reagan, if you squint a little, was pro-amnesty on immigration. Goldwater morphed into a lefty over the years, in the eyes of many. Does Jeb stand athwart history, yelling Stop? I think he does.
The insinuation that there's any connection between Chinese investors to a private equity fund and the belief on the part of one of the founders of the fund that there should be national education standards is, politely, a non-starter. Chinese money is everywhere, every conservative has at least one point of view that offends purists.
"And now jeb also is getting all this Chinese backing." Because Jeb, despite being one of the most conservative governors any state has ever had, and despite being much more of an intrinsic conservative than either his brother or father, is actually a Commie sympathizer who wants to put us in gulags. But it's not a problem - after he's president everyone can temper their delusions and get ready for eight years of growth and American exceptionalism.
Greg Abbott won 44% of the Hispanic vote, Perdue 40%. The GOP narrowed the lead that Dems hold with Hispanic voters in pretty much every race, but those voters are registering their disappointment with Obama just like everyone else is. It would be nice, or let's say crucial instead of nice, to continue to cultivate a better image with Hispanic voters, they are an important voting bloc. Rick Perry was absolutely correct about immigration in a debate answer that ended his aspirations to be the nominee; I hope that Republican voters aren't so dim this time around. I hope that the nominee isn't urging self-deportation (poor Mitt probably wanted to go the way Perry was leaning until he saw the crowd's reaction, then figured that shifting right was the only safe place to go). Hispanics should be part of the GOP big tent, I hope they'll have a reason to be.
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