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Far from putting it down, Trump said in the video that he couldn't figure out why the Enquirer didn't get a Pulitzer for investigative journalism, and its expose of John Edwards, and some other story they broke that he mentioned. You do realize that the publisher of the National Enquirer since 1999, David Pecker, is a close friend of Trump, right? And that Trump has written op-eds for the Enquirer as well as promising them exclusive interviews for the entirety of the 2016 campaign? And that the Enquirer stories about Cruz's "mistresses" and Cruz's father are almost certainly plants by The Donald himself? Because Trump, besides being the nominee of a major party for President of the United States, is also a low-down snake? Just checking. The other story that Trump mentioned, besides Edwards, was about how the Enquirer "got OJ" (must be something to do with orange juice, I guess, can't say for sure).
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Oh to have the butt balm franchise for #NeverTrump. And, three months from now, the selective seretonin reuptake inhibitor patent for #trump2016.
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So...tonight! The public looks at Trump as a nominee of a major party for the first time! Will he read what the writers have written for him, or will he go merrily off-script? Which would you prefer? Which will more likely get him elected? If you're a true believer, I think you'd want him to toss aside anything some pesky manager thinks would be wise, and let Trump be Trump! But, remember, for many voters it's the first time they'll truly be paying attention. They'll be giving him a chance to convince them he (and his family) belong in the White House - can he make that sale? I say no, he cannot. And we're stuck with the awful Hillary Clinton as POTUS because the Republicans nominated a dud. Your mileage may vary.
Toggle Commented 2 days ago on Fair And Balanced at JustOneMinute
There. I just plagiarized a bit of Susie's Dana Loesch's tweet... Nah, to be plagiarism it would have to be much more similar to the original material (like Melania's was last night). I've seen predictions (they were made before the first, awful day of the convention) that Trump would get a post-convention bounce taking him from roughly 4 points down to 5 points up - similar to the bounce that McCain received post-convention in '08. I'll make my own prediction - there will be no bounce, none at all. If Trump didn't display his tone-deaf campaign incompetence so regularly (Orlando, Judge Curiel, the Scottish trip) then I'd allow for the possibility that the Michelle O quotes were on purpose. As it is, though, it's rather curious that any speechwriter or aide can be that bad. Hi, JOM'ers, nice to read your posts, I'm off to get a haircut now, hope you won't miss me too much, later.
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Iggy, Deb, thank you, and henry, thanks and tell Chitown that I've finally got an endo appt tomorrow (my endo from 14 years ago isn't taking "new patients", grrrr). I agree about the Tapazole, I'll probably get some tomorrow. Hair loss and eye damage didn't happen the first time, so I'm at least officially optimistic at this point. Hang in there physically hrtshpdbx, and if you get lonely, you'll always have THEO. GUS, Theo and I cuddle together and hum the Internationale in each other's ears. It really does make me feel better. I am still waiting for the apology for calling some of us "traitors." Those who won't vote for Trump are routinely called traitors by the Trumpsters, and pretty much everyone on here is owed apologies by others, but you're right MM - sorry. Was your second, unecessarily-long paragraph satire or wishful thinking? Yes. Not something I would put out there;) Oh, the firm had completely reneged on the contract and impacted heavily on my income, and the arbitrators needed no time to come up with a ruling. Still, if I'd quit any of the countless times I wanted to, instead of keeping a paper trail of what was going on and waiting for them to can me, it would have been a whole different ballgame.
Toggle Commented Jun 20, 2016 on Happy Father's Day at JustOneMinute
I don't know, I might be misreading it, but it seems to me that Donald Trump and the NRA working out their minor position difference re: the watch list is an actual good moment for Trump. He worked with people, and didn't overly insult them along the way. If, going forward, he doesn't say "I'm for some handgun control too, and the NRA will just have to do what I say because I'll have the power to make judges sign bills", then I think he can chalk this one up in his very short column. You all know that I'm a GOPe insider; I get all the scuttlebutt, of course, which I'm forbidden to repeat (you can lose your Skull and Bones alumni rights, no more lux et veritas then!). But I just feel that, as an American, I need to spill the operative scenario being planned; although all of us "moderate Republicans" agree ideologically that the proletariat should be freed from the chains of poverty and that government should control all means of production, and we all believe politically that Trump must be denied the nomination so that we can always put our progressive stamp on Brand GOP, well, sometimes some members go too far with their dastardliness. And this is one of those times, so I'm outting the plot, the path the GOPe sees to getting 1238 delegates to go for the rule change. Over the next couple of weeks (and it really doesn't matter what Trump says or does, or if he's behaving or not), there will be a slow but steady trickle of elected officials announcing they won't support Trump, or rescinding previous support (these people are being rewarded, you can be sure, in fact most already have cash in hand). You can expect WAPO to run at least one daily story about how and why so-and-so used to think Trump was Reagan but now thinks he's Hitler. Then, in just the week before the convention, there will be several polls, albeit of somewhat dubious lineage, showing that a substantial percentage of people who voted for Trump in the primaries now regret it. That's a cover the delegates could use even if they don't all become unbound for the first ballot, i.e. "the voters don't even want him anymore. so I'm exercising my "conscience clause". Regardless, after a couple of ballots the nominee is Bob Corker, and it's off to the "we all have to unite and support the nominee" races. So now you know. Oh, my dear JOM crowd, there's some days I need you so much, I want to bounce things off you but there's that little impediment of hating each other. So I have to Hit and Run (wasn't he a poster here, uh, I mean a commentator? I have to say though, we're all trolls on this bus. Any accusation of "troll!" levied on this board should be met with a hearty "no, you!". The implication of "concern troll" is that there even is some "correct" stance to take on the board in order to pretend to be In with the In Crowd. And it's all more farcical still, as regulars (people who imagine themselves standard-bearers and certainly non-trolls) and trolls are happily insulting each other in the mud. In 2011 I worked myself into a position at a brokerage firm where I would get fired, so that I could pursue a contract dispute against the firm, which I won (nothing major). Time had elapsed and my book of business was depleted, plus firms arch an eyebrow when they see you've sued another firm. So now I work at Amazon, in one of their warehouses. I just turned 60, and my workday is very strenuous - I am, somehow, the fasted "boxer" in the facility, and I really love doing it. I do train some of the new people, but I don't aspire to move up the ladder, as I'm going to quit the day I turn 62. Then I'll collect Social Security while living off records (hunting them down and selling them on Ebay) and some freelance internet content writing, plus the not very considerable savings I've socked away. Right now, I have a problem with a condition that only bothered me once before, when I was 46. It's Graves disease, so right now my eyes hurt, my hairline is itchy, I've lost about 15 pounds over the last month despite eating and drinking like a madman. The first time I had it I basically lost all strength for a while, but that hasn't happened this time, at least not yet. There's treatments for some of the symptoms, like the thyroid problem, but some if it just has to run it's course and hopefully not get worse (though they can radiate or remove the thyroid, which they suggested to me when I was 46 and on which I demurred). As it is, they've put me on Zoloft to prevent panic attacks, and I've never taken an SSRI before (doesn't seem to do anything, that I can tell). Beautiful day outside, JOM'ers, though it's supposed to hit 92 degrees here in PA. I have to catch the postman to mail a bill, then do some shopping. Cheers.
Toggle Commented Jun 20, 2016 on Happy Father's Day at JustOneMinute
Please read from many sources. Check and re-check. I do that. Trump is a d**che.
Toggle Commented Jun 14, 2016 on There Is Surely Some News Out There at JustOneMinute
He'll probably talk about it at length today, at his 2:30 EST speech, that was going to be a speech about the Clintons but is now going to be about Orlando, immigration, etc. Unless Mr. Hot Mess decides to make the speech about Vince Foster, Obama being in cahoots with terrorists, Area 51, how he slept with the wife of a business adversary in 1982, and how Amazon will be in plenty of trouble and China is going to get such a beatdown once he's elected (ending with a hilarious impression of Chinese facial expressions and speech mannerisms). Oh boy, can't wait.
Toggle Commented Jun 13, 2016 on Jihad Comes To Orlando at JustOneMinute
Unbalanced punk castigates Republicans.
Toggle Commented Jun 12, 2016 on Sunday Morning Open Thread at JustOneMinute
The Mexican-American Grocers Association was apparently founded in 1977. There could be, what, four Supreme Court positions filled by the next president? I'm so angry with everyone complicit in having the nominee of my party being someone for whom I cannot vote. It's because of those traitors (Trump supporters) that America's decline will continue, and I'm pissed off about it.
Toggle Commented Jun 5, 2016 on Shootings In Chicago at JustOneMinute
..the Johnson-Weld ticket seems like a no-brainer for principled conservatives and Republicans. Sure, if you're principled enough to refuse to vote for a headcase, but lots of people are finding new ways to rationalize that every day.
Toggle Commented Jun 5, 2016 on Shootings In Chicago at JustOneMinute
David French - is not Donald Trump - is not Hillary Clinton Vive la France! (uh, French)
Toggle Commented May 31, 2016 on Back In Chicago at JustOneMinute
Master sales pitch, as per docs released today: “Is everything Donald Trump does the BEST?” a salesman would ask. “He wouldn’t put his name on this if it wasn’t right?” And you know what? People fall for nonsense like that, because people are gullible. The women who have slept with Trump? Gullible. The people who would pony up 35k for Trump University? Gullible. The people who would vote for Trump? You know it.
Toggle Commented May 31, 2016 on Back In Chicago at JustOneMinute
In Atlantic, David Frum ponders the state of an electorate that would enable such a nominee.
Toggle Commented May 31, 2016 on Back In Chicago at JustOneMinute
Red State (not too popular here, I guess) lays out why Trump can't be expected to nominate conservatives to the SCOTUS.
Toggle Commented May 31, 2016 on Back In Chicago at JustOneMinute
Their headline explicitly and falsely said Trump claimed there was no drought in CA, even though the body of the story contained nothing remotely like that. Seems so odd that anyone would feel a need to twist or exaggerate anything Trump says to make him look stupid; just running the tape and doing a straight transcript yields so many gems each and every day.
Toggle Commented May 30, 2016 on Going Viral at JustOneMinute
Who are the people most likely to vote for Romney (if it's him)? Well, 60% of voters have gotta at least be "persuadables".
Trump U + Trump Air + Casino's Galore + USFL + Trump this and that. When you're a fraud, that probably should be significant to voters, though I expect that general moral decrepitude will also remain an issue. We don't necessarily want to conflate money and "success" anyway, lest we start thinking that, oh, George Soros is more admirable than, say, Scott Walker.
The Donald on a former GOP nominee: “Poor Mitt Romney. Poor Mitt. . . . I mean, I have a store that’s worth more money than he is,” Trump said, adding later: “He choked like a dog. . . . Once a choker, always a choker.” He also called Romney “stupid” and joked that he walked “like a penguin.” I'm a little unclear on this, as I have a dog and she's not prone to choking. Since he brought up penguins as well, maybe he misspoke and meant choked like a penguin (I have no information about penguins choking). The Donald has promised to put lots of "showbiz" into the convention activities. Seems unlikely that Mitt or Jeb or Susanah Martinez or Niki Haley or Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz will be attending, so they'll only have themselves to blame when they miss the big elephant standing on a tiny chair. They represent the old GOP anyway, and the Donald doesn't even need to be aligned with any political party to Make America Great Again. The very last thing he'll need the GOP for, and I'm sure it's a bother for him, is to stage his nomination. One thing's for sure - he won't need backing from any kind of Congress to put his bold agenda into effect, he'll tell you that much himself.
Silicon Valley being silly, not understanding that the Supreme Court hangs in the balance: "Longtime valley Republican stalwarts who have voted for every GOP nominee for decades say they can’t do it this year. The libertarian-minded innovators who just want to get government out of their way have less faith in Trump than they do in even Hillary Clinton, the Democrat with big plans to grow the bureaucracy." They pretend to have a reason for their opposition... "Trump's trade agenda, they say, threatens to tear apart global business relationships crucial to tech industry success." ....but we know better - they're just GOPe cowards who don't care about Making America Great Again. Trump doesn't need supporters like that.
Toggle Commented May 24, 2016 on Minority Report at JustOneMinute
...but the important thing for people to know is that I didn't vote for Trump---that's the important thing, I didn't vote for Trump. I'm not concerned what people know, or think, about my voting choice, the important thing to me is that I know I didn't sacrifice my own principles to vote for a monster who might turn out to be worse than even Hillary. Those who can't imagine how someone could not vote for Trump need to understand that other people can't imagine how anyone possibly could vote for him, and how they can be apologists for that POS. Here's Reason 311 why a vote for Trump is morally untenable, for me - Trump, who probably controls what gets printed in the National Enquirer, likely planted the Ted Cruz girlfriends story, and the absurd Cruz's father with Oswald story. The day after the Indiana primary, Trump was still talking about how horrible it was that Cruz's father was with Oswald. No one else, not Nixon or Clinton or anyone, would do that the day after essentially locking up the nomination. Trump is a despicable punk, and I'm not going to feel guilty for not voting for a despicable punk. The biggest laugh is, that when Trump loses, those who actually voted for the creep will be blaming the GOP establishment for not supporting him, instead of themselves for being complicit in his nomination in the first place. Feh.
Toggle Commented May 23, 2016 on Trump Juggernaut Continues at JustOneMinute
This race tells the story. That is one incredible finish to a race, great clip.
Toggle Commented May 22, 2016 on Trump Juggernaut Continues at JustOneMinute
You think Clinton is a sophisticated guy who does nothing wrong? He's above reproach? This is the kind of off-the-wall logic that drives me crazy. Bill Clinton? Who was talking about him? But it's war alright, the country is a mess, and the GOP has an unqualified and unbalanced General.
If by efficient government you mean scratching each other's backs and rolling in their pelf.. I'm pretty sure that's not how "efficient government" is defined, except maybe by a Trump voter. I'll pass those descriptors along to my wonderful daughters who proudly voted for Trump. Your daughters are no doubt wonderful, Beasts, but they voted for an idiot. I don't know about the rest of you but I'm really enjoying this tantrum. You mean Trump's 2016 presidential campaign, right. Tantrum is a good way to describe it - a national tantrum. What could go wrong?
I think the JOM Style Guide prefers 'rubes' to 'dopey' when slurring Trump's record-setting voters. Noted, rubes it is then.