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Dogs are just the best! It's not the dog in my family who gets the rabbits. Although he's gotten into his fair share of rabbit nests, rabbits are now kept at bay by the not so stray anymore cat.
Toggle Commented Aug 10, 2012 on The Corn Thief at Ledge and Gardens
My sentiments exactly! I just got home from a week away too and was surprised at how overgrown the garden seemed. Overgrown in a good way though :).
Toggle Commented Aug 1, 2012 on While You Were Away.... at Ledge and Gardens
The garden is looking beautiful and so well manicured! July can be tough but it looks like you're winning.
Toggle Commented Jul 14, 2012 on Full Bloom at Ledge and Gardens
Perfect-the essence of summer captured in a single photo! Oh how I would love to run through that sprinkler today. Stay cool.
Rain has never kept me from a garden tour and it does as you mentioned freshen things up. Your garden looks fabulous. Congratulations on a sucessful tour!
My dryer died in late fall two years ago. I had no set up outside to dry so I used a line in the basement and draped wet laundry all over the house. It worked OK (except towels unless you like a loofah feel) until humidity levels started to rise again in the spring and I broke down and got the dryer fixed. If I could find a spot in the garden to place a line I would dry outside but as far as I can see no such place exists.
Toggle Commented May 15, 2012 on Where Laundry is Garden Art at Garden Rant
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No words exist to describe the heartbreak. Thankfully happy memories will eventually turn the tears to smiles. Peace to all of you.
Toggle Commented May 5, 2012 on 4 :: may at beauty that moves
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May 4, 2012