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I dated a Univision reporter (Phoenix) for two years. What she told me about La Raza, the DNC, would make your hair curl. Univision is a direct link to the DNC and the VERY VERY far left of the illegal community. The problem so many hispanic reporters have, that work for them, is that there is no hispanic Fox. If there was, the exudus would be dramatic. As she often told me..."Danny, why would an Hispanic American support a party that is anti-Catholic, pro-abortion, pro-entitlement, anti-conservative, anti-American, when the majority of us are conservative and love our country?" The answer, she said, was that there was no alternative being promoted. So...all you leftist pieces of crap that have commented here, you have no friggin idea what is coming your way over the next few years.
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Jan 2, 2012