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I love how this sounds less like your usual narratives and more like a fictional story. Did you do this on purpose, or did it just happen because you've been writing more fiction as of late?
Toggle Commented Jun 6, 2011 on long line of cars at WWdN: In Exile
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Eh, I knew it was a long shot, but an Alabamian can dream, right? I'll just have to take a very long roadtrip one day since you don't do cons in the Southeast. :( So far, your TNG brethren (that always attend D*C) aren't even on the guest list. I sincerely hope that changes soon.
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Any news on that new con you'll be doing this year? I've been waiting on pins and needles to find out if it's DragonCon. I'd really love to have my copy of The Day After and Other Stories signed!
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I never win anything, so I don't expect to win this. I'm entering in case fate decides to prove me wrong. ;)
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If I weren't preggers and in desperate need of a vehicle over an ipod touch, I'd so have this. *sigh*
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Sep 24, 2010