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What he wrote is "The Wire" in a few paragraphs....if you want to see exactly how "we are all to blame", check out the HBO series "The Wire" television show in history.
wow.....a rare case in Kentucky?? For some reason I find that hard to believe.....typical redneck, hillbillies in Kentucky
Hey MOF.....Tony is stating the truth, unfortunately.
As I was driving through the Plaza this past Saturday, I couldn't help but feel sorry for the horses as the plodded along in slush and snow while the temperature hovered around 15 degrees. The Plaza in winter is no place for a horse. If the owners of this operation cared anything about these animals they would not have them out there in that type of weather.
Toggle Commented Dec 18, 2007 on Carriage crash on the Plaza? at Crime Scene KC
And once again KC shows it's ignorance and hate on the Crime blog......I'm convinced that James Hart post these "race" stories in particular on purpose......WHY??? It is evident that people in this city are not mature or intellectual enough to discuss race issues without resorting to hateful name calling.
Toggle Commented Dec 14, 2007 on Gang problem -- or race problem? at Crime Scene KC
wow...what a racist lot of people on this board. James, do you post these "race" stories to get all of the klansmen out?? It only goes to show how ignorant, racist and backwards the folks in KC really are. I can't believe they are blasting this lady for what she went through. She deserves to sue, Black, White , Yellow it doesn't matter. She was FORCED to lie on her stomach while visibly pregnant at gunpoint on a very busy major highway!!!! And you people are upset that her lawyer is pulling the race card?? MORE POWER TO THEM!!! She deserves all she can get!!! The people of KC shame themselves when it comes to race issues.
Toggle Commented Oct 30, 2007 on Yvette Hayes files suit at Crime Scene KC
Mindy...I would love for you to elaborate on the name a bit...what exactly are you getting at??
haaa...that was his mug shot shortly after being arrested for firing at the cop....judging from his bruised and battered face, looks like the cops took out some aggression!
So let me get this right Nick...your blaming KCK for the beating this lady took from her drunken, redneck husband?? WOW. As far as I can remember Edwardsville has never been nothing more then a spot for a bunch of tobacco spittin' rednecks to gather and watch NASCAR. That dusty, dirty spot never had anything by the tail....
Again....Dog Fighting is NOT a culture thing (meaning this is NOT a Black thing)....people from all walks of life indulge in this cruel pastime. Yes, even redneck racist like those on this board...It's quite funny that all black criminals are labled as "thugs" yet white criminals are not given the same label on this racist board.
And if your are "hunting" with a gun then that is murder. Do the deer have guns? How about making it fair to the animal and go after them with a knife.....that is hunting. Killing a deer from 100 yards away with a high powered rifle is not hunting.
Toggle Commented Aug 22, 2007 on Quote of the day at Crime Scene KC
ok...we are talking about Stephon Marbury here aka Starbury......I watch a lot of NBA and he has to be one of the dumbest athletes that I have ever heard speak in my life. He is very lucky that he is good with a basketball otherwise he would be a fry cook at the local burger joint. My point is, I'm not sure why anyone would be suprised by anything he has to say.
Toggle Commented Aug 22, 2007 on Quote of the day at Crime Scene KC
Poverty.....that is all it is. Poverty breeds crime. Plain and simple. That said, the ignorance on this board is outrageous. It's amazing how brave people get when hiding behind a post.
As a Black man let me inform you guys that dogfighting is in no way part of "our" culture. It infuriates me when I hear this. I'm a dog owner and lover and find Vick's actions disgusting and cruel. Vick's actions and involvement in this heinous crime does not represent the sentiment of the "hood" , hip-hop or Black people in general.
Toggle Commented Jul 19, 2007 on Update on Michael Vick at Crime Scene KC
The Great "White" Flight seems to me that the "white flight " hasn't stopped as I see OP trying to annex more land......there still is a vet office there on the corner of 57th and Prospect. The Prospect Animal Hospital.
Toggle Commented Jul 17, 2007 on Morgue File: Sept. 23, 1965 at Crime Scene KC
...and I would have definitely reported the cops that kicked the dog over on Bannister.
Let's tie this guy up and beat him with 2 x 4......this bastard
Wow...what a bunch of assuming bigots on the board today. Wait, this racist city rears it's ugly bigotry on this board everyday, why am I suprised today...anyway nowhere in the article did it say that this lady was Latino yet you assume this since it is in Arizona.
Oh, he's going to suffer big time....Once the inmates at his new residence find out about his crime against a innocent, defenseless little girl he's going to wish he was never born.
wow.....where are all the people who were yelling child abuse yesterday??
Wow....get a grip folks!!! Child Abuse over a child getting her ears pierced??!! You can't spank your child without some nosy azz person getting in your business and now you can't get your child's ear pierced without someone getting overly excited. That is the problem with these kids today. They get everything "their" way and it results to no respect for authority. My Mom and Dad were old fashioned and we NEVER questioned their authority. NEVER. When I see a child acting up in public it tells me that their parents aren't doing a good job of parenting. You guys are arguing if getting a childs ears pierced is child abuse!!! UNBELIEVABLE.
Toggle Commented Jul 5, 2007 on Is ear-piercing child abuse? at Crime Scene KC
Excuse me....a CRACKHEAD...not a meth head but a crackhead.....crack will make you do dumb sh*t folks
Toggle Commented Jun 28, 2007 on Do you know this man? at Crime Scene KC
White trash, alchoholic, meth head.......
Toggle Commented Jun 28, 2007 on Do you know this man? at Crime Scene KC
Crimes against women and children don't go over too well with the prisons general population. These are considered coward crimes and I personally think anybody who commits such crimes should take their chances in the big house
Toggle Commented Jun 26, 2007 on "He's not going to make it" at Crime Scene KC
This officer was clearly out of line. Regardless of the offense, you don't go around choking people. If this is the second complaint on this officer he clearly has a problem and there is no telling how many times he has abused people and got away with it. He looks like your prototypical a s s hole cop.