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Robert Ihrie
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As a Dolphin backer since 1968 - hell I even know the song.... I am amazed with the lack of improvement made over the summer.. I am sorry to say, but I make it 5-11.. Losses against NY Jets (2),,Losses against NE(2) split with the Bills(1)..losses against improved teams - Houston..Denver...San Dallas.&.Philly The off season gained nothing - we swapped running backs - but we lost a Wildcat option.. ( not that it was any good in 2010) We picked Mike Pouncy 1st and he never grasped the center position at UofF with errant snaps through the 1st half of the season - and after 3 preseason games he was less than impressive on the line. Receivers are a good group however the OL cannot provide protection for Henne in the pocket. The running game looked anemic against the 2nd and 3rd string players for Tampa Bay. Our new running back has shown no flashes of a high draft pick. The defense let horrific plays go by after the 1st half.. well its the second team I said.. but its the 3rd team offense on Tampa Bay - and they moved freely. Finally Chad Henne - sorry but 185 total yards with 95 coming on 2 Marshall passes is just not enough. The big stat to me was how many 3 and out series were engineered after the long Marshall pass. All of them!! So sorry ..I am a realist and will watch and moan through the season hoping finally that the light goes off in Mr Ross's head and realizes his Coach is not Head Coach material. Offensive co..lost more games last year than the Dolphins did..and his schemes except the Marshall pass are nothing new..and the Gen Mgr is lost in his position - another horrible draft. No blinders on - no false promises . .just 43 years of being a Dolphin fan.. Hoping for the best but no longer expecting it.
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Aug 30, 2011