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McCabe is not, at this time, losing his pension. That’s a myth hatched and nurtured by the media. As it stands now having been fired forty-eight hours before his retirement eligibility – his fiftieth birthday March 18 – he is in a deferred annuity status. That means he isn’t eligible to draw his pension until March 18, 2025 – the date he turns fifty-seven and would be mandatorily retired from federal law enforcement. Unless he is able to overcome the firing he’ll lose seven years of retirement income and not be able for federal health benefits or life insurance during that time. He can and I predict will file an appeal with the Merit System Protection Board (Board). Watch for that appeal to be hand carried to the WA, DC Board office as soon as this coming Monday. The Board will review his case and there may or may not be a hearing. If the Board rules in his favor he will be able to retire effective March 18, 2018 and entitled to retroactive benefits back to that date. If the Board rules against him then he has one other option – Federal court. He can’t take his case to court until after filing and being denied his appeal by the Board. He can only lose his pension if he is charged and convicted of certain specific federal crimes. The two primary crimes affecting this are treason and espionage. There are a few other crimes that come into play with what we may or may not now know about McCabe. Those crimes include “leaking”. Where McCabe stands to take a big financial hit is that he is now tainted goods. Career professionals like him very often walk into high six or even seven figure jobs with the likes of Kroll, major corporations or think tanks/lobbyists. McCabe’s soiled resume puts the kibosh on that.
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A major shot was fired at the Deep State this evening. Not a spotting round - a full salvo.
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Outstanding Legion! Looks like you borrowed it right out of the Washington State Constitution and Seattle City Charter.....
Toggle Commented Mar 2, 2018 on Is the NRA to Blame? at Government in Exile
Hell, read it again. My grammar was correct the first time. Time to quit worrying about grammar and stick to facts. I'd love to debate anyone, anywhere about anonymous tips and leads received by law enforcment. That is only if anyone who wants to debate can match or exceed my proud and productive thirty years behind a gold shield. When I smell a decaying rat in law enforcement I can sniff out a big stink......
Theirs not "there's". Also gives me a chance to add that an investigation of Broward's 911 records - including but not limited to Cruz - should be a part of investigation of the S.O. Not calls selected and disseminated by the media.
Broward County uses Enhanced 911 so there's no such thing as an anonymous call there.
Hot off the press 12 Feb 2008: "Laura Ingraham said New York's junior senator is 'weaponizing' the #MeToo movement in order to swing more female votes to her and the Democrats........ Gillibrand has fully weaponized the #MeToo hashtag movement... with the intention of driving the female vote in the midterms..." Still stand by my 13 Jan guarantee that Dems will use #MeToo in 2018. It'll be like kamikaze attacks against our fleet in WWII.
Conspiracy theory of the day. Soros, who's made lots of $$$$$$$$$$ hedging financials, is sitting in one of those secret James Bondesque islands or mountain forts taking world stock markets down to make Trump's financial accomplisments look like a shitehole....... PS: If anyone thinks markets are going down further then buy SKF. But don't wait too long to make that move and be prepared to sell quickly.
Bore witness to one of these places last night. Women jumping around grabbing their privates. Men screeching about abusing women. And it was right here in the U.S. of A. The Grammy Awards at Madison Square Garden – New-York-City. A shitehole for the senses if there ever was one.
Yep, early signs of the Dem's 2018 platform - not to mention Stormy Daniels, et al:
Safe to say you’re not a fan of Brown ;) According to what I read recently Brown’s still smarting from the drubbing he and his entourage took in ’78 with Proposition 13. His attempt to rationalize his current problems blaming something from forty years ago reminds me of President 43 blaming President 42 for anything and everything. Although short of funds for necessities I expect Brown to order up large signs along his southern border: ¿Tired of your shithole? ¡Then come to mine!¡BIENVENIDOS! ~ Governor Edmund Gerald “Pat” Brown, Jr.
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Missed anything about those two until reading this. I've been busy watching and listening to Jessee "Hymietown" Jackson trying to put a sentence together as he expressess his genius about Trump's purported racist comment.
Toggle Commented Jan 13, 2018 on Trump and the Democrats at Government in Exile
Roy “Dirty Old Man” Moore – the gift that just keeps on giving. Now Beverly Young Nelson, the Southern belle who claims Moore signed her yearbook when she was a young maiden slinging hash, has admitted she did an addendum to Moore’s alleged script. Of course that’s no big deal to Nelson’s attorney, Gloria Allred. So using Nelson’s first allegation and the latest seems as though she’s in the area of having impeached herself. Toss in an actual and respected forensic handwriting analyst saying the alleged Moore writing is consistent with the same writer – not that he said Moore was the writer as Allred initially claimed – this screed about script gets even more interesting. Nelson admitted doing some of the writing and an analyst said the questioned entry is consistent with one writer – hmmmmmmmmmmm. Let’s not forget Nelson had a legal document bearing a Moore signature or facsimile thereof with the initials D.A. after Moore. A clerk for Moore at the time of the document’s origin said D.A. were the clerk’s initials – a standard procedure for entries on documents from Moore’s court. But Nelson said it was Moore’s way of claiming his niche in local government – district attorney. The same Nelson who now admits to amending Moore’s supposed writing. I rest my case. Bring on the election and let Alabamians decide – not the media, DNC, Hollywood and Gloria “Hollywood” Allred nor even observers like myself.
Toggle Commented Dec 10, 2017 on Sex, Politics, and the Media at Government in Exile
Wonder if and when the media and the public will give just 10% of their attention to female teachers statutorily raping minor boys as they do to this horse sxxt?
Toggle Commented Nov 29, 2017 on Sex, Politics, and the Media at Government in Exile
Diversity? I’ll tell you about diversity. A couple of weeks ago I passed through Londonistan. I have absolutely no need to ever go back to that place as a tourist. Took a train from Birmingham Airport to London. Smooth clean, quiet and the epitome of efficiency. Got to London. The walk between train stations was the definition of cacophony. Then got on the train from London to Gatwick airport. The filthiest train I’ve ever ridden in all of England. People shouting on cell phones – of course with loud speaker phones with other’s shouting. Shouting words with no vowels – just consonants. Every word sounded like only “b’s” and “p’s”. How anyone could spend so much time shouting on a cell phone is mind-boggling to me. But hey, that’s just another “CELEBATION! ™ of diversity. Screw you or crawl in a hole and die if you don’t like it. Just ask the mayor of London The southbound train passed through the absolute armpit of London. East End and below. What was once the realm of London gangsters is now an even bigger cesspit. The new celebrated masses make the gangsters of times past acceptable. Want a filthy train car? No problem finding one in DIVERSE London. Just ask the mayor and lemmings fearing they’ll get their heads chopped off unless they smile and kowtow.
Toggle Commented Nov 11, 2017 on Worshipping Diversity at Government in Exile
Aha! Kim and Akinyoyenu. ICE will now join the investigation which will move from joint investigation to task force. Congress will appropriate special funding.
Toggle Commented Oct 15, 2017 on Coaches, FBI & Bribery at Government in Exile
Re. Legion's comment: 5,4,3,2,1 - "FBI and Department of Health and Human Services Inspector General announce joint investigation into HIPAA violations by Grubb's D.C. Pharmacy".
Toggle Commented Oct 14, 2017 on Coaches, FBI & Bribery at Government in Exile
File under everything old is new again: Russia intervened in this cesspit and look what that accomplished. The Brits found some success but nothing permanent. Genghis Khan did wrest control of this hole - for a while. We should get out and let the Chinese have their turn again. Would be interesting to sit back and see what the Chinese military is really capable of. All for a place that has a GDP smaller than our least producing state - Vermont. But then again Vermont doesn’t have massive poppy fields.
Toggle Commented Sep 15, 2017 on A Simple Autopsy at Government in Exile
Antifa et al threw rocks and urine filled bottles at cops in Boston. Trump praised the estimated 40k et als and denounced the 300 individuals the et als were opposing along with throwing rocks and P-bombs at cops. Critics salivated blasting Trump for misspelling a word in one of his Beantown tweets. CNN probably has reported by now that Trump supports throwing rocks and P-bombs at cops.
Something this old white man learned today reading just one article in the NY Post. What I read: ∙A peaceful protest over Charlottesville was held in Oakland, CA last night. ∙ The Oakland protest decried racism by white nationalists. ∙ The crowd hit by the vehicle in Charlottesville was peacefully protesting. What I learned: ∙ A peaceful protest in Oakland includes blocking Interstate-580. ∙ Speaking out against iconoclasm makes one racist. ∙ Peaceful is in the eye of the beholder.
Let’s see – from the desk at Newsweek: “ALT-RIGHT, NAZIS, AND KKK TO EMERGE FROM BEHIND KEYBOARDS TO FORM 'LARGEST RACIST PROTEST IN DECADES'…” “….white nationalist extremists”. “…civil rights groups, including Antifa and Black Lives Matter”.
MY OH MY! Now even CNN is jumping on the bandwagon over Mueller conducting one of the most dramatic fishing expeditions since Santiago went after that pescado in “The Old Man and the Sea”. And to add another movie perspective ever seen kangaroo court at its finest as in Orson Welles’ movie version of Kafka’s “The Trial”? If you haven’t seen the movie just keep watching Mueller and his dream team. Same concept. Quite a parallel between The Trial and Mueller & Co’s quest. Then again remember what that old Cuban chap was left with at the end of his fishing trip.
Always too much fantasy about federal grand juries and it’s amplified to ear splitting levels at the moment thanks to Muller. Taking a suspect before a federal investigative grand jury signals the defense that the U.S. Attorney's office doesn’t have much, if anything at all, to make a case yet. Make the case then take the findings to an accusatory grand jury, get an indictment and then do the perp walk.
I suspect that back in 1872 folks were gathered in a chat room having a similar discussion. Unlike this one the ’72 room was likely chairs gathered around a potbelly stove in a rural general store. Similar topic though – demise of general stores because of Aaron Montgomery Ward’s mail-order merchandize catalogue. Then in 1888 discussion was about the demise of Ward’s catalogue because of Sears entry into the game. Then came Spiegel’s. And so on…… Also wonder how many folks groused about their tax money being wasted to pay for Rural Free Delivery started in 1896 to support the catalogue industry? Just what did those catalogues provide the populous? Prefab houses some of which still stand today. Burros. And the Henry J automobile rebranded as the Allstate just to name a minute few. Alas those catalogues and their bevy of goods are long gone. But the principle still exists. Thanks to Al Gore and the WWW just about anything from around the world is available at the touch of a keyboard or tap of a device screen. And that “anything” includes genuine, counterfeit and illegal items. Just need to know where to look. Breaking up Amazon for antitrust violations is possible. But with Jeff Bezos being the darling of millennials and liberal Congress critters alike I wouldn’t bet on it. Will Amazon et al exist one hundred forty-five years from now? Wonder what Aaron Montgomery Ward would say if he were still around today?
In the spirit of you can offend just about anyone at any time about anything I'm offering this thanks to the magic of cut & paste. It's a paraphrased version of an opus from the local press here in Berkeley North. “Judges complain it’s unsafe, unsanitary outside King County Courthouse in Seattle. Two King County Superior Court judges are asking for help cleaning up the courthouse at Third Avenue and James Street after they say two jurors and half a dozen employees have been assaulted. (The following is a comment from a city council critter regarding the need to sanitize sidewalks used by “homeless” as latrines – actually a popular pastime throughout this town.) Some committee members expressed concern about addressing the symptoms of the area’s problems without getting to the cause. Councilmember Larry Gossett said he didn’t like the idea of power-washing the sidewalks because it brought back images of the use of hoses against civil-rights activists.” Yep, sanitation in Seattle is JIM CROW!