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Jorge Ramos is NOT a journalist---he is a phony. I see a some complaints about Fox News, however, NOT a single "Journalist" at Fox is biased as is Ramos. Fox has journalists, such as Bret Bair and "opinion" or "commentators" shows, such as Hannity or O'Reilly. They are very open about the type of program it is. Ramos, on the other hand, reads the news just as Bret Bair does on Fox, however, Ramos, injects his personal "opinions" into the stories---for example, he refuses to use the term "illegal immigrant", using instead "undocumented", this is flat out biased -- Univision is a propaganda station out to do one thing -- grow their profits---even at the cost of keeping hispanics down. I have more respect for MSNBC because their political shows are NOT sold as "news" as does Univision. Bret Bair on Fox, does not put his personal opinion into the news he reads, as does Ramos. Univision is biased because they know that their future depends on growing the hispanic base in the USA ----no matter how it happens -- legally or illegally. They want open borders with Latin America because that is their base. They want to keep hispanics down and speaking Spanish only --- just as Chavez and Obama need and want more people depending on the government.
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Jan 2, 2012