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Hugh Jass
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When I first got my Vibrams I did some research and watched YouTube videos to see how to run barefoot. At the time I was running 10-12k runs, my first run with Vibrams was a little over 1k and my calves were sore for a week. Today I've switched back to padded shoes not because of an injury with barefoot shoes but because my achilles tendinitis has been acting up since injuring it during soccer. I've had this for 6-7 years; way before buying Vibrams. I just find minimalistic shoes aggravate it more than padded shoes. Even walking around in my sidewalk surfers sometimes makes my achilles act up. I don't think it's the cause but it's not helping.
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That was an awesome talk, it had zombies, Red Dawn, swearing.... loved it all. I just wish I wasn't so shy to do stuff like that. Thanks for sharing.
Toggle Commented Jul 18, 2011 on The Art of Being Furiously Happy at WWdN: In Exile
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I love finding new indie bands through recommendations. As a thank you for your recommendations let me recommend a few bands that I found this month. Electric Six seems to be a combo of disco and punk or disco and rock... good songs to check out are "Gay Bar", "Danger, High Voltage" and "Synthesizer". Another band is Jupiter Sunrise, check out "Super X-Ray Vision" and "September Girl". Enjoy!
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what's with all the embiggening? I know it's a perfectly cromulent word but come on!
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I'm not sure how American elections work but do you only get two candidates to choose from? Or is it just the media that makes these two people the best possible contenders when in fact there are many other candidates running? Also, is it just me or do mostly whack-jobs support McCain? You know the people who still live in the 50s where blacks, gays and anybody else they don't understand are evil. We have gay marriage in Canada and nothing has changed. They should be able to suffer like the rest of us ;-)
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Awesome review. I got a site that lists movies to check what people think before going to see a movie. On this site Cloverfield got a 6.9/10 which was very dissapointing. After seeing the movie I give a 10/10, it's a masterpiece. I think a certain percentage of people get nauseous in that type of situation so it was no surprise that many people didn't enjoy the movie due to the way it was shot. I got used to the camera pretty quickly and found it made the whole movie more real. My girlfriend, on the other hand, felt ill. I'm so happy that there are movies that come out once and awhile that don't spoon feed you every detail. I agree that letting people use their imagination is a much better tool that CGI special effects. I kind of wish they had never shown the monster at all. The ending was perfect just the way it was, some things are better left for you to decide what happens.
Toggle Commented Jan 29, 2008 on Cloverfield at WWdN: In Exile
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