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This is my beef with SyFy. 1. They were once a specialty niche channel directed towards SCIENCE FICTION (and fantasy). They changed their name from SciFi to SyFy and changed their structure to reach a wider demographic/audience/other tv exec talk bullshit. So they're a once-niche channel that only marginally caters to their once-intended audience. 2. Yes, they're a business. Cant argue with that. So, ya, I'll go along with the points made about reality TV being a "necessary evil". I can go along with that. 3. What pissed me off most about SyFy was HOW they went about with the treatment of Eureka with their final season. They agreed to 2 more. Then (and correct me if I'm wrong) but they then reneged on the agreement not even 24 hours later. I'm bias and admit my linear memory may not be 100% on this point. But then it was HOW it was found out. No one should find out first that they're fired via twitter/FB/etc the way the cast was. No one should find out first that the deal that they thought was sealed up was then shot down via internet social first. In this case the network REALLY screwed up in their handling of a great show and they just didnt show enough class.
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