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Whitecaps fan who was at the game last night. Hassli deserved the yellow, it was a dumb move by him to take that risk especially after already gettng a yellow. However that first yellow he got? It came after the referee AWARDED a free kick to the Whitecaps, and then carded Hassli for an errant elbow (or not) that looked innocent as he was fighting for position. That was incredible, and completely silly. It's either's Hassli's foul and award NE the ball, or it wasn't his foul. Referee was ridiculously card-happy, Koifee's elbow/forearm happened really fast so I can't fault the referee for that, even though on replay it really it should have been a yellow, but the straight red on Soares was ridiculous as well, should have been yellow. All in all it was a horribly officiated game, lots of blame to go around, but the referee is the one who set the tone and the players were left guessing what to do. The referee was the star last night, and that isn't a sign of a referee who can control the flow of the game, and judging from his history it doesn't sound like it was just an off-night. MLS should be aware that these kinds of games leads to credibility issues.
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Apr 7, 2011