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Als Berlusconi verdwijnt gaat die rente vanzelf omlaag. Het is ook absoluut geen goed idee om de Italianen de helpende hand toe te steken, dat betekent alleen maar dat ze nog steeds niet die veel te hoge schuld afbetalen.
Tim: the DPI is meaningless on the web, unless you know both the absolute size of the screen and its resolution. But you never want an image to have the same absolute size on both a large monitor and the iPhone's screen. What you want is the same relative size: half the browser window on the computer vs half the screen on the iPhone. In both cases that could be about 500 pixels, but you never know. Also, scaling algorithms used by today's browsers are advanced enough that there's really no penalty for using fractional factors rather than 2 or 4 x. So something in the neighborhood of 12 pixels/mm (300 DPI for those still living in the imperial dot-based world) should be fine for anything photo-realistic.
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Doing anything pixel-based is even wronger. That practice is just an artifact of our very low display resolutions. The faster we get good resolutions, the faster we can leave thoughts about pixels behind, just like we did with printers. By the way, the old iPhone already did a lot of magic behind the curtains: it reports that its screen is actually 980 pixels wide and then maps those 980 virtual pixels to 320 (portrait) or 480 (landscape) real pixels. And then there's the zooming. So with the iPhone 4 it's actually 980 -> 960 (or maybe they changed the virtual screen size to 960) so it's closer to a 1-to-1 mapping than the older iPhone, so providing higher resolution images to the iPhone 4 than to computer browsers seems strange.
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Jun 25, 2010