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On the tech end everything played and streamed fine for me other than the noted phone call interruption. Maybe look into one of those gorilla pod (think that's the name) tripods that hold various smartphones and cameras to make it easier on you when doing things like readings so you don't have to hold the device all the time. Watching that stream was so much more interesting that one of those celebrity home tour shows on cable where homes don't looked lived in or even touched. I'd love to see more videos and streams from you, someone who is willing to live life, have fun, and be honest about it. Side note, I enjoyed watching your call in during Desert Bus last week too. Oh and Schrodinger's closet? I've got one of those too. I keep it closed at all times for scientific purposes >_> (The science being the force of gravity and poor stability on a stack of items threatening to fall on me if the doors are opened.)
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Dec 1, 2011