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You said Jozy had not started for over a year when, in fact, he started a month ago. THAT was a made up fact. Your evaluation of a player in 10 minutes of play proves that you don't know what you are looking at and have a predetermined bias. Which makes everything you say irrelevant.
JK had, literally, nothing to do with the concept or implementation of the USSDA. It was conceived and implemented long before he arrived here. And, for the record, you greatly underestimate the things that Bob Bradley did here. To date, Klinsmann hasn't come close to approaching the level of success in the US that Bradley did.
What are you talking about? Jozy started on September 7 against Jamaica. And the 10-minute performance in Columbus was enough to for you to determine it was lazy and putrid? Be serious. If you have a bias, that's fine. But admit to it upfront without making up facts and pretending there is substance to your argument.
Her career record is third behind: 1. Tony Dicicco, 103-8-8 and 2. Greg Ryan, 45-1-9 and just ahead of 4. April Heinrichs 5. Anson Dorrance
No. I didn't say that at all. In fact, I made no mention of JK, JJ or ME. Why would you ask if I had when you could read my post and see that I hadn't?
So you think that just because Spain does it that every team should? No other team in the world has Iniesta and Xavi to run their team. Modeling what you do after them because they have been good at it is just silly. Argentina, specifically, has gone the other way completely. Secondly, you just want to start bringing in any old attacking midfielder just because they play in that spot? Please be serious.
So that makes it less stupid? Just because other places may or many not do it doesn't make a system that could leave the best team out of the playoffs smart, does it?
So, theoretically, the team with the best record over the course of the entire season could miss out on the playoffs? Yeah, that seems like a good plan ... NOT. What are these fools thinking?
The Spanish players appear to have no problems playing with each other at all. Have you checked the results of major competitions in the past six years?
So you found 30 good minutes? Congratulations. It's a stretch, to say the least. He's had FAR more bad moments than good ones in the USMNT. He certainly isn't good enough to be an automatic selection. He's no better than a sub; and pretty much meaningless when not playing well. Which is pretty much never.
Captaining the squad then and during WC qualifiers is an entirely different universe. ENTIRELY different.
Is that the way you view the game? Entirely through shots? Because I watched the game and it was clear (to anyone who watched) that we spent the majority of the match on our heels. Dig a little deeper.
He is NOT a centerback.
God no. What a terrible, terrible idea. The captain of this squad is Boca.
Absolutely not. What a ridiculous question.
No Torres makes great sense. He was terrible against Mexico and has never been a difference-maker for the USMNT.
We were mostly outplayed by Mexico and were fortunate to win. We NEED Bradley to be at our best. No other player in the USMNT pool does the things he does.
You really want to believe that a men's NT coach would be fired for winning one major international tournament and making the finals of the other and losing in penalties? You can't be serious ...
No more embarrassed than not qualifying for the Olympics.
I've been hearing this for nearly 15 years yet in the last two years we lost in penalties in the World Cup final and won the Olympics. A few years ago it was Germany that had caught and passed us by but where have they been lately? Not in our class is where ... People love to talk about how brilliant Brazil was but what has the Brazilian team ever won? NOTHING. And with the best player in the world, to boot. The USWNT is the best, most consistent team in the world. Deal with it.
Whether you think it NEEDS to happen or not is irrelevant. MLS has no reason to get involved in another failing women's venture. After two tries and six seasons, it obviously needs to be on a smaller scale - not a larger one and shoved into stadiums too big for it. MLS should stay far away from any sort of women's pro league.
The point was to play in some U.S. cities so fans could come see them play. So, in that regard, it isn't pointless at all. In fact, it was a sellout and wild success. Why would you call it pointless?
Why would you plan women's games in stadiums that seat 18-25 thousand when their games rarely, if ever, draw even 3,000? What a waste of money. It would cost too much to staff those games. And why would the MLS teams want anything to do with another failed women's pro endeavor?
Jack McInerney is 20 years old and 5'10" tall. Hardly a smurf. Why would you want to get rid of such a talented young player?