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Upon reading Legion’s opening comments …”associated with Washington Post, but he was not an American citizen…” I recognized there would be common sense and veracity in the rest of the writing. Having a difficult time grasping why a contributing opinion piece writer is being hailed as a “journalist”. Then again his affiliation with Muslim Brotherhood and his family’s wealth accrued through nefarious international weapons trade help me better understand why this guy is on the road to martyrdom. Oh well, different day - same old sxxt.
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A war isn’t fought just on battlefields. It’s better fought by including clandestine efforts which include deep-rooted sources – spies and saboteurs. Once again we see spies and saboteurs have been in place and well entrenched at yet another Federal agency with announcement of the arrest of Natalie Mayflower Sours Edwards – an entrusted employee of FinCEN who at time of arrest possessed a thumb drive with thousands of financial records on individuals. The directory on the drive paints a picture of what goes on in the mind of a criminal like Edwards - "Debacle\Emails\Asshat". Reports indicate her crime also involves at least one of her higher-ups at FinCEN. Likewise at least one “reporter” at the notoriously leftist BuzzFeed is indicated to be involved. Let’s see how soon and how aggressively DOJ proceeds with a conspiracy prosecution. I would hope FinCEN data bases included a query tracking system as to what was searched along with by whom and when searched. If so there are likely some prolonged toilet breaks going on at FinCEN at this moment.
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I think Portland, OR will be the next Fort Sumter....
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Well, guess I'll be the one to throw water on the photo. The woman isn't Ford. She's Lyudmyla Kozlovska from Ukrania. She is a Soros accomplice. Still the tabulation of events is spot-on.
Thanks for sharing......
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Reading a few snippets from the purported high-ranking staffer crying out to the NY Times brought to mind numerous emails I’ve received that bear similarities. We’ve all seen them. Often crude attempts at stirring the pot. They usually go something like this: >fwd:fwd:fwd:fwd: Received this email written by a real hero who has the knowledge and guts to speak the truth. Read this and forward it to everyone you know, have ever known or might know in the future! I am an anonymous Senior Chief Petty Officer who earned my Combat Infantryman Badge while serving with the French Foreign Legion during Operation Jungle Fever on the battlefields of McMurdo, Antarctica. I proudly wear my CIB below my Air Force Distinguished Service Medal………………………… so that’s why I hate (fill in the name/cause being hated across the country at the moment). SEMPER FI! Pass it on!!!!! Ahhh – anonymity.
Nailed it, Legion. And today's latest drivel adds another nail: "Ryan Gosling stars as Neil Armstrong in the new film First Man, centering on the astronaut's historic Apollo 11 mission. On July 20, 1969, he and Buzz Aldrin became the first men to walk on the moon. Yet, one iconic moment is omitted from the movie: The planting of the American flag. When asked about the omission, Gosling explained that the producers wanted to focus on human achievement, as opposed to just American achievement." After reading the bio of the director/producer of "First Man" I come away recognizing why someone with his "unique" upbringing would choose to publicly ignore American accomplishments.
As always Peter you lay out and provide rational comments. There is one exception. The video you referred to is a slick dramatization. It was produced and distributed by an international cabal hellbent on undermining AI weaponry big and small: In the forefront of producing the video was U.C. Berkeley professor Stuart Russell. Currently Russell is a, if not the, darling of the anti-autonomous weaponry culture. UN Human Rights Council has its feathers ruffled over development, too. Suspect one wouldn't have to look far to find Soros' nose under the protest tent.
Thanks to the anonymous contributor who provided this piece. Very interesting and very plausible considering Russia’s history. Another thanks for nudging me to ordering a book I’ve had on my wish list – “Day of the Oprichnik”. It’s now on my tablet and will start reading it this evening. What started with Peter's post, then Legion's and now this goes to show there's value in studying and learning Russia. Not reacting to fallacious screeching and screed instigated by a sore loser Nov 09, 2016.
Reading Legion’s post and Peter’s before that I must say I’m quite confused. They lay out all the knickers-twisting going on by those on the left about current US and Russo relations. Twisted knickers on those who for so long have been so enamored by the likes of Lenin and Marx along with more contemporary communist despots. But one thing that really baffles me is where’s the mass hysterics over Merkel and Putin? Oh, I forgot. Merkel was reared in the Soviet Bloc’s East Germany. Active member of communist groups. Leopards don’t change their spots but I guess they get a pass.
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Not a rain out, Legion. I've got a draft response I need to get back to and post. Been busy warding off apologists and enablers almost immediately attempting to make the USofA responsible for last Sunday's shooting and murders in Toronto. Something about the weapon "likely" coming from the States - now proven false. But that's a story for another day. Back to yours shortly.
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My concern with the future of SCOTUS rests in what might happen when Democrats – and whatever form of Democrats might exist under that name – control both houses and the presidency. “When” not if. That will happen because it’s a fact of life the way the political pendulum swings. It’s not far-fetched that Dems will try to resurrect FDR’s 1937 attempt to rewrite law and allow for more associate justices and pack SCOTUS. If that were to happen we’d have our own modern day version of the Third Reich’s “People’s Court” with the likes of Roland Freisler and Madame Defarge releasing the hounds of miscarried justice.
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Nice to see Rook’s great short & sweet post. It comes just after I finished reading the indictments of Boris, Boris, Boris, Boris, Boris, Boris, Boris, Boris, Boris, Boris, Boris and Ivan. Conclusion? Yes, it really is possible to indict a ham sandwich. How did those Commie rats do it? Phishing. That email technique that we see and hear so much about. We all encounter it now and then. Need to fill in time on local TV news? Bring in the ACTION! consumer reporter to tell about phishing of an old lady in Glendive, MT who opened an email and clicked on a link promising her a free Lawrence Welk music CD. In turn when she clicked Russian porn video clips appeared on her screen and wouldn’t go away. Ah, but this wasn’t just any phishing scheme – this was “spear phising”. That’s right, spear phising. A sexy new name for an old product. Maybe one of the indicted will turn and come to the States to tell his story. Why not? A free trip and lodging. Appearances on CNN, MSNBC and the View. Hollywood celebrities carrying signs “#BoristrumpsTrump”. Wonder what color ribbon those celebs will wear to the Emmys and Oscars to proclaim solidarity with Boris et al? Now that Mueller and his codependents have wetted their whistles with this hack they can re-open the Clinton email case. And while they're at it they can open a case on Debbie Wasserman Shultz and those Pakistani computer scammers. Just kidding……..
A small example of parallax view suffered by the T.D.S. afflicted:
The left has become anarchists – incipient and outright. Every day a new cause is whipped up. Not just by the day but also by the hour and minute. Now I.C.E. is the enemy and cause célèbre – tyrant to forlorn refugees who have a right to enter this country free of scrutiny and never having to fear deportation. That is in the broken minds of the left who demand elimination of I.C.E. How long did it take for outrage to seethe towards Trump following yesterday’s shooting and murders in Maryland? Meer minutes. Outrage created and spewed by left media pundits and Twitter aficionados suffering from derangement syndrome. Today the outcry is to take up even more and stronger resistance. Outcry from Michael Moore and Hillary Clinton currently being reported. Fortunately Maxine Waters has found a burrow to crawl into while she claims she’s a target of a death threat. It is going to get worse before it gets better. But while law enforcement is busy arresting an affable demonstrator tossing chicken manure in the general direction of a recently notorious restaurant in Lexington, Virginia don’t count on people hiding their faces behind bandannas or Guy Fawkes masks being stopped from doing true bodily harm and property damage.
It's on! #1: #2: The links are safe - their content is unsafe for reasonable people who don't suffer from derangement syndrome......
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Krauthammer's words are being validated at this very moment with the radical in person attacks by leftists on those they oppose. These attacks are going to fester into physical violence let alone damage to individuals' property. Today Pelosi claimed she was rebuking Waters' vitriol. At the same time Pelosi blamed Trump for Waters' actions. Right out of the Obama playbook. Have to wonder what it will take to enforce the safety and well-being of those targeted.
Toggle Commented Jun 25, 2018 on The Enemy Amongst Us!! at Government in Exile
Don't fret - U.N. Human Rights Council is on top of it.....
Toggle Commented Jun 23, 2018 on Where is the United Nations? at Government in Exile
Just gets better by the minute up here. A Sunday afternoon press release. Property owner-built "cottages" in backyards to help alleviate addicted bum aka homeless problems. It’s not an affordable housing problem. It’s a bum aka “homeless” problem. Interesting how there are signs posted at parks and beaches here warning against feeding birds because it attracts vermin. Only four-legged vermin aren’t acceptable here. Those with two legs get a pass. Won't be long before it starts looking like the Los Angeles area with all those "granny houses" and converted garages now housing a lot more than grannies.
Disclaimer: I have lived off and on in Seattle and its greater area a total of about thirty years of my “young life”. I’ll likely die in the Puget Sound area. I am a true Native Son of the Golden West being a “Boomer” born and raised in Orange County, CA. I challenge anyone here to have ever had to provide their political affiliation on what amounted to a job application. Anyone, anyone? Took the recruiter over an hour squirming in his seat explaining the “importance” of such a question. That question was eventually legally abolished but not after the chance I had to proudly profess “GOP!!!!!!” in writing. And I was just a kid only shortly able to drink and vote (sequence intended). Like two of my idols Murrow and Pyle reporting from the bombed-out rubble of London I can give a firsthand report from the trenches of Seattle. First of all the newest tax allotted upon Seattle is a Seattle City tax – just that – not a King County tax. Matter of fact the current King County Executive called upon Seattle not to establish the tax. Amazing considering he has a few years before his next rolling in the mud aka run for office. The tax was enacted by fiat by the city council – a group that’s proud of the bronze Lenin statue displayed in the city. The same statue Michelle Malkin still denounces remembering her days as a cub reporter here. Some of you may recall my comments about the political priorities in this town. Long running priorities. A business hall at the state university in the middle of town named after one of socialism’s favorite poster children – Harry Bridges. A town and for that matter a good portion of the western part of the state devoted to worshiping Wobblies still goes on. Ask Milo after his attempted speech at the local state university. Some violent events those bastards caused in Washington and still live in admiration of proud union members who extol doing just what Grandpa and Dad stood for. See why Boeing has left for safer ground? And as far as Boeing et al and the newest tax - Boeing has little of their operation in Seattle anymore. Major assembly here is outside Seattle city limits. Expedia? Still hasn’t moved here from across “The Lake” in the neighboring town of Bellevue. Time will tell. Starbucks? A whore if there ever was one. Got themselves exempted from last year’s Seattle sugary drink tax. Weyerhauser? What a bunch of dumb shits. Moved their HQ from outside into Seattle a couple of years ago. The next shareholders’ meeting should prove interesting. Costco? Only one store in Seattle. HQ is intelligenty outside Seattle. Love watching how the list grows and grows about taxable entities every day. Media makes this all about Amazon. Yes, a $12M tax hit is interesting. However Amazon has, and is, looking at moving “some” operations out of here. Not hard to unplug a computer and plug it in another cubicle in a friendlier area. Have mixed feelings about Amazon. Bezos will pass his costs onto me but love to think about the little giggling bastard having to pay more costs and hopefully divert dollars from The Washington Post. I have seen Detroit and Seattle is becoming what I've seen. So there, I could go on and on. But as a resident and taxpayer in Seattle coughing up more and more in new taxes and levies I must adjourn to another tax sitz bath.
McCain – a log that’s long jammed the swamp drain outlet for quite some time. In his swan song book McCain claims “I agreed to receive a copy of what is now referred to as 'the dossier' ”. Omnipresent news reports at the time from British tabloids – strike that – insert “newspapers” – extolled McCain heard about the screed, became highly aroused and hurriedly dispatched an ally to London to obtain a copy. More like Don Quixote on crystal meth rather than someone agreeing to receive a copy. How this guy who was massaged and inserted into politics by his convicted felon and Mob-connected father-in-law has ever been considered reputable is beyond me.
Toggle Commented May 10, 2018 on Senator John McCain's Legacy at Government in Exile
1954 - Ike urges Congress to add "under God" to Pledge of Alligence. 2017 - Ike proclaims martial law to deal with mass hysteria following his suggestion.
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1957 – Girls bake peanut butter cookies in home economics class. 2017 – There are no longer home economics courses. Regardless peanut butter is banned throughout all school districts in the state.
Toggle Commented Apr 15, 2018 on High School 1957 vs 2017 at Government in Exile
Guess Stevens still has sour grapes stuck in his craw after his side lost D.C vs Heller ten years ago. Doubt we'll see Heller overturned - at least in this senior's lifetime.
Monday’s Current Events When I was a kid in grammar school I loved “Current Events”. Clipping a newspaper article about something timely, presenting it in front of classmates and reading the snippet. One I recall that had Southern Californians in awe was Florence Chadwick swimming non-stop from the mainland to Catalina Island. Another was hearing on the radio it was National Pickle Day and announcing it to the class. This irritated my teacher who sent a terse note to my mother demanding I cease with absurdity and report actual events. Mama Bear replied accordingly and my curious pursuit of truth and relaying it was not stifled. So my current event for the day is about the stock market. Indices closed up today – way up from that big hit they took this past Friday. The drops obviously had to do with the budget, trade wars and all the other significant compelling factors that affect economies. But I see today there’s a chart floating around that tracks last week’s drops and today’s hefty rise along with what caused those events. Concern over the budget? No. Trade wars? No. Axis of Evil? No. It’s the Stormy Daniels Crisis. The world and finances stood at a precipice Friday in anticipation of what this North Hollywood* star might say. Sunday she said it. Monday market recuperation. What a world we live in. * Home to our nation’s porn industry.
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