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I've been homebrewing for several years. See my blog at If you need help for your first couple of brews, I live in Burbank, and would be happy to show you the ropes. Tips: 1. Sanitation is #1 -- use StarSan. 2. Fermentation temperature control is essential to avoid hot alcohol tastes and to keep your yeast healthy enough to finish out. Use an old frig and a Johnson digital controller. See my blog for pics. 3. Grow a yeast starter a day before you brew. Stirplates help to keep it oxygenated during the early growth phase. 4. Dose your wort with oxygen before you pitch your yeast, and also add yeast nutrient so your yeast don't poop out. You don't want sweet beer. Check out my beer labels for inspiration at my blog, and email if you want help.
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They're reminding you that being a carnivore is a part of the natural order of things and that eating Tofurky is a crime against nature.
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There's something you should know about the ECA that might help you understand what they mean when they say "he doesn't advocate for games." In political parlance the ECA is an "astroturfing campaign" -- that is, an organization set up to look like a grassroots organization, but in reality a shill for corporate interests. The ECA was set up by the publishers so it would look like an advocacy group for gamers, which could then be used to lobby governments supposedly with the voice of game consumers. In reality, the organization is funded by publishers, not gamers. So when they say you "don't advocate for gamers", they don't really mean within the gamer community -- what they're really saying is that you don't use your celebrity on behalf of the gamer's interests in lobbying government. Bottom line: if they want you to be their mouthpiece, there are legitimate non-harmful ways to make that happen, but that needs to be negotiated with terms both of you can live with. I'm not dissing the ECA here -- I do think it has a legitimate purpose, and I do think it's legitimate for the game industry to serve as the catalyst for these kinds of consumer organizations (otherwise they would never exist). But their true purpose is to serve business interests primarily, with a tangential benefit to the interests of gamer consumers on issues such as protection of first amendment/free expression and video game intellectual property issues, both of which are constantly under assault by political leaders.
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Heh, whatever happened to Radio Free Burrito?
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Serendipity, as I pulled-up the Google streetview to look at the Cinerama, what should be playing, but "Star Trek." Awesome post!
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Jan 14, 2010