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It's the same crowd here as two, four, eight and twelve years ago, and that's fine. Nominee will probably be Jeb, and you'll all vote for him while pining for someone More Pure. Anyway, I don't want to ruin thoughts on Tuesday, where I'll guess we gain 8 in the Senate and 11 in the House. Cheers.
I DO NOT WANT HIM. Understood, Miss Marple. I KINDA DO.
Lyle, until you repeated it at 2:20, I had not noticed how wrongheaded was "assimilate those who we brought in over the decades as cheap labor." Well, since I wrote "assimilate those etc.", I guess I'll defend my wrongheadedness, huh. See, what I was thinking is that U.S. employers have availed themselves of cheap illegal immigrant labor for a long time. Not turning that labor away because no valid green cards could be produced but, rather, looking the other way and employing those workers. So it's a problem for which the U.S. bears some responsibility, as we condoned and encouraged it. And that Jeb is not entirely off the mark (oh, heck, he's entirely on it) when he says the illegal immigrant may be committing a "crime", but it's not too hard to understand why it happens (as GWB said, roughly, "of course they're coming here, they're trying to feed their families"). Under the circumstances, a certain amount of compassion might be in order when formulating policy, or so it would seem to me but I'm probably too dim to understand where my head went wrong on this.
Nothing, not one single thing, even remotely supports the contention that Bush advocates "open borders" - quite the opposite (at link). Hyperbole aside, though, Bush is exactly the type of Republican who can a) win Hispanic votes, and b) forge an immigration bill that will pass on both sides of the aisle. Bush II tried to get a bill going but was rebuffed by his own party, which was/is a disgrace; Jeb, I think, is more talented than his brother. Again, purists will disagree; purists, btw, at this stage of the game eight years ago, were generally in Fred Thompson's corner - Fred would've been whomped worse by Obama than McCain was.
Well, lyle, being a Bush is not a disqualifier for me, as Bush the Younger gets pretty high marks (again, overall). I think Jeb would improve Common Core, which I admit is deeply flawed now. Immigration, of course, he's spot on about; we need a secure border and a plan to assimilate those who we brought in over the decades as cheap labor. Liberals pretend that they don't blanche at the mention of Jeb's name; they did that with Romney too, until he was nominated and liberals could immediately discern his horns (so, in short, who cares what liberals say anyway?). I think he'd run as strongly against Hillary as anyone else I can think of.
Jeb proved as Governor that he's pro-life, pro-gun and a fiscal conservative. Labeling him a Statist because he supports federal education standards or because of his moderate immigration views is a stretch.
Re: Jeb. Despite the supposedly "wide open" GOP field for 2016, I don't really see the nominee being anyone other than Jeb Bush or Rand Paul; I think either would be a strong candidate in a general election, and I'd be more than happy with either as President. Jeb is a smart guy and, on balance, a conservative - he seems to get quite a bit of undeserved criticism from purists.
Re Cap'n Hate's Neil Young article - it's too bad that a guy who endorsed Reagan (twice) is now so misguided that he's concerned about the size of the U.S. military's "environmental footprint as compared to that of ISIS'. The real gossip about Neil, not mentioned in that article, is that he's left his long-time wife for Daryl Hannah (who is kinda nutso herself).
The Federalist asks "Do Democrats Always Win Close Statewide Elections?", and concludes that yep, uh huh, they usually do.
Clarice, Wallace (and Steve Schmidt) were a disgrace. Amazing that McCain could pick such a great VP candidate and then squander her like that.
H&R, there's no denying my mistaken insertion of penal there; it was an unintended penal implant (like when the wrong guy is sent up the river for a crime he didn't commit).
I had a splendid meal at One If By Land, Two If By Sea in 1982. I'll bet the place hasn't changed one bit since then (I'd hope not, anyway).
A panel, not a penal, for crissakes.
I saw something on Fox News recently, a penal that might have included Pat Caddell (can't remember), and the participants all agreed that the GOP is squandering an opportunity by not running national ads that emphasize how a vote for GOP candidates will help neutralize Obama policies. Seems like a good overall message to me, in terms of gotv. The reason there are no such ads, the panel agreed, and this is horrifying to me, is that consultants make less money on ads like that. I do believe they quoted consultants getting something like a 15% fee on a targeted ad buy (i.e. they spend a million dollars on a statewide ad and pocket a cool 150k for their efforts). If all this is true, it's very disturbing.
Chiquita should have spoken with Bono first; he moved his money from Ireland to the Netherlands for the same reason (taxes).
Toggle Commented Oct 22, 2014 on Is There Anything They Can't Do? at JustOneMinute
Oops, I see the chemical weapons story is covered by a different thread below, my bad.
Toggle Commented Oct 15, 2014 on Tom Friedman Making Sense at JustOneMinute
If Friedman says it, it's probably false; every once in a while, a strong dollar and the prospect of a continued strong dollar will actually have the effect it's supposed to (gold hasn't been too pretty either). Much more interesting from today's Times, I think, is the well-sourced and fairly straightforward (for the Times) article about chemical weapons that have been found in Iraq regularly for the last decade. The Times likes to note that the West, long ago, built the weapons for Iraq, as opposed to emphasizing that Iraq did indeed have plenty of WMD after all; in any case, ISIS now controls most of those areas of Iraq and whatever still lies within those areas.
Toggle Commented Oct 15, 2014 on Tom Friedman Making Sense at JustOneMinute
There are no subways in the United States. England has some, but they call them "the tube", so maybe that doesn't count. Sounds like ISIS is out of luck!
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"See, this is how conspiracies get started." There's plenty of that. How about JFK's brain? It was removed from the President before burial, it was stored (with medical slides and documents) at the National Archive, and it did disappear. Supposedly Bobby took it because the whole thing creeped him out, but who knows.
Toggle Commented Nov 22, 2013 on Making History at JustOneMinute
"Oliver Stone type big honcho conspiracy? Fantasyland, as far as I'm concerned." Fantasyland as far as everyone is concerned; even Stone has admitted he was just throwing every conspiracy at the wall at once, to see what stuck. Plenty had motives for wanting to kill JFK, yet no real evidence has ever emerged that any of those parties had a hand in it. But that doesn't mean that there's not some odd circumstances associated with the assassination that haven't been explained.
Toggle Commented Nov 22, 2013 on Making History at JustOneMinute
"Let me get this straight. Kennedy's suit with the blood spatters cannot be seen until 2103? That's 150 years after the assassination!" They sent it to the slowest dry cleaner in town.
Toggle Commented Nov 22, 2013 on Making History at JustOneMinute
"I guess y'all don't know who Jennifer Nettles is. Pfft. How about Jasmine Guy? She asked me out about twenty-two years ago..." I had to look her up, Beasts; but, yeah, that's impressive!
Toggle Commented Nov 22, 2013 on Making History at JustOneMinute
I agree with John John, and it's even true with Caroline - you have to cut them both a break for what they've been through (and, due to Jackie, they didn't develop the bad habits of other Kennedy kids). It's really sad to watch the clips of them as kids at that funeral; not an easy thing for them to recover from.
Toggle Commented Nov 22, 2013 on Making History at JustOneMinute
I like Walker too, NK. He seems to have very good debating skills, and he's not in the Washington loop. 2016 is so far away, though, it could be anyone; if Jeb Bush actually decides he wants it, he has a tremendous fundraising apparatus at his disposal.
Toggle Commented Nov 22, 2013 on Making History at JustOneMinute
"besides both of her kids were SO STUPID--" Heh, that gets a silver star.
Toggle Commented Nov 22, 2013 on Making History at JustOneMinute