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Woohoo! I got all five in the right order. Do I get a cookie or something of equivalent value? I could definitely tell the raw CD from the <320kbs samples (although the drop in quality was admittedly slight in all but the 128kbps, which sounded really nasty) but discerning the difference between uncompressed and the 320kbps was much harder. Ultimately this test has reaffirmed my personal beliefs that 1) FLAC isn't worth it purely on terms of sound quality and 2) 320kbps CBR or V0 VBR are still superior to 192kbs if you have good quality headphones. The music just sounds richer and more detailed, I can't explain it beyond that. Tested on a Samsung netbook with Sennheiser HD 25-1 IIs (no amplifier).
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Jun 28, 2012