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I wasn´t sure, if I should comment. After all, there are so many comments already, but I´m following your blog for a few month now and I think it´s time to tell you, how much I enjoy your writing. That´s why I begged my friends to give me your books as a birthday present. Can´t wait to know which ones I get ;) Your way of telling a story, written, spoken or acted is awesome. It´s easy to just fall into your words and forget, that I´m reading or listening and just "see" what you´re telling, if you know what I mean. To the story: At first I sat here, thinking: yay, he is allowed to do that and it means so much for him. So I was happy for 14 yrs. old Wil. And than I thought: oh no, how embarrassing and how aweful and oh no, that can´t be happening. It´s easy to empathise, not just because I´m sure everyone has similar experiences, but also because your stories are lively and vivid (<= I´m not exactly sure, which meaning is the right one). So instead of not commenting... I wrote a hymn about your writing ^^
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Jul 6, 2011