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I completely agree with Davijo and willielumlum. Whether you have or do not have the feature, the movies are there. If you know specifically what you are looking for, by all means order it. Whether you get it from the new release page or yahoo movies or fandango, the movies are all the same. Just because one feature is gone doesn't mean you still can't order great movies and use all the other great features on the site.
Does anybody read the Terms of Use anymore nowadays. It states there CLEARLY that they do testing all the time, and they do it without notice. "Service Testing From time to time, we test various aspects of our service, including service levels, plans, promotions, features, title availability, delivery, and pricing, and we reserve the right to include you in or exclude you from these tests without notice. " So really, they have no reason to inform you, and if you are such a big movie buff, you probably would know what movies are coming out soon right?? Well if you do, it won't take you long to go ahead and just type in the search bar. There is no reason why someone would get bent out of shape because their new release page isn't there. I don't get the importance. The movies are there, it's not like you are not allowed to rent them, new releases or not. I'm just saying.
I wonder what 3rd Quarter reports for both companies are going to say. Any guesses???
They do not have to rate on the top 100 to be treating their employees good. And from what he is saying, I wouldn't mind working in an environment that doesn't breathe down my neck every single second of the day. I am pretty sure all of us have been there before, and this really sounds good. So good for Netflix.
I must say I am surprised to see this video on here. I guess some people really do not know how to open the envelopes. hm..
Hey OdomZ The Office season 3 is already on instant watch. You can watch it :)
way to go netflix! that's a lot more helpful than trying to spell Ratatouille
rjm it's not 2% but its actually 8%. i am guessing this cust has the 16.99 plan which makes that 8% and not 2%. There is no plans between 16.99 and 23.99
Corey3rd As far as Grindhouse is concerned, the second disc is going to be release Oct 16th. So before you make such comment, do a little research! Ok, thanks.
Hi Profpudwick I do understand what you mean, and I can tell you that I rent about 16 or so movies per week. And I do have something checking in and out in the warehouse everyday. I constantly get new discs and return mine.
Bob- absolutely agree with you!! I didn't want to say it before, but I couldn't have put it better myself.
Old Timer Too- Thank you for the reply. I would like to agree with you but I can't. The reason is that I have been a member since 2005 and have had to 8 at a time plan. of course over time I have changed my plans, but as of the past year I have had the 8 at a time plan. I cannot deny that some customers may have more trouble than the rest, because it is obvious that this is the case. But being a member at the 8 at a time plan for about a year now, I have truly never felt I was being "throttled." (I really don't like that word hehe) I have gotten new releases within the first week of them being released, I have never had a movie be skipped in my queue but once or twice, and I have not had a movie be delayed or shipped from another state. I have gotten mine on time and within a day of them shipping, sometimes two if there is a holiday in the middle of the week. I have gotten only 3 damaged discs all this time, so that's the reason why I am saying that it is not throttling. Just as Chicken said, if anybody should be throttled, it would be the people who rent as many movies as we do since we are on the 8 at a time plan. I kid you not, but every time a movie is put on a wait status, I place that movie on the top of the Queue, and it ALWAYS has shipped for me right away. That's the reason why I said that. I am almost certain you believe that throttling does exist, but I have not felt it, therefore I do not believe it. But that's just me, just as I stated, each one is different.
I agree IowaHawksFan. That's the problem with all of you who always just complain about things. When have you ever sat down and write a comment about how wonderful customer service has been ANYWHERE WITH ANY COMPANY?? Well I can tell you, you definitely will take the time to bitch about something rather than to be stay positive and say what people have done to you that's GOOD. Blogger- your "plan" is stupid and immature...Maybe you should stop milking the system. Obviously it was an honest mistake and I only thinking that Netflix didn't do this on purpose. I dare you to tell me when any company hasn't had a mistake? Maybe instead of filling your life with negativity, you should focus on the positive and be a little more mature.
Chicken- I must say that your comment is absolutely the best article I have read around here and it is also an article that doesn't sound off the wall crazy. Glad to see people with common sense still exist. Old Timer Too- do you work for Netflix? Because if you dont, I don't think you should state certain things to be facts if you don't know for sure, and if you do, back up your statements. Who did these tests, Netflix? And to those who think throttling happens, please explain how Chicken may get up to 80 movies a month and still isn't throttled. yet he's been member for years? I'd love to hear what your explaination for this is. Because obviously every delay that happens to you is because of "throttling" so please explain this.
I definitely applaud netflix for this. After all, they did correct their mistake, so no reason to attack. And to be honest, they do NOT need to refund overdraft fees because that money is taken by the bank, not Netflix. (I learned the hard way). Mistakes happen to any business that deals with this kind of billing. But, that is what I call customer service for sure. They are giving you money that you never gave them. All of you who are complaining and saying such bad things about this article, would love the same customer service if this happened to you. At least they are not Blockbuster!
no shouting matches at all, in fact as valid as your point is, movies are shipped with the us postal service. there is so many hours in the day that they deliver mail, and so many days a week that they deliver that mail to us. so really, there is no point of working second or third shifts if there is nobody there to deliver it.
really, there is no reason for an attack because obviously you know everything. except if you didn't notice, actual HUMAN BEINGS pack those envelopes. and those HUMAN BEINGS do need to go home sometimes so yes there is a limit to everything that is shipped. think about it, most people have a designed shifts at work, and just like most everybody else, so do these human beings and i don't blame them for wanting to go home after 8/ hours of stuffing envelopes just so that you can have your movie on a tue rather than on a wed. i am sorry i dont mean to be mean, but don't be unreasonable. there is a limit to everything. its very obvious...there is a limit because those people don't live in those warehouses and ship movies 24/7.
"I believe they are holding them in their office." oh yeah, i am pretty sure they have the time to sit around and pick on you out of millions of customers that they have to serve. it's funny how people trip over new releases. don't you guys realize that you need a get a life and maybe start worrying over more important things in life...than just sit and b*tch over new releases. does it really make you feel like a better person if you have the new release right when it comes out?? does EVERY business throttle you if they are out of something when YOU want it?? I think not. So really. and i must state that i don't work netflix, and never have, but i believe that it is fair that sometimes preference is chosen. if i was a renter that didn't rent that often, i would like to know that i am not pushed aside over someone who rents all the time. that's just me.
Netflix, I love you so much, you better not throttle me or I'll write nasty reviews on here..hahaha. How funny you guys are!
To those throttling freaks...if your movie doesn't ship on Friday, and there is no shipping on weekends, what exactly do you want done for you? Because I am pretty sure Netflix doesn't use magic, and I am pretty sure they don't personally fly out and deliver your what exactly do you want? I have gotten a couple of bonus discs from them before, but then again, that won't ship out until Monday in your the complaining?? What exactly does it accomplish? Not much at all, just pretty much wasted time on whining.
Some of you are probably the dumbest people I have heard. I have been a member for a while now, a few years, and I am not sure where this throttling idea came about. You guys are just simply ridiculous...and if you are going to complain because somebody actually cuts their prices so that YOU can use a service, then you really don't need that service to begin with. It's also sad to see that most of you don't have lives and can only sit in front of your door and wait for your freaking movies. How about you get out of your house, and get a little bit of sun instead of just wait for your movies and count the seconds as to how late your movie was today. You maybe don't realize, and I am sorry to break this to you, but throttling is not the answer to every issue.
All I have to say about this is that Blockbuster is proving to me what I always thought and knew about this company. Very slimy. The more reasons why Netflix will always be better, and have more class. Slimy Blockbuster couldn't even grandfather their previous employees because they are so money hungry. Where is the customer service??? Oh wait, THERE IS NONE. Come on darlings, move on to Netflix like I have been for years. I don't recognize blockbuster as a rental company at all. We'll only see the statements for Q3 which company is better. I can't wait.
Thank you Lamarr Wilson. Seriously people, you are acting like little children already. I am sure you have seen other websites go down because of some problems. Get over it! If you ask me, it's pretty sad that you revolve around your movies and one movie comes a day later, all hell breaks loose. Big whoop is the website is down, it'll go back up! You'll get your movies, so really...just knock it off.