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Enough with the crap already! You guys sound like well educated men. If you want to write essays – do it somewhere else, or buy a soap box and head down to the steps of the local city hall. I’m tired of the perceived anti Cal group, and of hearing the responses and justifications associated with it. I’m sick and tired of hearing coaches attacking each other. I feel ashamed as an American, that some people still have deep seated racial or bigotry feelings. There is no place in rugby for any of that – everyone is equal, no matter what color you are, no matter where you come from and no matter who you prey too. (there are a lot of others – but I can’t be bothered listing them, and this isn’t my fight) I ask you rugby gentlemen to back off each other personally. You can agree to disagree over the American coach v Foreign coach issue – but leave the anti foreigner comments out, so you can focus on the real issue at stake, the rugby. And the forward progression of USA Rugby, following the RWC in France. It is clear, that Coach Thorburn will not be resigning a contract to continue coaching the USA Eagles. Obviously, there is going to be some stirring within the perceived top level coaches in the USA today. Top runners would have to be Adam Friend and Marty Wiggins. After that – it’s a cat fight. But I wouldn’t be surprised if USA Rugby sought the services of another offshore – proven, international level, and highly successful coach.
The posting by BEAR, gave reference to the OC and Cal ties. I read it – it was real. The language was fine and there was nothing incorrect in the statements used. So why was it removed? That kind of selective editing gives rise to the conspiracy theorists. And I agree with Realist on this one, you allow racial comments to go unchecked. While any comments against OC or Cal are deleted in the middle of the night.
4 High Performance Centers, sounds like a great plan and a great step forward. That also corresponds to the time a new coach will be replacing Peter Thorburn – his contract will be up. I think it allows the new coach the scope to develop from rugby orientated athletes from a very young age – much younger than before. I read that they are scouting 12 year olds. That’s never happened before! The decision to start the process, may show the IRB that USAR is really trying hard. If they decide to keep the funding going, and we may get more sponsors – it wouldn’t be easy. But nothing easy was ever worth going for. And it’s not totally unachievable.
performance - you're a dick
*** News Alert - Do not read if you don't want to see the USA V Scotland 'A' score. ARN and Goff are reporting the score as 13-9 in favor of the Scots. Scotland loaded the side pre game, to include 10 full international players. In many regards converting the side to a near full strength Tier I side. Early reportS are that the USA scrum was more efficient, and the loose play by Clever and Stanfill was very impressive. Considering all the doom and gloom coming from this blog – I consider this to be one of the Eagles finest days, ever. And a lot of the thanks should go to the coaching staff. So start writing folks – show your support for our national side. As I said after the Saxon game – I’M PROUD OF THE EAGLES.
I like Thorbs, Adam and Marty. They do a good job - much better than the last rag tag group. But I'll tell ya'll whats missing. It's the "Eye of the Tiger". There's no killer in the Eagles. Theres no - 'If you put you hands on the ball in a ruck - I'm going to break every bone in your friggen hand' ATTITUDE. You can carry pride, skills and training in a handbag - but until you leran to swing the handbag - your nothing. You can learn the All Blacks secrets - but until you willing to unleash them - without mercy or remorse, you're as worthless as half a knob of goat shyt. I think the Eagles do a good job - but it's only half a job. For gawds sake - someone, let the chains off them and let the dogs roam.
Read a few lines on a website - and some of you think your the best rugby coach and selector in the world. If you didn't see it - you're assuming, and that assumption is based on hearsay news reports. Check it out for yourself before you ring the doomsday bell. The Saxons are no slugs. Technically the're the 'B' side of the defending world champions. Oh I can just see ya'll right now!!! Rubbing your hands together with glee, reaching for that trusty soap box, and about to break into the same negative anti foreigners, anti Thorburn - and "Lets get an American coach" statements. The players would have given everything they had - I have no doubt about that. And they'd be proud to tell you that face to face. They're the best side we have - that's it. They are a bloody good side - I'm proud of them. Even if some of you still throw C Rap in thier general direction. GO THE EAGLES
Kort Schubert is one of the finest players the USA has ever produced. He is also one of the greatest athletes to graduate from UC Cal Berkeley. He should not be associated with any actions of the previous USA coach or any other parties. He should be considered for what he is. You don’t hear a lot about Kort – that’s because his face is normally buried on the ball and the ball carrier. He’s in there doing the hard graft. I know the guy, and he’s a humble man. But he’s also got a ton of heart and a ton of pride. Maybe captain was too much of an ask. But for gods sake – he’s better than Payne or Quinn. Ok – just for shyts and giggles, imagine Bausari, Clever and Schubert as your loose trio. That’s an international level backrow – and I don’t care what you say. USAR – Please give him a chance, and pick him for the next round of the NA4. And please watch him in the DI finals.
agreed, I wish he was looked at again. He's too good to leave behind.
Thanks Paul L, Schubert is a good solid player, with alot to give to USA Rugby and the Eagles. I wonder why he didn't start playing at SFGG rather then at Olympic Club. I would have thought that would have challanged him slightly more, and been easier to play in. I think there may be eligibility rules that stop players coming into DI at a late stage of the season - OC must have got prior approval.
Ya'll can watch the NA4 for free - on mediazone. Scrums: I'm surprised the Falcons & Hawks didn't have more black color in the kit. Look at the video footage. Q - does the NA4 scrum by the Falcons & Hawks look similar to any other well known rugby team? Fitness: Do the Falcons & Hawks look better prepared and in better physical condition? Have we seen a change for the better? Hawks: Did the Hawks display one of the biggest turnarounds in sporting history over the last 12 months? Eagles: They announced the Eagles squad on another website (Goff) McDonald and Lou Stanfill are included. Schubert apparently is still on the mend, but must be close - how long has he been getting serious field time since his surgery, and where has he been playing? The Eagles need him back. Is it true Tasi Mounga is older than Peter Thorburn?
Wouldn't quite be a story without mentioning Cal. Too bad about all the other rugby playoff situations, going on at the moment. This Blog should be called "Cal-Line" The way it was, and should always be.
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We should all agree that there was definite improvement on the weekend. Clearly a result based on good fitness levels and good skill sets, developed at the training camps and warm up tournaments. Considering the preparation allowed this year – it does appear the 7’s program is being funded sufficiently at the moment. They could probably use more – but who couldn’t. I do agree with some of the comments about results. The win loss stats weren’t looking very good last Friday, and there comes a time, when you just need to bring the goods. Training and skills aside – sometimes you just need that killer edge, the will to win. I think USAR 7’s and 15’s are in good shape. Positive steps on sponsorship deals recently, coaching clinics all over the country with the national coaches present. An elite coaching group. We’re in an infinitely better place then we were 12 months ago. But I don’t think the way people insult some readers on this site is a very good role model for others to follow. To call people idiots, or dim wits – really brings you down to their level. If you want to call someone a name – I suggest you use your real name as your login.
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The only complaint I have was the beer cost too much! Other than that – Petco gets my vote. Steinlager as the sponsor – Excellent fit for the USA Rugby image. Now – if we can only get them fully involved in sponsoring USAR. The Eagles were out hustled in the first 2 games, but when they got their noses in front, and found the grit to hold on. Not only hold on – but kept attacking. With confidence and flair. Good to see. Tal - A bit concerned to read that PJ Komognan is not currently in school, and missed selection for the USA 7’s. Interested to know if time away with the Eagles 7’s squad, had any result. He’s only 21 – he might be a good fit at Cal, with 4 more years under the best collegiate coaches around, may see him truly developed as a top player by the age of 25.
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Laughable - I wasn't trying to be funny, just making a comment. Sure I'd like to play against you - what club do you coach or play for? My club has 8 club sides, which level would you like to compete against? You need to read down the page - the record goes back as far as 2004.
Not being familiar with any Pelican rugby club, I discovered – they are in fact the NorCal referees society. A very good website to visit full of interesting news and links, including games rules etc. They also take a keen interest to report any yellow or red card issues. If you read into it, you can see who the two sides are, the referee involved – but not the players name. The players name should be revealed. Grab, touch, strike – all the same. It’s a cardinal rule – never touch an official of the game. To break one of those rules – you deserve for everyone to know who it is, so they can watch for it in the future. In reading the website, I noticed something, I think is a good sign. There is one or two clubs that have found a way to coach and play near perfect rugby. Statistics straight from the Pelican website, indicate that at least one club has never received a red card, and in the 3 years of shown ‘Card’ history – only one yellow card. The next best side, has only received 2 yellow cards in the same 3 year period (both in the same game). That’s a remarkable achievement. Congratulations to the players and coaches of Cal Berkeley and the Olympic Club.
I believe Kort was taken out of the Eagles last season due to his knee injury. It is my understanding, the injury had been getting progressively worse, and he begun to feel the effects. He was not dropped from the team - he's in the same situation as Wallaby Chris Latham and All Black Greg Somerville. It's known as elective surgury. Closer to home, he's in the same situation as Mose Timoteo - who had similar surgury, and almost at the same time. Expect to see Kort wearing Eagles colors again before the RWC. He is the best #8 in the country. He's also the best #6 around as well - and if the knee slows him down any, there's always the 2nd row. Barring injuries, he'll be in our RWC squad.
0-5. That's....not very good! What's worse, it's looking like a repeat of last year, and the year before. I support performance with the thought about "Happy". I'm not happy with 0-5. I expect better results. I'm like ya'll - I've been waiting. And waiting, and listening to the comments, they're all starting to run together and sound the same. Poor Al Caravelli - it just doesn't seem right. He's in the hot seat, and no where to go. They seem fit enough for 7 minutes, then go off the boil. I suggest Al finds a way to connect the ticker to the leg muscles. To win, as a coach, it takes at least some skills. Caravelli has those skills. What's missing is the ability to extract the 'eye of the tiger'. And as it seems to find the right warriors, to get the job done. Get er done!
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