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I think that having lots of different children doing different things at the same time could be a step too far for many teachers unfortunately, but this is very similar to something I have been planning this week. I will be re-doing the ICT/Computing curriculum with the help of my digital leaders and we have started to set out what MUST and what COULD be covered by the teachers. The teachers then choose where to fit these units into the year, but year 5/6 must do some coding, some computing and some "other tasks" such as websites, movie editing, ebooks etc. They choose which topics to fit these into. Unfortunately it isn't quite as flexible and child-led as your approach, but for my staff, it might work! I'm glad you were thinking on a similar line though!
Nice post, I think it is important for schools to find a system that works. Your solution wouldn't work in our school as we also have gmail turned on. We have (for example) 6 Alexs in the school, if I had a random number after each one, the children wouldn't know which Alex was which when it came to emailing each other (and neither would the teachers). In our school we have Google Apps, Wordpress blogs, Purple Mash, Bug Club and Education City plus other tools such as Photopeach, Voki or Busy Things for various children too! I do wish all systems would/could talk to each other, it would make life much easier! At the very least, every system should give you the choice of username so that I could make them all the same. Definitely something for teachers to think about though.
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May 19, 2011