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hrtshpdbox- welcome back. nice to see you back in the comments. Thanks, rich, nice to see you as well; now that it's getting (a little) closer to the election I'll be around more often.
Jeb on the decision: “I will work with Congress to repeal and replace this flawed law with conservative reforms that empower consumers with more choices and control over their health care decisions.” What a RINO.
"The litmus test is to be as much like Scalia, Thomas or Alito without being any of them." Where have you gone, Bobby Bork (a Party turns its lonely eyes to you).
Heh, Threadkiller, anytime GW was in lockstep with Acorn you knew something was very wrong.
I think any doubt can now be laid to rest; the most damaging act of George W. Bush's presidency is naming Roberts to the Court (with the second most egregious sin his drive to see everyone own a home regardless of their personal finances).
The US Open!? The US Open doesn't start until the end of August...oh, I see, you mean golf (ewww).
The one song on Dylann's Myspace playlist is some awful death metal grindcore crap, naturally.
What happens if the Donald doesn't rank in the top ten in polls and therefore doesn't qualify for a spot in FOX's debate? Does he try to buy FOX from Murdoch? Or would it be cheaper to just declare war on FOX, gold-plating the entire studio, perhaps replacing all the set furniture with rococo divans? The suspense is killing me.
Opponents of the death penalty needn't rely on questions of guilt (or emotion) to justify their view. They might, for instance, believe that putting criminals to death lowers society to the same barbaric level as the criminal, and that barbarism isn't generally admirable.
Toggle Commented Apr 9, 2015 on Cheney On Obama While On Hewitt at JustOneMinute
Indeed, NK; she's just about the spittin' image of Vivian Leigh.
From Obama's point of view, mandatory voting ensures that people with no knowledge of issues, or interest in them, will nevertheless vote - and those folks are partial to the type of mindless panaceas offered by Dems.
Obama certainly congratulated Chavez right before the 2012 election:
I'd love to see Boehner have Bibi come back to Congress, get his 12-minute applause while filing in, just to say "Hello, I must be going." Followed by 12 minutes of applause.
Rick, great point about the fickle I's; as the two parties become more partisan polling accuracy goes down the tubes (November's bigger-than-expected GOP rout a good and recent example). My own prediction is that it may be tougher sledding for Hillary or any Dem just because there's so much mischief and voter discontent that O can still cause in the remainder of his term.
Heh, Cap'n, alrighty then.
Cap'n, you beat me to it by mere seconds.
lyle, what I see bolded there is Holder admitting he's a racist.
Cap'n, I haven't been "periodically shilling", you've probably noticed the one or two (tops) times that I've spoken well of Jeb here because no one else does it. I think every Republican candidate has something that the media will try to make hay out of, but it's up to the candidate (as you note with the example of Romney) to deflect that.
Diamonds are a girl's best friend -- that would be a great theme song for Jeb Bush. Send In The Clowns might be Laura's.
I have nothing against Rand Paul, and would try to vote for him at least two or three times if he was the nominee. And Walker is great; I don't think he's done (said) a thing wrong yet (even the "I've stood up to protesters, so I could stand up to ISIS too" thing is fine with me). I think Jeb has the best shot at beating Clinton or any other Dem, though (not to mention that I just like Jeb, period). I do understand, though, a conservative's suspicion that Bush would complete a sorry trifecta that started with moderates McCain and Romney, and the determination not to get fooled again like that. I, personally, think that Jeb bears no resemblance to McCain or Romney.
I don't know, tk, but Jeb is sure not a "non-conservative Republican", at least not in my opinion. I'm guessing it was OK with Ronnie if someone criticized Jacob Javits, y'know?
Cap'n, you think Jeb has more ticking time bombs than any other candidate? I don't; I don't think that's seriously an issue, but I am pretty sure that it's a cheap shot for a fellow Republican to bring that stuff up (as per Reagan's 11th commandment, anyway).
But NK, if extremism in the defense of liberty is personified by walking out an invited speaker (or making personal attacks on a candidate's wife), then the pursuers of liberty aren't particularly admirable.
Well, Cap'n, when Laura Ingraham is making snide comments about Jeb buying his wife jewelry, it's not so much that I don't "believe" her as that I think it's a rather sad spectacle to behold. Jeb, the cause of the new BDS, this time from the right. It's not enough, apparently, that there's nothing Jeb could possibly do to get into double digits at CPAC's end-of-session popularity vote - it's important along the way for the CPAC participants to smear Jeb and his wife just for good measure.
Laura Ingraham, at CPAC, spews low-class snark at Jeb and his wife: Very classy, and perhaps a prelude to true believers walking out on the invited speaker later today (now that is bound to show Jeb the error of his ways - if Jeb is supposed to be the adult in the room, those filing out can stake claim to the little babies category). Meanwhile, Noonan quotes all the Jeb naysayers and crafts some invective of her own over at the Journal: But then, Noonan has been largely wrong about everything post-1988, so there's that.