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I would certainly recommend it, it certainly follows the truth of how the book is better. And even more fun, the show and the books are divergent enough so you can watch one and have no idea what will happen in the other. Except for the first few issues of course.
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I know it's disturbingly trendy at the moment, but the Walking Dead books are among my favorite storytellings. I have only recently entered the world of comics, having attended my first Comic Con early this month at ECCC (saw your panel, very entertaining), but Robert Kirkman is already a name I recognize, along with Charlie Adlard (even Tony Moore). As an unpublished but still enthusiastic writer, I completely respect a story that remains loyal to itself. It has never jumped the shark or gone stale, through it's 82 issues this story has kept me guessing and shocked. Admittedly I collected every issue and burned through them at a breakneck pace, and thus experience in a short while what those who read from the beginning experienced over the course of seven years. Now of course, I have to wait. Balls.
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Mar 23, 2011